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My first contact with another being

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 04:06 AM
reply to post by mystiq

i think mystiq made a pretty good analysis there. the OP just seems genuine to me. i've been in his shoes, where i was trying to post an honest idea, and it is easy for negative responses to come at you if there is not "real concrete proof" to offer.

though i don't know if this contact is being clear enough, or telling the truth...i believe the OP has had a real experience. i just wish we had some sold information on what is going on, and what we can/should be doing right now.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 05:22 AM

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 11:26 AM
First I would like to thank all the positive posters on this thread and Citizenc who has helped me channel my thoughts these last few days.
The last eight days have taken quite a toll on me since these encounters started my life has been turned upside down my wife has left, two of my closest friends turned bugeyed as I tried to explain my encounter then told me I needed help.
My wife flipped out again today on the phone when I told her I liquidated all my stocks last week and inform the company I was consulting that I was no longer able to work in this field.

This on top of many visions and knowledge in my head that just wasn't there before.

Then I have this feeling on urgency all the time to.

But with my trusty cats by my side I will continue forward

I have had a vision of a masses awaking in the very near future The billions of robotic trance induced humans who live in an almost matrix world thank to conditioning, food manipulation and a false reality created by the system will start waking up in huge numbers

The trigger will be the coming events massive world wide unemployment and loss of housing
The clasp of financial markets in western countries
Severe food shortage in supermarket and shops and rationing of fuel and water
Those who have lived in a safe and secure cocoon will be shocked out of their sleeper state and rejoin the awakened ones

They will have lost all faith in the system they followed blindly and will be ready to listen to new ideas

If we can get them back on the positive path they will be great rewards for our race and planet.

The objects heading our way is a Brown dwarf that has a planet and two moon in its tow the disruptions
it is already causing here is been blame on the greenhouse effect.
The aliens can not totally predict the out come of what will happen when it pass between Mar and the Sun as it has on numerous occasions in the past.
It is only visible to telescopes on the south pole at present due to its distance and position
This is a natural event and nothing sinister or planned
Werther we get through it or not will depend or ourselves and our positive attitudes
Once this event has past if we are still here the earth will be in a new age the collective era will have begun.

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 03:02 PM

Originally posted by smokingman2006
The objects heading our way is a Brown dwarf that has a planet and two moon in its tow the disruptions
it is already causing here is been blame on the greenhouse effect.
The aliens can not totally predict the out come of what will happen when it pass between Mar and the Sun as it has on numerous occasions in the past.

do you have a date or even a year for this? By the way what a weird, weird story in a kind of a cool way...

Take care & hope you get your wife back

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 05:48 PM
So now we need to discuss the tools and the ways of raising a planets vibrations, and a way to share with others. And how drinking ormus helps.
I've done some meditation, and it has helped with memory recall. But not to the point of really getting into the planetary vibrational thing that light workers discuss. Though in meditation, and even just as I'm drifting off to sleep, I've experienced whole body vibrations. When just sleeping I've wondered if we had helpers trying this with humans, because a lot of people discussed this.
I suppose the gold powder is suppose to fit in, but apparently there aren't good sources for it. Which means what? Most people given their tougher economic situations on this planet won't be able to do that anyway, even with a better source. So what is this work going to entail in an easy idiot proof manual, like I would require.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 05:56 PM

You always manage to put a smile on my face regardless of how dark my situation is
thank you
there is a plan somewhere in my head to make things right but I have not completed it yet.
I feel so alone sometimes that it freaks me out.
good night

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 08:35 PM
Hello there again my friend...

Before I get to you, just a word to our not-so-friendly riggs: Unless you modify the tone of your discourse you will not be taken seriously, in detriment of YOUR message.

Smokingman... I also appreciate mistiq's constant mood...

I am happy to see that you are naturally gravitating towards patiently finding a solution for Smokingman, for the person, for the WHO that is in this. Things will find a way to settle. Feel free to U2U me whenever you want...

If you look at this thread with a little care, you can see two lines of development:

1- The search of merits as to the validity and veracity of the story and the message themselves,
2- The work of the more "positive" thinkers, who are willing to be inquisitive and are curious about possible solutions to an event that could be of a magnitude not seen before.

Both aspects are indeed part of the solution, in the sense that human beings as a whole will be called to unity to deal with calamities that will represent the opportunity for that consciousness-gathering. Unfortunately, historically humans have shown a tendency to be able to come together especially when hardship knocks on the door...
This is, at very deep levels, the purpose behind some cataclysmic events, wars, and the "volunteered" presence of others in the right place and right time to bring the best out of others who will play the part of the rescuers.
Go back to my first posts and the response Amizarac gave you, and then you'll be able to see this with more clarity.

