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My first contact with another being

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 12:06 PM
Even wind, advanced dual core type solar breakthroughs, wave and geo-thermal provides more than anything we require and its available currently, though not used. We are capable now of this and more.
My point above is somewhat misunderstood when I was discussing possible protocols. I have a great deal of respect for these visitors who have families and children at home, often mothers who are wishing for the safe return of their children, doing all that currently they are able to do within a structure that we do not understand to promote a better future for our planet and all of its citizens.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 03:38 PM

Originally posted by JacKatMtn

This forum IS dedicated to personal experiences revelations and whistleblowing topics, that more often than not have ZERO PROOF other than the words posted by the OP.

To those of the members who responded in ridicule, snide remarks, and outright degrading the OP, ask yourself.

"Have I contributed anything to the thread?"

Key word : contributed

If not, take heed, these types of posts will not be tolerated in a forum dedicated to the possibility of events that might be hard to swallow.

If you can constructively analyze and question the voracity of an OP , by all means post, if all you have is ridicule & scorn, post at your own risk.

Courtesy Is Mandatory

You never know if YOU will be the one with a story to share, that cannot be proven....

I love this mod.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 07:15 PM

Originally posted by Matrix1111
I thought it was Hitler that called the Jews insects. I don't recall ever hearing of the Allies using that label. Do you have any links?

But I do agree, the developed world does take advantage of the undeveloped world. The colonialist mentality still exists.

Interesting point you make overall though.

I'm sorry I don't have anything at hand, but I do remember downloading a bunch of clips via Bit Torrent on the subject of WWII propaganda, Made in USA.

I'll see if I can dig through my bookmarks and find something useful ...

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 05:06 AM
Hi posters I'm back

two week ago I was struck down by a mystery illness and all the doctors I saw could only scratch their heads.
I had hot and cold flushes and vertigo, massive head and muscle pains during the day and the feeling of electric shocks at night.

Orzeml suspected that I had being given a poison and sent me to the Siwa oasis in the Egyptian desert to find a cure this is the old location of the Oracle of Ammon near the Libyan border and getting there in my condition was a feat in itself.

Once there I located the old cave in the exact location that Orzeml had described and found the hidden Urn with a brownish powder in it I mixed this with water and within minutes was hallucinating and seeing all kind of freaky things.

I had a long conversation with Zeus and Jesus which both claim to be descendent's of the Annunakis and much was reveal to me then my fever broke and I was well again.

I then traveled from there to Cyprus and after many ferry ride ended up on the island of Delos where I found a talisman in Apollos temple there which will protect me from further harm.

From there I traveled to the ancient site of Delfi north west of Athens to find the oracles of Delphi cave in the Liakoura mountain but what I was looking for was gone.......

So here is enough of a tale to make all my critics think I have really crossed over to the side of madness....( Grin)

I will spend only a little time on this site posting as my work is huge and my time very limited but my journey is anything but boring.

My next trip is to mount Horeb in Iraq if I can get a visa.

Peace be with all of you and changes are coming very soon just not the changes Obama preaches about.

As Orzeml says each must follow the path that is destined to that person and avoid the distractions put in its place only then will one have reached his or hers agreed place.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 08:16 AM

Originally posted by smokingman2006

So here is enough of a tale to make all my critics think I have really crossed over to the side of madness....( Grin)

That's for sure. My giving you the benefit of the doubt is over. This sounds way too farfetched. (No grin.) If you don't produce pictures of your travels, then this whole thread has turned into a hoax.

Visas? Why aren't you travelling by flying saucer?

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

Wow. That’s a lot of travelling.

How did you travel to all of these marvelous destinations? What airline did you use, or was it a UFO? That’s a serious question, by the way, before anyone begins with the antagonism.

I ask this because you say that “Orzmel”, and I quote:

Orzeml…sent me to the Siwa oasis in the Egyptian desert to find a cure this is the old location of the Oracle of Ammon near the Libyan border and getting there in my condition was a feat in itself.

Which sounds like he didn’t accompany you. So, you travelled alone?

Can we possibly see a scan of your entry visa?

As far as I can find out, all citizens of France have to apply for a visa at the appropriate offices, either before departure, or on entry to Egypt. Or maybe we can even see the stamp on your passport?

I’m not asking for a photo of a UFO here, just a boring old copy of a piece of paper.

And is this trip, to Siwa, somehow linked in to Alexander? Where exactly is this “old cave”, and how did you get there?

I have to say that this most recent post of yours reads more like a travelogue than a continuing message of hope for mankind. And again you are adding to the vast amount of unconnected subjects that you have already seasoned your story with.

