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My first contact with another being

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 12:08 PM
Wrong jungle man

My aliens and the Annunakis are two different breeds of beings

The annuunakis need gold to make their social system work and exploit whatever planets they find it on.

my guys operate more on a spiritual level

The Annunukis are the blame for what happened back then.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 12:11 PM
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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 01:16 PM

I have been told that soon a new great discovery will be made on earth that will forever rewrite our history.........

oooh come on, what is it ??
maybe you can tell something more about it ??

will it be availiable to the people ?

what is the category of this technology? free energy? teleportation (fingers crossed
) ?


Could you also breafly comment on the decline of oil price over the past month ? (from ~140 to ~65)

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 02:05 PM
reply to post by Beamish

Hi Beamish and everybody... Smokingman... nice to be back.

For the regularly due clarifications, I will respond here to your post, specifically where you comment on the "religious" character of the Smokingman thread, and to Amigo, about wanting someone, ANYONE to provide some proof of alien contact.

Beamish and anybody who cares to remember:

I have to relieve Smokingman immediately of this burden, since IT WAS I who introduced the possible deeper connotations of his experience, if it is true (as I always state).

In fact, and this I say without in any way detracting from Smokingman and his ability to lead his own life, it was entirely MY initiative to help him digest his experience in a positive light, to see between the lines and the potentials of other FACETS of what could be going on.

This was done for specific purposes known by me, and I am very happy to have been of help to turn the tide of the gloomy scenario that this thread would have been under otherwise. I am not completely sure this would have happened, but I did not want to take the risk.
Also, I felt compelled to help someone who seemed to have a difficult time dealing and coping with a very extreme situation that I can very well understand.

My compliments to Smokingman, Mystiq, Data, YOU, and all the rest who have been able to see beyond, and take the time to consider the more important aspects of what it can be to be human in the eventuality of contact, of possible catastrophic events, as well as the state and possibilities of each individual in this juncture.

As time, his personal life, and this thread have progressed, Smokingman has responded as he has best seen fit and been able to react to the general air of positivity that can, or rather, MUST be drawn when in contact with such possible contacts and information.

Why do I make this clarification?

Because Smokingman himself is still making ATTEMPTS at delivering and dealing with his own experiences.
Therefore, while under subject to rightful and deep scrutiny, there will be holes, incongruities and other faults to be found. It is only natural.

To tie now with Amigo's "Proof" question:

This is why I have spent years in relative silence and privately "working", since some of my duties are to find HOW THESE EVENTS APPLY AND CAN BE EXPLAINED, IN LIGHT OF WHAT IS KNOWN.

I KNOW I am not: self-delusional, ill of mind (as our Riggs wants to imply sometimes...), or suffering from any type "attention-seeking" fits.
Remember, we are all private here.

Nothing would make me happier than being able to produce proof, first of for MYSELF and the ones I love, let alone for others.
I also know Smokingman feels the same way.

Just this morning I had another, very important experience (which will be a part of the new thread...), and there is STILL no way I can really transmit what happened without being open to the very same "attacks" that Smokingman receives in this thread.

The single best "proof" would be that somethings I hold as true take place or become manifest.

Collateral proof consists on how I assimilate, expand, communicate, and LIVE the information and contacts that compose MY experience, and that alone has been proof enough for some, or at least of the fact that I am a part of SOMETHING very out of the ordinary.

The fact that I am able to produce convincing and solid arguments for the ideas and facts I am here to be a part of is, however, the work I gave myself to.

Where Smokingman's experience and message cross-section with MY experiences and the messages I hold to be of extreme importance as topics of renewed public interest, you have seen and will continue to see my meddling hand.

Thereon, as I said before, I leave Smokingman to do HIS share, take care also of his thread, while I participate as anyone else does: as another party discussing Smokingman's claims.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 02:10 PM
Great post. Thank you for expressing that so well. I look forward to your thread.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:06 PM

Originally posted by smokingman2006
Wrong jungle man

My aliens and the Annunakis are two different breeds of beings

The annuunakis need gold to make their social system work and exploit whatever planets they find it on.

my guys operate more on a spiritual level

The Annunukis are the blame for what happened back then.

Don't suppose they allowed you to take any pics or provide and proof did they?

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:12 PM

Originally posted by LukaszMrowka
oooh come on, what is it ??
maybe you can tell something more about it ??

will it be availiable to the people ?

what is the category of this technology? free energy? teleportation (fingers crossed
) ?