Again, something like this would not happen without it being an excellent opportunity for the ones involved to learn from it, interact with it, be a part of it, and make the absolute best out it; EXPERIENCE is the prime, most important, and highest goal of the Souls that we all "represent".

Most of the hardship that is to come, will happen with the collaboration and "prior knowledge" of most of humanity, for the betterment and expansion of what it can mean to be a human being.
Doors will open for OTHER events that will shape humanity in a much deeper way than even this single one might achieve by itself.

Remember when I warned you about the fear of death? It will be very important one day as well, because, once you look ahead without having to worry about that little particular "step", you will be able to more clearly focus on what lies BEYOND, and that will be one fine day for all...

What has been shared with you CAN be a unifying event, a mind expansion, the ground for soul seeking and searching for so, so many.

Some will be at the forefront. Some will lead the way. Some will be in the back following. But the day will come when the changes that can occur WILL OCCUR, in this timeline or another.

The seeding of ideas, information, and a more solid psychic mental structure with which to work with IS THE WORK THAT LIES AHEAD, it IS the task at hand.
And this my friend will have to be an "INSIDE" job. As someone above said (although not quite with this in mind..) it REALLY will be up to humanity. This BELONGS to humanity.

Confirm this with Amizarac: the answer to the question on why "they" cannot or will not "help" in the terms that some would expect from more advanced beings, resides precisely there.
Extreme alternate solutions are being weighed in case humanity doesn't live up to the task (which is expected by some, unfortunately...), but they are last resort, and even considered (even more ironically) rude by some, for the lack of trust they could represent.
Most people's hesitation to believe in UFOs and other other-world phenomena is simply, at deep levels, a desire of humanity to consider this an "internal affair".

As long as people think that an outside agent IS salvation, then there will be no other solution possible...

We know different...

I will be off to do some very worldly things (we also like to have fun...) and will be back...
Gladly see you later...

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 10:29 PM
I still do not have the minimum posts to be able to U2U...

As soon as that number is reached, then I will be able to respond privately...

Until then, know that everything is ok, and going well...

Talk very soon....

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 12:03 AM
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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 03:22 AM
Smokingman2006, could you write a VERY detailed account of your experience preferrably in french? It would give you a chance to express yourself fully and to the point. Your english is understandable but lacks all the details. This is an important step forward and enables more analytical approach.

If you had these encounters you should be able to remember how the telephatic conversation went. Also describe things like what time it was, how far you live from the city, what was the weather like, had you drink any alcohol (what brand), smoked cigarettes/some other stuff. What is your relationship to the cats? They seem very important to you. How old are your cats, how did you get them and what race they are?

Thank you for sharing your experience this far. Now I think it is time to ask more questions about your experience. Some questions might be a bit personal but remember that you are anonymous here. We/I don't require you to answer to any of these questions. But it is too often that people tell about their experience and skip all the important questions. I am posting this to help you express yourself. I hope that you don't SKIP these questions. Please answer as honestly and detailedly as possible. I know it will likely take many hours for you to complete this task. But it is worth it and very important to document everything while you still have this experience in your fresh memory. It will also add light to your experience.

Here are more important questions to structure your story: (see next post)

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 03:23 AM
List of questions:

-Have you ever been interested in paranormal?
-Did you believe in UFOs/aliens before your experience?
-How did your life go before this experience?
-Your wife left you after you told about your experience, how long have you been married? Do you have children? How did you tell her about your experience? What was her mood when she left, what did she say? Did you have problems before this?
-What mood you were in before you met the Pleiadian woman?
-Was this your first time you saw something controversial?
-Did you have weird/paranormal experiences when you were child?
-Are you familiar with lucid dreams / out of body experiences? Ever had them?
-How did you feel when you first saw her, curious, scared, excited, aroused?
-How tall she was? How was her skin color? How was her facial structure? Did she smile? How was her teeth? Was everything "normal" in her appearance? How did her clothes look like? What kind of shoes did she have? Did she wear make-up? How did she smell? Did you have any sexual thoughts about her in any point?
-Was there any accent in her way of talking (telepathically) ?
-How the telephatic conversation went exactly? I know there is lot to write in this point but if you want to I hope you can share your experience.
-Did you feel that you were in trance-like mood when you talked to her? Or did you feel the experience was very dream-like?
-Did she show any humor? If she did, how?
-What was her style of communicating, matter-of-fact, joking, relaxed, serious, motherly?
-What kind of mood the conversation had? Did the mood change in any point?
-Did she show you visions while you were talking together? How did that feel?
-How are the visions like? Are they very vivid? Like our everyday reality? Do you see them eyes closed/open? When do you see them, day time, sleeping, in the bed?
-Did she take you in some other realm? Could you walk and function there? Did you have 360 degree vision while looking at the Alexander the great's grave?
-What do you think is the reason she showed you this vision? Did you feel this was important or was that just something she wanted to show you?
-How did your conversation lead to her showing you the Alexander the great's grave? Have you read stories about him / what do you know about him beforehand?
-How did his grave look like? Where is it located?
-What did she tell you about Nibiru/Annunnaki exactly?
-How did she leave? Walk away/vanish in the air?
-How long time you had the conversation?
-Was the actual time longer than you estimated?
-Did you feel any time distortion?
-What part was your pain located in your head?
-Do you know about the "third eye" / pineal gland?
-Did you have any special sensations in your forehead before / while and after the experience?
-How did you feel in your heart area?
-Were you energitised after the experience?
-What was your mood after she left?
-What do you think about ormus? Do you prepare your food in ormus blender now?
-How did you decide to write about this experience in ATS? How did you find ATS?
-Have you visited ATS before your experience?
-Do you have other accounts here?