You say that you’ve spoken to Jesus, and then simply dismiss it in one sentence. What about some correlation with your previous statements that his crucifixion was staged? This “much” that was revealed to you; where is it? A hit and run post that delivers teasers, and that’s all they are, is just muddying the already cloudy water.
There’s no connectivity to your tale, no single ongoing theme.

I previously stated that I’d counted over ninety subjects in your posts, and that was only up to page eleven.

And now we get Zeus and Jesus being Annunaki? A mystical talisman that will protect you from harm (it will not protect you from criticism, by the way). Oh, and can we see a scan of that, too?

Wowser. How much more can you cram in? Can anyone actually follow this thread anymore without becoming overwhelmed by its sheer variety of mystical themes?

So here is enough of a tale to make all my critics think I have really crossed over to the side of madness....( Grin)

You said it.

Oh, and whilst you were away on your sojourn, you were constantly logging in to ATS, were you not? You do realize that IP addresses can be traced to their country, don’t you?

My next trip is to mount Horeb in Iraq if I can get a visa.

You’ve found Mount Horeb? As in the Biblical sense? (My emphasis):

The location of Horeb is unknown. Jewish and Christian scholars have advanced varying opinions as to its whereabouts since biblical times[2]. Elijah is described in 1 Kings 19:8 as traveling to Horeb, in a way which implies that its position was familiar when that was written, but there are no biblical references set any later in time. In other biblical passages these events are described as having transpired at Mount Sinai, but though Sinai and Horeb are often considered to have been different names for the same place…

And it’s considered, by Biblical scholars, to be in Sinai, not Iraq. That’s Egypt. Again.

The Rabbis consider "Sinai" and "Horeb" to be two names of the same mountain… Modern scholars differ widely as to the exact geographical position of Mount Sinai. It is generally thought to be situated in the middle of the Sinaitic Peninsula, which apparently acquired its name from the mountain.

And considering your previous denigrating statements about established religion, why the sudden interest in this most holy of mountains?

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 11:53 AM
Hi smokingman2006, you have to be very wise to be in this position. There are very few earth humans who have frequent contacts, as the average human's 'vibes' are too bothersome or 'primitive' for the ETs .You know that already don't you?

Why don't you donate your forest bordered house and money to the poor and homeless and carry on with your spiritual evolution?

You know what I'm talking about right?

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:19 PM
Nobody finds this guy to totally full of it?..
. C'mon , he is preying on the belief of those that claim alien contact. His story just gets wilder and wilder..yet people are still buying it. Oh well as long as there are gullible people, there will be the GFL and smokingman to appease thier need for fantasy. I am surprised that mystiq isn't here praising his braveness for coming forward with his delusions.

[edit on 31-10-2008 by riggs2099]

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:32 PM
Hey, I almost missed you. Was wondering where you'd gotten to.
There hasn't been anything new added until now. Glad to see you noticed though.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 04:43 PM

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 04:51 PM
post removed because the user has no concept of manners

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:03 PM
post removed because the user has no concept of manners

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:36 PM
Stop the bickering and get on Topic.

Thank You.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 07:34 AM
reply to post by myrddinzos

For your information, not all of us who consider smokingman2006 to be a hoaxer disbelieve in the ET visitation hypothesis.

If you had bothered to read the entire thread, which I do believe you have not, then you’ll see this is the case.
I’m a little sick of writing that, I’ve had to say it so darn often.

What I, and others (though some more vociferously), are trying to indicate is that smokingman2006, in our opinion, has not had direct contact with extraterrestrials. The “knowledge” he presents as divulged to him personally, as you rightly point out, is already available on the internet.

It’s nothing new.

He has peppered his story with so much unrelated subject matter, and in such a ill-informed and frentic way, that it is (and was for me from the start) blatantly clear that he is just on ATS for attention.

There is no complementary or innovative knowledge available in this thread that could advance any belief you, or I, hold as to the possible alternate history, or future, of our planet.

So, there you have it.

And one more thing: kindly do not try and enhance your argument with the addition of brutish capitalization. It is rude and childish. In my opinion.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 02:12 PM
hello smokingman and welcome back.
i were a little scared that this thread was dead, have been following now for a while and its the only thread that make me click on "the gray area" once a while

dont mind the negativ posting on this thread, i like your story and want to hear more about it.

if you have the time, can you post the story of the dragons? i have been waiting for that one in a long time.

second: cant we just let smokingman tell his story? for me this is not about belief or disbelief. iam just curious?
so here is my advice: if you dont belive it, read it as you reading harry potter. if you belive it read it as you like. but please dont destroy it, cause i like it

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by putiplot

With all due respect, what do you expect from this thread? If you only log onto the Gray Area, and this thread in particular, because you:

like your story and want to hear more about it.

then maybe you are not perusing the topics contained herein for the reasons intended.

dont mind the negativ posting on this thread

And what quantifies “negativ” (sic) exactly?
My posts?
What is wrong with questioning completely unverifiable claims? Why is that negative? To simply accept such declarations as genuine is not only naïve, but also dangerous. A measure of healthy skepticism allows for a balanced viewpoint in all things.

can you post the story of the dragons? i have been waiting for that one in a long time.

