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My first contact with another being

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006


The human race will be able to see Nibiru coming sometime in April. Given the fact that the human race doesnt save itself from itself, adding a huge heavenly body (Nibiru) which will throw off Earths magnetism and cause weather catastrophes doesnt help.

Lets say all of humankind wakes up and we free ourself and spiritually awaken.

That still leaves Nibiru, cant the Pleadians destroy this body for us?

Because it would be bad to know if humanity moves on to the next level, only for another planet, moon (Nibiru) to destroy our awakening.

Is it destiny?


posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 11:25 AM
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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by Beamish

Hello Beamish... thank you for taking the time to respond and to add a badly needed level of critical analysis...

To get to it directly, this is the reason why I take the time to answer to you in particular, rather sorry for the fact that very little else is said to make this very serious matter be seen with scrutinizing eyes and minds, yet open and graciously willing to be present in the hour of need.

In response to the issues you raised:

- I totally agree and share your inclination to hear about what Smokingman has to say regarding his experience, as well as his PERSONAL views about them.

You see, this is why I took the time to explain previously that he has been chosen to deliver a message, and the MESSAGE is the important part.

I hope that I am not giving the impression of being Smokingman's intellectual bodyguard, especially because I have clearly stated that my alliance is to the MESSAGE, and because I don't particularly think he needs or would welcome one.
There are, yet again, things that need to be said, and here I will get to a deeper end of things, for I know things that some don't...

-Although it has been said before, I will state it plainly why he has been chosen, and why I am here discussing this matters...

Smokingman, in the event that his story is true, has been chosen because he shares a deep relationship with Armizarac, the previous and first contact.

The psychic and spiritual connections that exist organically in such a relationship make the pinpointing of the individual, as well as establishing trustworthy communication a far simpler endeavor, and with less barriers that will act as resistance.

So, to put it bluntly, it is the familiar ties, more than the actual "credentials" as one might think of them, that actually have mattered in his being chosen, and quite honestly, I would be tempted, were I in Armizarac's virtual shoes, to go for a similar choice, as long as the person demonstrates general competence and the will to go all the way when presented with a mission.

For similar reasons, I have been chosen to play a different role altogether...

Let's just say that, while attending to my humble responsibilities, I am one that is to help and assist along the way, in both bringing Smokingman to make light of some things when there would be none, and, again, the all important message of unity and creative positivity that I continuously hope to clarify and make present.

I too "belong" into a relationship of a certain kind (as we all do), not quite in the vicinities of Smokingman's lady, but of a certain distance, that allows me to look at things from a slightly non-local perspective. This is to help get some matters done that will help humankind as we know it move closer to humankind as it can be.

So, certain that you and others will appreciate this fact, there will be many participants in the many matters that are evolving these days, and ALL people are being called and asked to rise to participate in the making of HUMANITY'S FATE.

That is why there are many groups helping, many people being called, for many, the so many being asked to look away from "modern" life and outdated views of life and the Universe, to embrace the inner self, to abandon fear and simply think of one another with open minds and hearts.

It will take hard work, persistence, and a great deal of clarity and courage to surmount the days to come, but our confidence will not sway.

Just as you have gently invited me to carry on my work in this thread, I too ask and welcome your continued input and analysis, while agreeing to further examine certain issues.

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 03:55 PM

Originally posted by smokingman2006
Then all of a sudden about 100 years ago we must have grown a brain because then in leaps and bounds we started really advancing am I the only one who thinks this does not make sense?

Two things may have happened:

1.) The Second Coming occurred? (Logical deduction: Israel cannot be re-established without that even happening.)

2.) Alien technology given to the US?

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by smokingman2006

By your kind invitation, I will touch on what seemed "strange" about your last visions... A deeper end....

- As I have stated before, we as people are a PART of the Soul, as it expresses itself in may fields and ways, to LIVE and LEARN through living.

We as humans, are endowed with Free Will, that enable us to live creatively and learn "as we go", although there is a "plan" laid out in a certain way.
In a sense, it is the old freewill vs. destiny paradox, only it really does not exist. The misconceptions arise from a distorted concept of time, and because of the limitations that we can put to concept such as a "plan".

There are indeed Plans being actualized at this very moment, and all our Freewill does is ADD to the experience sought, no matter what direction is taken.