Could you also breafly comment on the decline of oil price over the past month ? (from ~140 to ~65)

[edit on 17-10-2008 by LukaszMrowka]

He can't be specific as he is making it up as he goes along. If there is some discovery made by man...he will then go on to tell us, it is this discovery he spoke about. These contactees are usually vague and give little information, it helps them this way. They do it because then they can include whatever happens with the planet and its people in the near future as part of thier story. Like the blossom goodchild thing, his contactees conveniently told him blossom was a fake after the fact, when they could have told him before the goodchild incident.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by LukaszMrowka

the fall in oil price is due to the basic laws of economics supply and demand.

if the world markets believe that business is going to slow down greatly oil will keep heading south as there will be an over supply on the world markets.

Opec will try to keep the price around 90 per barrel by systematic cuts in production numbers over the next few month.

if the markets rebounds then so will oil ( I dont need ETs to help me out with this question)

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by bubbapug1985

The answer you are looking for is already in the OP's post (my emphasis):

I have been told that soon a new great discovery will be made on earth that will forever rewrite our history.........
the moment of the glass skulls is almost upon us.

And again, another addition to the already overloaded collection of subjects in smokingman2006's posts.

If you're curious about what he's on about, try this:

One of archaeology's most compelling mysteries is that of the 13 Crystal Skulls. Skulls have been one of the most powerful objects of symbolism in human history, all over the world. Several "perfect" crystal Skulls have been found in parts of Mexico, Central and South America. Together, they form a mystery as enigmatic as the Nazca Lines, the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge.

and there'll probably something along these lines in his next post:

What's more, some believe that “The ancient Crystal Skulls are the computers of the ancients, they contain important information that help humanity to pass through it current series of challenges to take us into a Golden Age.”, and “They were a powerful tool for healing the body, mind, and spirit, by ancient civilizations such as the Mayans or the Atlanteans”

Type "crystal skulls" into Google, there're thousands of pages.

Including Indiana Jones' last outing. Wonder if we'll be reading about that on this thread next...

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by Beamish

Most likely say that the government or aliens are trying to tell us something through the Indian Jones movie, or will try to include them somehow. Thanks to your posts though he might just leave them out and will have to find new material. I still cannot understand why there are believers to his stories when anyone can see they are just a mix of old stories and new age beliefs.

[edit on 17-10-2008 by riggs2099]

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:59 PM

Originally posted by riggs2099
anyone can see they are just a mix of old stories and new age beliefs.

Actually, I think they are a mix of philosophies and spiritualism that humans have been trying to teach for thousands of years. Nothing in it is particularly new.....

I'm not bad mouthing the message. The messenger seems to not understand that there are a good number of people who've already seen these concepts....and they didn't come from the stars.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by smokingman2006


Can you share your dragon story with us?


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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 08:10 PM
Beamish, we are in agreement on many points so I will not repeat them here

smokingman2006 and perhaps citizenc,

regarding the proof issue, it is rather that I'm asking smokingman2006 to finally throw us a bone because many others before him have tried to "persuade" people to believe the message they are spreading, regardless of the motives or truthfulness of that message. Let's see how altruistic these "friends" really are and who has an agenda and who does not.

I have asked smokingman2006, who appears and alleges to be in fairly frequent contact, to simply use whatever faculties he is endowed with (his brain) and *ask* tough, constructive and critical-thinking-oriented questions of his "friends".

The point that he does not tells me one of several things. Either he is not paying attention to my posts; he does not care to do so; or he is not allowed to do so. I will respect the first two but I am totally appalled at the last one.

I am openly challenging smokingman2006 and his "friends" to put up or shut up. If they are so like-minded and oriented towards helping us then there should be no problem. As I said in many of my posts, we have been lied to for eons and it is time that the lies end and that we are given the knowledge of the truth. If not to everyone then at least to those who are open to it and will not commit seppuku upon hearing it.

If the ETs are here then they already know who's "open" and who's "closed" to such things, or can establish that fairly easily. More over they *know* that telling one person the truth and hoping that person will disseminate it and be taken seriously does not work and did not work in the past. Everyone has to be told simultaneously, without shadow of a doubt and in terms they will understand.

Further more, I do not believe that 6.4+ billion people need to potentially die because ETs or Terrans lack the vision (or care) to save them. If the ETs are so highly spiritual then surely something in their psyche allows them to be creative and think out of the box. I am not judging their value system but if someone is offering help, you go all the way or no way. Solutions are there - you just need to will them. Heck, if me, the primitive human they consider me to be, can transgress my own ego and fears, in favour of saving everyone, so can they.