I doubt if anything smokingman2006 has to say on this subject will be new. Do the research yourself; it’s all out there on the internet. Don’t let someone else put a spin on knowledge that is already established and understood. Along with the material we would have undoubtedly received regarding his “glass skulls”, the OP is, in my opinion (which has yet to be refuted, or even challenged) reading online and posting the information here on ATS.

cant we just let smokingman tell his story? for me this is not about belief or disbelief. iam just curious?

No, not curious. Again with respect, naïve may be the correct terminology. We are not here to read potential rivals to “Harry Potter”. This is the Gray Area (my emphasis):

The Gray Area is a discussion forum that provides a dedicated area for members to post their confessions, disclosures, and related extraordinary personal experiences.

It is not a creative writing forum (though sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference). smokingman2006 is maintaining he had was part of a real contact between sentient species. He is not saying it is fiction. And to read it as such is not negative.

so here is my advice: if you dont belive it, read it as you reading harry potter. if you belive it read it as you like. but please dont destroy it, cause i like it

This thread is dying. Face that fact. The OP is doing hit and run posts, because his “stories” are running out of steam. And, dare I hint, he is losing interest.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 06:18 PM
maybe iam not good making a point, so i will try again.

when i read a thread like this i just want to read it, not to debate it. i belive iam not the only one who been following this thread without posting replys.

the thing is, i dont think you need a opinion about everything, and you dont need to debate everything. its enough sometime just to be aware whats "out there" and hear about paranormal experience. iam in no position to say smokingman is fake or not. but i do want to hear his story.

about the negativ, the YIELD sign should be enough. if a mod thinks its needed to be removed ill guess its not a nice thing that was there.

but for answering your question, what i want with this thread?

i just want to read it, and put it inside my head with all other similar story. so if one day if it was a ufo in the sky, i would be better prepared.

you see, i dont need to make a opinion at this moment.

anyway, dont want to go offtopic. but hope you see my point of view

ps: sorry for bad english, not my strongest side

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by putiplot

I agree that our little discussion could be construed as a little off-topic, but then again you have brought up very relevant points that have direct relevance to my part in this thread.

By your own admission, you have accepted smokingman2006’s story as being real:

i just want to read it, and put it inside my head with all other similar story. so if one day if it was a ufo in the sky, i would be better prepared.

Without any related discussion, pertinent questioning or general, and healthy, guardedness you have allowed his story to beguile you. You are his target audience, by the way; those who accept words of supposed importance blindly. And that is not intended as an insult.

And, as uncomfortable as it may be, you do need an opinion of your own. Why let someone else give you theirs? That is what all of these digi-ego personalities, such as the OP, are attempting to do; impose an imagined sense of importance upon gullible, but none the less inquiring minds. You obviously have a mind that craves knowledge. That is why you read more than you post. There’s nothing wrong with that. I do it often.

But I also have an opinion.

I will exercise my right to state that opinion in the face of what I believe to be manipulative and conceited efforts to divert a subject matter that I hold dear into something that becomes farcical and debased. A balanced opinion is based on accumulated, impartial good judgment gained through discussion and education. I believe in the existence of ET, but I do not believe that the OP met one. And that opinion is based on years of experience meeting fakers and frauds.

smokingman2006’s attempts to spice this thread up with mention of dragons and crystal skulls, meeting Jesus and mysterious caves containing ancient relics are feeble and lamentable. He is swaying between supplying accounts of something that could be true, into pure farce. Can you not see that? If you want good sci-fi stories, read Ian M. Banks, or Asimov. They write superbly. And more believably.

This reply is not just a rant at you, putiplot. It is simply my frustration finding a voice. Apologies if I seem a little eager in my condemnation of this, and similar, threads. But the truth is, when a real contact thread comes along, the one that might just knock us all off our feet and shake the foundation of our understanding, it will be undoubtedly be compared to, and associated with the likes of this one. Possibly it will collapse because of it.

And that will be terrible.

ps: sorry for bad english, not my strongest side

And your English is just fine.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 08:55 AM
If I waffle I've just come back from lunch and had a little drinkie whilst I was there.