What is taking place right now, is one way in which Humanity has chosen to move from one stage onto the other.
Certainly there can be other ways, much less scary or even traumatic, but since we ALL CREATE OUR EXPERIENCE, what is happening now is a combination of certain Plans searching their actualization, as well as the way in which every individual has chosen to live, deny, or ignore his or her inner callings.

The "roles" of victim and victimizer, oppressor and oppressed, rich and poor, good and evil, are all a part of how Humanity has chosen to grow and learn from the ILLUSION of opposites and dualities, for they do not exist at deeper levels, and only make sense at a certain point of "development".

So, for the time being, it will SEEM that things happen without our will or participation, yet this is one of the very things that WILL be "unlearned" as a consequence of the events unfolding.

It is in this sense that Humanity "wanted" this things to happen, for they are a part of the road to get to where we need to get.

Aside from all the Alien and disaster-scenario possibilities laid ahead, it is a matter of time for Humanity to make a gigantic leap into Understanding.

Differences of race, creed, language, family or social ties will all become meaningless, and a deeper sense of knowing will be reached.

That is why the people "in power" will relinquish it, and most of the indifference and indolence of one towards another will be left behind.

As all processes, also this one is gradual, and this set of probabilities was set in motion a long time ago, from a "time" perspective, yet difficulties keep being added or diminished, depending on the general level of the mental and emotional currents that compose Humanity's "environment".

There is a mental and emotional environment, and, to repeat myself, the energy that you do not see or think you use, as your thoughts and emotions, is ALWAYS PUT "OUT", and has repercussions that are, however, more than apparent.

If you only knew the power of your thoughts, good AND bad, you would guard them more closely.

The energies that compose our thoughts and emotions can be compared to a snowflake... Put them all together, and pretty soon it snowballs and you have an avalanche like the ones we are seeing these days.
You see, unless you use your energies DELIBERATELY and WISELY, someone that knows how might use them for you!, and in some ways this is what has been going on with all the media-fed mass fears and divisions.

That is why we and many others continue to ask people to be generally more positive, more caring and to BY ALL MEANS STEER CLEAR FROM FEAR AND NEGATIVITY.

The balance needs to tip, energy-wise again, to the side of the more desirable and positive aspects available to humans as a species, and this in turn will ATTRACT into actualization, lines of learning and development more along those same lines.
The same of course applies for the doom-and-gloom scenario, where a general darker perspective will itself attract the very future we want to avoid...

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 08:40 PM

Originally posted by Prometheus Ascendent

some post ago you mentioned about your girlfriend having this dream about people disappearing and their shadows will go somewhere but you can't explain it and you'd close the door of the room which they were taken away from.

For some reason when I awoke yesterday morning, I felt what occurred in that dream of your girlfriend's vaguely familiar. I didn't dream of it the night before but somehow it came back to my memory. Like I dreamt of the same before many years ago.

Was it such that when the person disappeared, the 'shadow' walks away from the position to 'rest' somewhere???

It wasn't a shadow per se. More like your body's 'echo' that's left behind while the consciousness or aura or higher physical form is taken away.

I suppose that when you're taken away aboard somewhere, your consciousness regains a purer physical form.

She says that the shadows would not go anywhere, but yes it was like an "echo" of their former self. We just had the knowledge that they were gone - left, moved onto the next life, next phase, or whatever there is.

After closing the door we did not go there to see more, so she can't say for sure if the shadows faded away or remained permanently.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by smokingman2006
He then says something very strange, That these coming experiences are what we all wished for and one of the real reasons of our existence.

Before leaving he also says that the groups who have ruled our planet for so long are coming to the end of their effluence and will do many desperate things before losing their final powers

He also says that the power of a very few dedicated positive minds can overcome millions of negative thoughts.

What all this means I am not sure but I guess things are about to heat up..........

Regards from Smokingman .

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I know what this means, actually I have known for the later half of my life. I believe I have also found one more who feels the same way. I am just not sure how it is all going to work out at the end and afterwards.

Still many more things to do and to learn...yet I feel I'm running out of time somehow ?!

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 01:08 AM

Originally posted by amigo

Originally posted by smokingman2006to the poster who wanted to know how to make it it is almost impossible to make it at home unless you have a smelter that can heat the gold to 5000 degrees for over 70 seconds till the gold is reduce to single atom form.