I watch people around me all the time and I sometimes catch myself thinking "Why should they be saved if anything is to happen, look at how they treat each other on the street, in the subway, in life." And that is quickly followed by a guilt feeling of elitism that has been programmed into most us, and I realize that is not me thinking.

Simplest answer to me is that everyone has the right to be here, to exist, and is for a purpose. I remind myself in those moments that at the end we do not have anybody else but ourselves and when most people realize that, the sky will never be the limit again. I just hope that happens sooner than later.

So smokingman2006, ask your "friends" to pay *me* a visit. You can continue preaching the new "gospel" for them but I got some more concrete questions and requests for helping everyone right now. That is my only concern - how to help all of the Terrans here, now, friend or foe regardless.

Promises of the bright and better future, bridges in the Heavens and Paradise lost and regained once again mean nothing if there's no one to see them. We need things now because we live right now, not 10, 20, 50 years from now.

Otherwise promises become broken promises...and we have already been warned about those.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 11:16 PM
Why do contactees and thier believers hate when someone asks for proof? It is what any normal person would ask for when confronted with extraordinary claims. Do they fight because they know that its all fantasy or that it is all someone preying on thier beliefs and that they are unwilling to face that truth. It's a reasonable question...if there are thousands if not millions of you is it that not one of you can offer one single shred of evidence?

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 04:18 AM
i realy feel this thread is fantastic. i do have respect for you, smokingman. what you are given me is a gift. not because you are giving me "the truth" but beacause you giving a alternativ.

i dont want to make a NWO statment, etc. what iam trying to tell is: there is a feeling i have, that there is somthing going on above our head.

your story you tell is giving me a some kind of comfort that we are going on the rigt track.

anyway, the respons to this thread is a "truth". by looking at the comment, there are alot of people who cant understand this is your (smokingman) experience, and for you only. by sharing it, it becomes our gift. everybody who ask questions about how everything works is kind of a stament about how much chaos there is in the world. i just want to remind you that everyone who have reply your thread is seaching. if they are negativ, keep in mind that they are the one who types "" are clicking on "the grey area" and they are clicking on your thread.

by understanding the negativ response in this thread is who we evolve as human, we will come futher

I just want to say thank you, to everybody. everybody who debate on this thread, because i am reading, thinking and understand... thank you

ps: sorry bad english, its not my first language

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:14 AM
Good morning to all readers

Wow what a mix of different posters and replies we have received on both threads.

Firstly when I read through them I see clear human flaws.

A lot of poster say “ We want” and “Tell them” Some are down right aggressive and others are abusive.

These are most of the things that have put us in the situation we are in today.

You are trying to make other beings act and think like humans but these guys don't ( Thankfully)

Amizarac once asked me if I thought it would be wise to allow humans to live with them on her planet.

She then explained that on her home planet they have no crimes of any kind.

There are no locks anywhere no rapes ,murders, fraud or assaults of any kind.

Nothing gets stolen and no one get married but yet everything is shared.

Knowledge, love, children and even souls...........

They do have disagreements at time but these to are sort with logic and peaceful means.

What would happen if we let loose say a million human on this planet?

They also have a cosmic law with forbids them from killing.

Funny enough one of their biggest point of disagreement has been what to do about the human on earth.
Most think we should be left to our own destiny but other point out that since our race has been manipulated by at least 6 different alien races over the last few thousand years we never really had a chance to reach our own destiny and for that reason alone they should help as we are very much alike in many ways.

Hence this debate is still active at present.

Then the bigger problems start how do you reach this goal without killing anyone and how can you replace the leaders and insure the new ones will be any better?

Logic tell them that we must change within ourselves one positive step at a time no quick fix for a long lasting peace.

She goes on to explain it works a lot like this, when ever you are in a position where negative waves are around you like watching to news, having a argument, hearing gangstr rap on the radio ect....

Turn it of or walk away and when ever you are in a positive situation like helping out a homeless person with a few coins or feeding a stray animal or just helping a fellow human regardless of how small this act of kindness is helps build the positive field around you and within 1 short week you will fell your whole inner being starting to improve and feel much better within yourself.

This will release a positive energy and once enough people start releasing this field nothing on Earth can change these affects.

But remember that I have always said that our friend are here as guides and nothing more.

And if we do fail as a people and planet it is not the end as we see it.