Could you please write it down exactly as you experienced it. Currently there is a lot of information you are omitting. I also hope that you wrote in french so everything gets captured. Here are enough people to translate the text later.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 03:25 AM
To Riggs2099: for the serious research writing the full account and asking these questions is the first step. There could be some information in the fully detailed account that has not been posted somewhere previously. Everything smokingman2006 has told this far is a mix of different stories. The key is to find new information that has not been said before and which makes sense. It is likely that there will be nothing that could be confirmed scientificully but there is always a chance. For example the statement about the brown darf. This could be used as a handle for scientific approach. There are different options how did he get this information:

-He was told telepathically about it
-He had vision about it after his experience
-He "just feels" that it is going to happen
-He had a dream about it
-Some other way of gaining knowledge, maybe by smoking something
-He did make this all up

Quote: "It is only visible to telescopes on the south pole at present due to its distance and position"

This is very vague information. If he had vision about this celestial body then the vision could also include more information. How far is it? What is it's position? Does it have some existing name? Where should we aim our telescopes? When it is seen with naked eye? When it passes through sun/mars? Anyone can make statements like this but backing them up is another story. It is always alarming when things are said in very vague way. What is more alarming that there are hardcore believers in ATS that are willing to accept anything at face value. It is like there is an agreement: no difficult questions asked, no quality answers told. Being empathic about the experience is ok but doesn't get anywhere. It is like trying to avoid any conflict, trying to hold in the phantasy if this was all true. But seriously, questions need to be asked and they need to be answered instead of avoided/skipping them. My list of questions is only to get things started.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 04:22 AM
Hi again Smokinman....
And to ALL the posters on this thread , it doesn't matter what you believe, you all think or feel that you are right, Thats the point of being human in this day and age. We all think that we as an individual ARE the most important person on the planet. We are all right . But there are time sin this post when people disagree and then it comes down to bashing someone else because you can't believe it or want to believe it or even want to change your perspective.
There is NO black and white, there are only various shades of grey.
I for one believe that smokinman HAD an experience which he has tried to describe to us but because we didn't experience it don't have the understanding to comprehend it accuratly only Smokinman can comprehend it.
There are people who have had an experience and those who haven't , yet there are those that have had a partial , By partial I mean seeing a UFO in the sky or a light or unexplainable sighting of some form but no proof of aliens, and yet there are those that have had contact with an alien in some form , and there are those who have no 'contact' or encounter with a UFO who don't believe because they haven't seen one.
This world or should I say the people that post on this site, whether sceptic or believer have at least on thing in common, they are prepared to read someone else's opinion, maybe discuss it and leave it at disagreement. But the thing I can't persoanlly stand is the bashing people give (on both sides of the fence I might add) when people can't ge their point across they (like in the street) start to shout, swear and bully to try and get the other person to change their minds.
It's like the religeons this world has, "Our's is better than yours so you'd better beleive it or we'll kill you or hurt you". That sort of mentality really disrupts the world's vibrations and only magnifies down to our level. If (like a previous poster) actually tried to change the way we think to trying to understand both ourselves and each other instead of 'bashing' then maybe we as a community can change the outcome , not just for a few who may or may not be 'saved' by aliens or 'God' but save us all by causing 'enlightenment' in one form or another. If we spent less time fighting and more time loving then maybe we would all have a nicer day.

I'm not trying to sound condescending but I want to beleive that smokinman had an experiance and even if he didn't and it's all in his mind like someone suggested then shouldn't we as a site community try to support a fellow member through whatever the situation is. If he has been contacted we should A: congratulate him on having the experience, pass our love to both him and Amizarac orif its in his mind , B: pass our support, understanding and love to smokinman.