Is this factual or an approximated figure? Is it exactly 5000 C for 70 seconds or 5000 F for 70 seconds, or something else?


I stumbled upon this thread and have been reading everything because I find it intriguing.

When I saw this reply it reminded me of an article I read a while back about an American dirt farmer named Dave Hudson. While he was doing an analysis on his dirt he discovered something extremely strange about the soil.

Read about it here

Scroll down about a quarter of the way if you want to skip to his story and where his research led him. It's rather fascinating and is all about this subject and talks about those exact numbers. 5000 C for 70 seconds. It's rather lengthy but is also really interesting if you're interested.

Anyways, it popped into my head instantly when I saw your reply so enjoy the read.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 01:44 AM

Originally posted by Malzypants
I find this concept interesting, but also a little disheartening.

I just want to do they intend on picking who stays and who goes? My gut instict says that in a situation like this, they'll either pick the human race based on their souls, or their physical properties. This leads me to believe that there's going to be a lot of families splitting up...

If they chose YOU but not your wife, or YOU but not your children, to carry on the human race...would you go? Or would you stay and suffer with your loved ones?

It sounds like the chosen are not given a choice..They have to go..The Pleaidians, are taking what is best possibly for them??

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 02:18 AM

Originally posted by Malzypants
I find this concept interesting, but also a little disheartening.

I just want to do they intend on picking who stays and who goes? My gut instict says that in a situation like this, they'll either pick the human race based on their souls, or their physical properties. This leads me to believe that there's going to be a lot of families splitting up...

If they chose YOU but not your wife, or YOU but not your children, to carry on the human race...would you go? Or would you stay and suffer with your loved ones?

good question Malzy

from my experience, i recall that we wont be getting a choice. We have to go but it would be for the best.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by citizenc

Thank you citizenc for your response.

I agree that there has been precious little analytical reaction to this thread. And that, believe it or not, saddens me. The substance of smokingman2006’s message, however it is portrayed, is worthy of a great discourse, as it surely applies to each and every human being on this little rock. If we all denied negativity then the world would not suffer so.
That is a given fact.
However, human nature, or rather civilized human nature is indeed a thin veneer. I still think it will take more than the suggested global paradigm shift in conscious approach to our contrived, manufactured sphere of existence to change millions of years worth of animal savagery. It is, and will be for some considerable time, continue to be the survival of the fittest.

Now, that may sound defeatist. I did not intend that to be the gist of what I am attempting to convey. It may come across also as a flippant remark. All I am trying to express, in the simplest terms possible, is that the world as it is performs to the beat of an ingrained, functional, all-enveloping system of subsistence. We are born into a life of consumption, challenge, stress, contemplation, relationships and death. Little has changed that cycle in all our years of sentient life. We maintain this reality as it gives us a grounded foundation and sufficient intellectual sustenance to believe that what we do is right.

Not only right, but it’s all there is.

Religion, for all its man-made faults, has made a significant, profound moral impact. Without it, we may well not have survived. Without the application of a disciplined attitude to our fellow Man it confers, or the regimented application of maxims designed to curtail any wanton desire to give in to our primal-self, we, in my opinion, would have torn ourselves to shreds long ago. Religion, as it stands, is no longer the way forward, as its ministry is fundamentally susceptible to Man’s greed and desire for power. We do need something else.

The above, in a round-about way, represents the inherent problem with the method of delivery of the Pleiadian’s message. We constantly hear a certain mantra, in threads such as this: wake up. We are told to accomplish this all we have to do is change our way of thinking to a more positive aspect. Just change the way you think.

That’s it.

Change the way we think, and ignore in the process the monumental, tidal wave of conditioning we struggle under.

Is it not reasonable, therefore, to expect their message of doom, which suggests heavily is of an imminent and immediate nature, to be dispensed to us by utterly spectacular means so we can change right now?
How else would it achieve its goal of awakening our dormant, beaten psyches if it were not able to sweep away all other paradigms with the depth and breadth of its import? And to do that, why would it nothave the most incredibly capable, undeniably charismatic messengers at its disposal to complete this task?

Where are the rock-star equivalents of contactees?