I have been reading this thread since the beginning and found it brings out both the best and worst of people's attitudes to each other.
There are those that believe without a doubt Smokingman2006's claims and those that don't.
I for one am on the fence , but I believe some aspects of his claims enough to U2U his a couple of occasions, Once to give him a message to pass on ( its from my heart ( for a bloke thats hard to admit) and it's upto SM should he feel the desire to share it) . I have found from these posts one thing that EVERYONE IS RIGHT.
In their own minds that is , and no amount of arguing will change their minds. We all bicker and we all know what we want to say, but sometimes it comes out wrong or not in the way we intend (like now).
We all want to believe that someone has a genuine contact but with so many hoaxers and makebelievers out in the world we ridicule anyone that says "I have had contact" as a matter of course. We want to believe but have been let down so many times that we dispare in ever finding the truth.

We want disclosure but we will never get it in our lifetimes ( my opinion) no matter how many people say about contact being made.
We want an ideal world where man lives alongside man in peace and harmony with the odd alien thrown in for good measure (ala Startrek).
So we argue amongst each other, but the main point for this thread is to discuss people 'belief's' in the UFO world and tolerate them for their belief.
There are those that will never believe , they come to this forum and others like it to poopoo the idea that UFO's and ALiens even exist, their not Government moles sent out to decieve us , just normal people with different ideas to us (me), maybe there ARE Government moles trying to persuade us otherwise but we'll never know or believe them even if they say " I'm a Government mole" .
It's in our ingrained nature to both want to know and to disbelieve the same.

We all want proof, it's like a friend who says " I have a 50 inch Plasma TV at home", you want to see it but can't be bothered to go round to their house and see for yourself if the claim is genuine.

I have included Smokingman2006 on my friends list as well as others and also have ignored others because no matter how hard I try to convince them otherwise they will never change their mind not even in the slightest , it would be a hard battle I haven't got the time for. I should really try , but everyone needs to realise that everyone is different to themselves and we aren't on this world long enough to try and totally change someone's core belief's.

Sooner or later someone will be right ( either about aliens or the end of the world) but in the end I know I am right ( Aliens will be among us AND the world will end ) ( far distant future for both accounts I'm afraid ) WE will travel to distant stars and meet lifeforms when we fiannly stop arguing with each other over immaterial things like oil , money, gold and other such distractions.

I wish that it would happen in my lifetime, but the thing that disappoints me is that me and my generation would have the hardest time living and making the adjustments, Our children and their children would find it easier and easier with every new generation to make the transistion. Look at ( no offense) old folk and their hassle with computers ( I know that some are comfortable with computers) but the majority aren't.
Sometimes I feel that we as a race just aren't ready to meet soemthing totally different to what we're used to , sometimes it's hard enough to meet someone from another country let alone another world/culture.

I still stand by my belief's that everyone's right, those that post about other worldly visitors' , those that post about inner world visitors, those that post about interdimensional visitors, those that post about this and that, all believe in what they know, if we ALL have a chance to say to our governments " tell us the truth and we won't be angry with you" would they believe us? No because they believe they are right in NOT telling us.

The truth is we can't take the truth, sure some can, but the rest can't.
We are scared to change from our comfortable lives, with MTV and Mobile phones, but the REAL THRUTH is the world IS on a self destructive path at present , we have children killing children in even the most 'civilised' countries over a few Dollars , a sly glimpse, a remark, or even (over here in the UK ) a fish and chip supper. Until we change our attitudes to each other no 'alien' whether real or imagined is going to want to 'contact' us.

I for one believe that Smokingman2006 believes what he is saying, but only he knows the truth and if he isn't telling the truth would he tell us?. People are fickle creatures, they want to be the centre of attention same way as in the middles ages the Earth was centre of the universe, and we are our own universe, the microcosm in the macrocosm, we rely on each other no matter where we are, and in whatever relation, wether is buying from the US and shipping to the UK , we all touch each others life in some way even if its just passing in the street or glimpsing someone on the TV.
But all we do is agree to disagree , but we should let it go at that and not throw insult and negativity back at each other just because they don't agree with us, just let it lie and move on, if we did that then the world would be a nicer place to live in.

Waffling I know < I'll stop now as I have drunk too much at lunch and have work to try and finish..

Peace unto you all, and if you disagree , thats your choice, I'll repsect that.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 09:55 AM
Thank you Data and all other positive posters

I have not run away from this thread as many have thought.

I am just very busy with many things to do with the near future just trying to make sense of all the information I have and how best to uses it takes a lot of time.

closes mindness will send many home much sooner than they wanted too but for some the journey will continue.

most are not willing to hear or see things the way they really are due to programming in upbringing most even still believe most of what they see or read in the news.

any way will put some time aside on the weekend to answer alot of posters questions and give those who want a detailed version of the dragon era on earth........
I will also put right afew of beamish outlandish claims about me...
till later peace and hope

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