To our friends it is just a failed experience and even if 6 billion disappear from the face of the earth those same 6 billion will reappear else where as death if not a final stage in our friends book.

So basically when some ask how can they let so many die here without doing anything the real answer is that none are really dead or gone forever...............................

[edit on 18-10-2008 by smokingman2006]

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 10:24 AM
I can see how much a problem this planet would be for positive, intelligent cosmic people. For many, simply allowing us to self destruct without intervention, though apparently highly recommended by probably a majority of them, would be hard for them to watch. We do share dna, and therefore they could be said to belong to our parenting race. I also imagine if we have laws, and international laws and committees, just leaving us to self destruct with the meddling that has already occurred, may have legal repercussions.

So many here argue that they should just leave us alone. Whereas, to actually enter into a mentorship program with advanced peaceful sharing beings, especially those who are part of international (in this case intergalactic) organizations with high standards, is what we need.
I guess what people would truly like to know is the full extent of the meddling these 6 races have done and how it translates into the current pyramid and cast system of power abuse, and complete poverty for billions, we endure. As a race, we cannot even make decision, or wake up and throw out our politicians, without the full truth being told us. But for them to do such a thing, it would take more than a few ships which could be destroyed by our militia, it would take an incredible show of et presence, one that could not be countered, and a revealing of everything. This is what I wish they would, or could do. You must know that many of the "sheeps" and people who only believe what mainstream media tells them, that all the hopeless problems are not of their governments making, but are unfortunate things that cannot be resolved by diplomacy, do feed stray animals, and do give to the homeless and poor, and donate food to food banks. If it were safe, and they wouldn't put their children at risk of possible violence, many would take a homeless person into their home and help them get on their feet. Most people are not as shallow and empty as presented.
Also, what if half the country rose up to overturn the governments? Would we get et intervention then, or would they let everyone die?
These are my questions.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 10:41 AM
Why does every contact fantasy have the same type of world. A world that sound an awful lor like heaven. This makes his story even less credible and more a fantasy. Why....because this version has been told time and time again...the aliens are so wise and peaceful, they never have any wars ...etc. When will a contactee come up with something original.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 07:20 PM

by the analogy from your last post, we should all just curl our tails between our legs and wait for the end to arrive, no matter which one (natural or unnatural).

Why bother then doing anything in life? Instead we should be passive from the birth, pick a corner and just sit there. Of course it would pose a problem with feeding, sanitation, etc, but in general if this life was just a pit stop and if people knew that, they would do absolutely nothing. Exit strategy is guaranteed.

Further more people would do everything in their power to end it as soon as possible, either because they did not like who they presently were; were born incomplete (with a disability), or for any other number of reasons. It would be a total karmic failure and there would be no change or development on any level.

If 6.4 billion are to die, and these ETs are to save 100,000 or 1,000,000, why bother at all? If all will be reborn elsewhere, why bother "saving" anyone? Just scrap the whole thing and clean plate for everyone someplace else. Of course nobody would have learnt anything in the process...

We play this game because we want to, not because we have to, just that majority of people do not realize it yet. We do it so we can interact with each other, try new things, try old things, explore all the possibilities, and then some.

Then we have these alleged "friends" who are encouraging us to give up because there's something better afterwards, or somewhere later down the road? Does that not sound too familiar with all the promises we have been given in the past by various religions, societies, etc. People still live by those promises, instead of being here and now, they are either stuck in the past or in the future, entirely missing the beauty of the moment which literally is infinity.

Shouldn't a friend say instead "Keep going; never give up; you can do it"? I am yet to see from all these various ET friends we have, their guidance in practice, in any shape or form. If they *do* have our best interests in mind, they sure are picking wrong ways of dispensing their help and advice.

I'm sorry but I will not put my head between my legs and wait for it to come. Because I might miss the next moment, and who knows an unexpected thing might happen, you never really know for sure. And knowing would only spoil the whole game...

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 07:25 PM
Actually, I was a little more hopeful in his post. Up until now I was thinking really big, as if only if we did the impossible, huge political change and things that could endanger many civilians and their children, then help might be coming. But to be honest, due to my experiences, there is an interference that will come before the earth is destroyed, or life over here, and plans in place. Just would like more. Now, I'm getting the feeling that its in the small but persistent ways real people can make changes or shine their lights. By helping in the ways you can, in your community. By sharing. By doing good things. This could bring the help we need or change our frequencies enough to make some changes. I was happy to see that instead of thinking too big, we should start to act in small positives ways now.

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