I asked before if I expect too much.
Maybe I do.
It just makes sense, to me, that if we are all destined to be embroiled in the most destructive era our history has ever, and possibly ever will, know, then time is of the essence. How many hits has this thread got? Well over twenty thousand. That’s great for ATS. But a lot of them will be repeats. So, what is twenty thousand expressed as a fraction of 6.6 billion? This thread is not even making a ripple in a very, very big pond.

The reason I haunt this type of thread is because I want to discover, with all my heart, real communication from extraterrestrials. I know I’m not the only one. We’re all looking for that indefinably refreshing spark of intelligence and wisdom that will guide us into a new, and dearly needed, journey of discovery.
Religion never really did it for me, because Man was at its helm. And you could tell. You can tell, in my opinion, that Man is still the driving force behind many allegedly inspired threads here on ATS.

I hope that I am not giving the impression of being Smokingman's intellectual bodyguard

Darn it. That’s the phrase I was looking for! And no, I do not for one moment believe that was your intention. As I stated previously, I am more inclined to read your account with some interest based on your ability to express not only yourself, but your philosophical standpoint. (By the way, you need to start your own thread. But I can understand why, considering the reception the OP has received, if you choose not too.)

Your clarification as to why smokingman2006 was chosen is…interesting. At the risk of sounding insulting, is there no vetting process available? smokingman2006 has already stated that his contact is of a splinter group. Does this imply that he, and therefore vicariously we, are dealing with a faction that has limited resources? Or are any and all parts of the Pleiadian culture god-like in their capabilities?
I ask of you these questions, as you dangle these arresting snippets before us (my italics):

There are, yet again, things that need to be said, and here I will get to a deeper end of things, for I know things that some don't... I will state it plainly why he has been chosen, and why I am here discussing this matters...For similar reasons, I have been chosen to play a different role altogether

And then you go on to say, with some sincerity (again, my dramatic emphasis):

Let's just say that, while attending to my humble responsibilities, I am one that is to help and assist along the wayI too "belong" into a relationship of a certain kind (as we all do), not quite in the vicinities of Smokingman's lady, but of a certain distance, that allows me to look at things from a slightly non-local perspective.

You do realize, with those statements now out on an open forum, that you’re going to have to elaborate? For the sake of decent converse and maybe driving what many consider a serious subject successfully onwards, I ask of you citizenc, please expand on this.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 07:26 AM
I think that the last few replies are the reason I keep coming back every so often during the day and first thing when I turn the PC on, It's the whole range of Humanity and it's inquizative and fickle nature.
There are those that have experienced, those who have not, those that want to , those that don't, and there are the real conversationalists and those that just laugh.
There are those that want to contribute in one form of intellectual stimulation and those that just want to throw insults.
This thread is and has a very large impact on my days , my psyc and my reasoning to the point where last night I said to my wife " Nobody looks up anymore, all we ever do is look at each other and want what the other person has, or look down at the ground as if in suplication or in embarassment", she looked at me all confused and then said " there's nothing to see up there except clouds and birds".
I look forward to the future with some trepidation but with also with the understanding that things can change in an instant and all we have to do is ride the waves or in fact thats all we CAN do. I am of two minds as whether to hope ( for lack of better term) that some other life will be watching the events on this little pebble we call Earth and should anything nasty be on the horizon help us out, (I'd want them to help ALL of us , not just a select few) and on the other mind think that we have to help ourselves as no-one is going to dig us out of the hole we've dug.
The world needs to realise that the sooner we start to help each other,we are becoming better people but we will never achive anything more than wanting more money, better cars , a bigger house until something that comes along and shoves us in the back (economic collapse, earth impact, invasion).
As for the 'Aliens' taking a few people all I can think about is that they know the event , whether huge impact or allout war, and that they want to take a few of humans so that the universe in its present state can have a sort of 'living record' of how us Humans lived, how we thought, our differences, our desires, our hopes , dreams and aspirations. So that if in the event of Humanity becoming extinct there will be some little island of Human endeavour and our civilisation. there will be the good guy's out there with all thats honourable , loving , giving and considerate, but unfortuantley the 'bad guy's' will be taken by the 'other side' there, will be the negativity of the Human race, the want, the greed , the selfishness and the inconsiderate. That both sides of humanity will linger on is appealing we can but hope that the good is stronger and will endure longer and be rememebered longer then the evil . Its like memories, you rememeber the good times more than the bad, sometimes (like in my childhood) even blot out the bad times and no longer remember them.
We all want to see tomorrow , but for some tomorrow doesn't come, We all treat tomorrow as a given and it WILL arrive.
Tomorrow doesn't bother me anymore, I live for my family and my friends today and I look at them and try to make the remainder of their days (whether we end in a couple of years or a century) at least as happy as I can and yes, I still worry about finances , I still worry about can I have this or that?, but in the end we can't take it with us , the only thing we can try to hold onto is ourselves, If we pass into another 'realm', level of consiousness or plane I will want to remember WHO I AM and what I have done . Then I will be all the richer in the next life , in whatever form it takes, I work in Banking and I see people's accounts and their totals and I don't even see money anymore, All I see are numbers and I think they've worked their entire lives for what? a bit of paper and in the end they have nothing but a hollow emptiness in their souls, but if you know yourself before you die then you have more than gold , more than coin, you have the greatest gifts given, life and love.
I hope that the 'Aliens' (if any are reading this thread) understand who we are , and why we have done what we have , and even though we have done a lot of evil to ourselves we have also done more good than we could ever hope to do .There are the 'bad apple's' and if their example of Humanity is 'Jack the ripper' (as quoted in another post somewhere on ATS) then I think they need to look at the good aspect of Humanity as well. Yes I'm rambling, I'm hungry for lunch and my blood sugar levels are low. So I'll scoot off now, but hope that at least this thread encourages debate and discussion and not debacle and cussing.
By the way Smokinman2006 and CitizenC , good to see you both here still and all the others that have contributed in some form , hope the day finds you well, and hope that the future brings you what you truly seek , well the future is not written yet , but I hope you all live through what may or may not happen.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by Beamish

I found your response to be deeply moving, and thanks to our growing will and ability to exchange ideas, we come closer to the core of what IS important to the average person on the matters being shared and discussed.

I will gladly expand on any matter you ask, especially if it is important to this thread, to which I owe intellectual respect in its integrity, as it is part of the development in Smokingman's declaration of his experiences. Hopefully this way, some of the aspects of HIS experience will be easily understood through my explanations, which in a sense has been one of my aims all along.

- The best way I could start would be by discussing your (and so many people's) expectation of a SPECTACULAR means of portraying or bringing about some of the experiences that Humanity can use to "wake up".

Granted, the slogan seems so general and even banal, that is hard to really take it seriously. Yet, and this is where we can tie the whole thing together, the CHANGES that can and hopefully will occur, will be spectacular in themselves, yet how we awaken and get there has less glamour to offer, strictly speaking.

Think about how Mankind (especially "western") has been conditioned in this sense:

If we were to make a movie out of the whole ordeal with what we know, how would that movie go?

A nice, entertaining, and self-respecting production would HAVE to be filled with twists and plot crescendos, leading to some type of tremendous military conflict and/or devastating natural disaster and, as millions suffer and die, a fleet of spaceships enters to save the day, if not for all, for some.

That is in itself, a morbid desire that has been spoon-fed to people, and it seems that if it isn't full of spectacle and fireworks, then it cannot be deemed that "dramatic" or of much import.
In the face of the gloomy scenario depicted by Smokingman's contacts, there is change on the way, and, believe it or not, in the case of the most devastating of possibilities, there would still be less than a glamorous show for anyone to enjoy.
Who dies, dies. End of show. For who lives, well, there would be some possibilities, only then, for the bizarre and potentially spectacular.

So, THIS IS WHERE IT GETS DIRTY... Because then, secretly, way behind in the back of the minds of the people who come into contact with this information, the desire is nurtured FOR ALL THIS TO HAPPEN, at the cost it would imply.

So, you see, the non-glamorous, seemingly-boring scenario of "nothing" happening, is portrayed as the dull, really alternative director's cut that would certainly end up in the bin at the editing room, were this on film.

But this is NOT a movie, and we have to avoid at all costs permitting ourselves to think this way, and act accordingly.
People have been "trained", sadly, to expect this sort of "finale", and this in turn FEEDS the processes that we presently think we dread and need to avoid.

Instead, speaking energetically, the simple act of a loving, positive thought has more impact than you presently imagine, as well as consequences even outside this "reality" of which people still have no idea...
That is why we continuously ask for this sort of turn, so that veering the energy AWAY from that sort of gloomy scenario can ATTRACT, as I said previously a less traumatic delivery of the lessons in store.

Again, this DOES NOT mean that we remain head in the sand, oblivious to what is going on. It means though, that IN SPITE of the knowledge of what MAY lie ahead, or energized from it, we move towards proactive solutions and attitudes, or at least to a search and deep desire of one.

- I will tie the development of this issue by expanding a little on your invitation to explain about myself, sure that Smokingman won't mind, for he might harbor some questions himself.


posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 09:22 AM
First, let me be fair. It would take hard work, time, and dedication to understand fully the implications of some of the material I have shared in my previous posts. Having said this, in some way, it is mostly there.

I'll explain while trying to avoid writing the book:

I was literally born aware of many things that would be considered now avant-guarde, and a decent ability to look around and INSIDE myself and understand what I saw. To say it in computer lingo, I came with much software included, as well as hard disk already equipped with some pertinent information.
Unlike others, I KNEW that my situation was not normal, and that what I could "see" or understand, was not typical by any means.

One of the main ingredients of my mind-works had always been a strong sense of longing, unexplainable and deeply rooted, which persists to this day. It is directed at my source, my very core of being, my mental "cradle" if I may.
This has been the driving force behind my NEED to know, to expand my childhood visions into the KNOWLEDGE of who I am and what it is that I am here to do, for I have always known that there is no being without purpose. This of course leads to knowing what is this place, why are we here, and where are we going...

After many "contacts" in different shapes and forms, some of which "Alien" in nature, I felt pushed to even many more years of searching. I have found many answers, and although very vaguely, you can find a little map in some of the things that I have said.

But, coming back to why this is important for me to say here, I understand now that I am part of an entity that is not all here, BUT THIS IS MOST EVERYBODY'S CASE. What makes me different is that I KNOW it, and have found sort of my "way back" to some of my deeper "dwellings". This in turn allows me to have the deeper perspectives that I have on many things.

And I will de-glamourize instantly by saying that:
- This is every man and woman's given nature, and that sooner or later this and much, much more, will become true. In fact, this is A PART of the change we are working for.
- There have been many things that I have had to "sacrifice" in order to get to this point and to do the "work" that I do, and much of the effort and tears along the way remain a hidden mystery to those around me who still don't understand what all is about.
Don't get me wrong, I have had a wonderful life, full of magic and awe, and I don't regret a second of it, but again that is from MY perspective, knowing what I know. It has taken many life-changing decisions made in the face of deep opposition by loved ones, apparent desire for living without any type of the "security" blankets most people have been sold on by the status quo, and many restless days, months and years of "work" that have no apparent substance, and little to offer to the untrained eye.

Consider it like this:

I am one of the many that are finding a way through the jungle of mental existence, wielding machetes and making paths where there are none, so that it becomes increasingly less difficult for others to follow down the roads laid out.

How do we know where we are going? We know, this is the "crucial" part of the work of one who is "called". A CRITICAL mind is an invaluable tool, for it requires that you first test knowledge yourself.
Why not everybody? Just as you would not expect a whole crowd to stampede through a forest, then it seems that it is a part of our nature as sentient beings to function this way. Some people always go before the others.

First there was a trail, then a wider trail, the a road, highway... A trail that leads to nowhere is quickly abandoned, while one that leads somewhere important... Even people's increasing propensity to accept and understand some issues is already part of good day's work, and it doesn't come out of nowhere. Consider it.

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posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 09:23 AM
And so you see, Smokingman's message, my message, are ALL carving through the "jungle" where people's collective mind resides, so that certain things that have been a mystery will be a mystery no more, and just starting by creating more positive, away-from-fear thoughts and attitudes, people will begin to slowly shift with less difficulties into paths laid out for the good and "advancement" of mankind, and away from the "disastrous" ones.

This in turn will allow MORE SOPHISTICATED VENUES AND VEHICLES FOR SOUL EXPERIENCE. That is the ultimate goal of the next change.

There IS continuous contact from above, and from INSIDE as well. It will all be manifest publicly when the time is right, not when it would sell the most tickets.

We hope that it happens on the most positive and DIGNIFIED of conditions, and work steadily so that it can be so.

If I left something out, please let me know.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 07:16 AM
reply to post by DataWraith

datawraith, I just read your post, and I have to say it nearly brought me to tears.

You've managed to encapsulate the entire reasoning for being human; we make mistakes, some of us are bad, we crave material gain, and sometimes we just don't care.
But, for all the negativity thrust down our throats, we have to remember that there are folks out there who strive constantly to make our lives better, who are good, kind people; there are those who live their lives without any of the luxurious trappings many of us take for granted and are content, and there are billions upon billions that care dearly about their lives, their families and their world. We are truly, wonderfully diverse.

We are something to be celebrated.

I am still not convinced as to the veracity of the messenger in this thread. But I am becoming more and more convinced that the message itself, whatever its provenance may be, is capable of making us realise just who we are. Whether that is intended or not, it is a remarkable achievement.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by Beamish

I second the motion...

What Data said is beautiful, and goes once again to why we should defend this wonderful earth and people with such will and effort...

Good to see you back to Data, and hope that all continues well... these are hard days...

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by citizenc

Do you realize that if smokingman2006 had approached this thread with the clarity and ability to communicate (not translate) his story with the consummate, relaxed expertise you exhibit, then maybe I would not have contributed?

That may sound odd.

It is not intended as a dismissal of your understanding of the message. I’m simply stating that I rarely, if ever get involved with any ET orientated philosophical discussion. I cannot relate to them. My belief system gains its foundation in the visual sightings of UFOs/UAPs. If they’re there, and they’re real, then something is behind them. What that may be is still a matter of debate for many.
I know what I want their origin to be, yet I’ve always steered well clear of those who speak with, as I consider it, an assumed authority as to who is piloting these mysterious lights. I’ve never accepted the abduction or contactee scenarios as being real. I don’t know why.

At this juncture I’ll quickly get this out of the way: I have never seen a UFO, or anything else odd for that matter. Nothing strange happens to me. Ever. Saying that, and as I’ve mentioned previously in other threads, I have a childhood memory of floating outside my bedroom window. Dream? Probably. Something else? Can’t allow myself to recognize that as a possibility. Again, don’t know why.
I started a very short-lived thread about some…things, that occurred to me that may or may not have been anomalous.

The resulting replies were accommodating, supportive, even humorous. But, obviously, they could not resolve any query I had as to the occurrence’s possible source.

I was left with no real sense of having achieved a step forward in understanding why I chose to declare the events listed in the thread as unusual. In the end, I attributed most of them to hynopompic, and hynagogic hallucinations.

I still dream of huge mother ships, though…

Anyway, what I’m trying to say in a roundabout way is sometimes we just have to accept fate, serendipity, call it what you will, to lead us down different, and sometimes uncomfortable, roads. Your contributions, along with many others, have helped prolong a thread that may well have died a quick death under an onslaught of blind denial and ridicule.
smokingman2006 should thank this ongoing sequence of providence, luck, good fortune, whatever you want to call it, along with every one who has deemed to join in.
Let’s hope he’s more gracious in this respect than he is in replying to my questions…

- The best way I could start would be by discussing your (and so many people's) expectation of a SPECTACULAR means of portraying or bringing about some of the experiences that Humanity can use to "wake up".

Perhaps spectacular was the wrong word, though, in truth, most people crave and desire spectacle to stimulate and engage their senses. Yes, maybe I, and many others, have been conditioned by Hollywood. We see the manifestation of alien technology on a constant basis on the big screen. It’s beguiling and daunting, and may well not represent the true picture, so to speak. Yet, we don’t really care. We flock to witness our brave boys fight the invader or the destruction of our planet by evil aliens with gladness in our hearts and popcorn in our fists.

So wishing for spectacle may well lead to disappointment. But maybe, according to the OP, this quote of yours:

A nice, entertaining, and self-respecting production would HAVE to be filled with twists and plot crescendos, leading to some type of tremendous military conflict and/or devastating natural disaster and, as millions suffer and die, a fleet of spaceships enters to save the day, if not for all, for some.

May not be so fictional. Spectacle is is creeping into smokingman2006’s posts:

I saw Amizarac on a large spacecraft somewhere on the out edges of what I understood to be our solar system she has many of her kind with her an along with the other 5 spacecrafts I could see they seem to be forming some kind of a blockade further out from their position there are two huge black spaceships
that are at least 20 times bigger than the one Amizarac is on, then this vision goes away and I am back with Orzeml I ask him what this all means
He answers that some group on earth have made contact with a new race of Alien and that this race has a history of dominating other life forms Amizarac and her kind are trying to persuade them to turn back.

First we get a large “mass” entering our solar system that threatens us. Now we get Armadas?
Huge black space ships?
A clandestine group here on earth communicating with a new alien race?

Are these not pretty impressive visuals? What if “Amizarac”’s diplomatic, or even military endeavors fail? Will we then go on to see “spectacle and fireworks”?

Again, I am drawn to contemplate on the possibility that additions such as those listed above are designed to deflect attention away from the idealistic, intellectual leaning this conversation is taking. If I introduced at an inappropriate time that I’d dreamt of a monstrous spaceship hovering in our atmosphere, pale and immobile against a blue sky, and saw vast discs sliding from a letter-box shaped slot in its prow, would that not jar somewhat? (By the way, I did dream it.)

How would any such embellishment sit with the duty of dispensation of a message of hope I was bestowed with? What would my “Amizarac” say?

I’m not accusing here, by the way. Just suggesting that enhancing the story with a little space-opera could be construed as an attempt to step back into the limelight. (It also ties in rather too neatly with the impending “October 14th” scenario, prophesied by Ms Goodchild and the GFL. One could almost say someone’s hedging their bets…)


posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 10:03 AM

On the other hand, (and here’s me hedging my bets), how would a full blown invasion affect the subtle scenario of change you have knowledge of and work towards? How much confusion and pandemonium would it cause, and how much further back would it set the work done by yourself, and others who can share with such aplomb a message of peace and love?

People have been "trained", sadly, to expect this sort of "finale", and this in turn FEEDS the processes that we presently think we dread and need to avoid.

And if we do get this finale, what ensues in the aftermath?

I agree wholeheartedly that we can change everything we are by the simple act of altering our perspective.
We just have to want to.
Anyone with an ounce of self-respect and a modicum of reverence for their fellow man, who can face the world and its problems with dignity and decorum, can make a conscious decision to consent to a revision of their personal paradigm. People do it everyday. We fall in love and experience our world transforming magically. We face hardship and realize through loss what is truly important. We face death and know how vulnerable we are.

We read words of hope that touch our hearts. I have done that here.

We just have to set free a willful need within to let these emotive acts revolutionize what we are.

I understand that. (It may not be within my remit to completely understand your message, and that also saddens me.)

Yet, all of this has to happen within the secure and familiar confines of an existence that we maintain we understand and state we know the boundaries of. In times of great unrest and disorder, we become introvert, defensive and distrustful. We, as a species, always fight against enforced change.

You say that:

Instead, speaking energetically, the simple act of a loving, positive thought has more impact than you presently imagine, as well as consequences even outside this "reality" of which people still have no idea...

So to what extent would a totally unfamiliar factor, such as an undeniable sighting of these “huge black space ships”, which would undoubtedly throw the whole of our civilization off-kilter, unbalance our ability to have loving, positive thoughts?

Positive energy surely would be usurped by panic and fear. The reality would be the “invaders” in the sky. I doubt if there would be space or time to think coherently, never mind with love. We would never have known a time of such upheaval; no war would have come close, no act of barbarity engaged our thoughts so, no single, empirical individual could have affected our world with such an immense impact.

This is why I don’t believe smokingman2006’s last post has anything to do with the message of hope you carry. It was fiction.

I do, however, deem your words as coming from someone who has managed to expand their experience of existence through acknowledgment of a greater sphere of reality. I admire you for that. In some strange way, I also envy you.

And I still await your thread. I think ATS will benefit from a full and frank disclosure of all of your experiences. I will restrain from commenting on the eloquent portrayal of your intimate acquaintance with enlightened knowledge for fear of the two of us side-tracking the thread.

But now I know why, and how, you can comment with such authority.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by Beamish

You crazy bunch of fruit flies I know the smoking man and can tell you he is not from this earth

He is a real Alien and a bad one at that

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