I for one believe in aliens but I fall into the 'partial' catergory, I've seen from a distance, never met face to face with an alien but it still believe and 'call out for contact' everyday ( not using my voice but with my mind and heart.)
Does that make me bipolar? or have diminshed mental capacity?
NO before you answer.
I have a wife , a house, a vehicle and a what I'd call a decent job in a bank , I have taken an IQ test and passed 'above average' but I have realised that even though we may have the same world , same country , or even different countries we actually are all individuals with our own thought processes, none of us of think the same. so for a change try thinking differently and see what happens.
Because I started to think differently is why I came to this site and why I try to understand as much as I can, we all have limited time on this plane or world or consciousness level so why not break free from the spoonfed BS you've been given and try to open all your minds to possibilities , we may not get a chance to experiance it tomorrow.
We only get one life here ,make the most of it. As for the next life I look forward to it for the experience's it will bring .

I for one would LOVE to meet an alien , it reinforce my belief that we are not alone in the universe like the Governments or religeous leaders want us to believe, and that we have friends out there.
As for them not helping maybe they are' if you had a friend who was having a hard time with a partner would you interferre? or would you let them know that your there should they want to call on you for support?
You can't change their situation but you can love them and try to understand that they have issues to resolve. Short of knocking their heads against the wall you can't take direct action incase of upsetting one of them, Its like that here on this world, The aliens can't interferre, we have to sort this mess out for ourselves, but because we as a whole are lazy , greedy and ignorant of other peoples feelings they can't help us unless we try to help ourselves first. And if they tried to knock our heads against the wall some will fight back . thats the route the aliens don't want to take. we need to retake this world and our spirituality back for ourselves , no-one is simply going to give it to us for free, we have to work for it.
I for one do try to work for it, and smokinman? Tell Amizarac I'm ready and waiting to learn.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by Adcra

I agree...that is why I get frustrated with these claims. They only give vague answers and never have anything of substance. The sheep of the alien believers are so desperate to believe that they believe anything that is fed to them. If he can answer your questions, naybe I would consider his story...the problem with that is, you can google these questions. I believe this whole alien abducting/visiting us is just a new version of past encounters with the unknown, witches, angels, trolls. A never before version of sleep paralysis with delusions so vivid they appear real and to the sufferers of this they can be no other alternative than aliens(to them anyways). People today want something to believe something extraordinary so bad that they thier minds will conjure up these experiences or willings make them up. As for family's being taken, I believe if families believe this, then it is a version of mass hysteria but on smaller scale. These people have lives that are so meaningless and boring ( to them anyways) that they are looking for a reason to feel special and excited. What better way than to come on a forum where they will be made to feel this way by people that are willing to believe.

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 10:39 AM
I doubt he or others will answer your questions adcra. They will avoid them as others have by saying why do I have to answer your questions, I am not here to prove anything to you. Basically saying I cannot answer your questions because my delusions/made up story are only full of facts that my intelligence can conjure up. So if a Professional astronomer was having these delusions than his mind will conjure up more detail about space and planets, or if a physicist was having these than more detail about time and space. But they are never taken, so all we have are normal people who do not understand such things so can only come up with vague details or use bits and pieces from others stories to make thier opwn version.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 11:01 AM
I will take the time to do what you have asked but it may take a few days to get it finished
to riggs
You said this
These people have lives that are so meaningless and boring ( to them anyways) that they are looking for a reason to feel special and excited

I have lived in America, Australia, new zealand, south Africa,Germany. Luxembourg and France
I spend two whole six month summers holidaying on the Island of Mykonos
I have visited over 50 countries
have prospected in the outback of Australia, hunted for many years
and have done afew safaris in africa.
I also spent 7 month travling thru africa in 1993
I have also owned and operated serveral business and at one stage had over 100 employees between two company that were owned by me and my wife.
So please dont insult me this way.
You are choosing the name riggs which I think could relate to the mel gibson - martin riggs of the lethal weapon movies and then use an alvatar of the crazy joker a little like the pot calling the kettle black?
This is hard enough as it is mate without you called me a nutter in all your postings you've made you point and I do value your imput but a little more tact would be nice

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 11:01 AM
*****MOD NOTE******

There's apprently some confusion about requirements for participation in this forum. The forum is The Gray Area, and by definition, will contain the personal experiences of members that likely won't have associated verifiable "evidence".

Questioning and discussing are not only welcome, it's why we're here. However, insulting, attacking, berating, belittling or otherwise being disagreeable to a fellow member is not tolerated anywhere on our boards.

If you can't have a discussion or ask questions in an appropriate manner, please find a thread more to your liking.

I'm seeing more than one post on this thread that would qualify for a warn. Let's draw a line in the sand here and move forward in an appropriate fashion.

Thank you.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by Adcra

Thank you for bringing a mature version of what a skeptic should sound like.
As I said before, the other "malevolent" interference is so sad, that the "dude" cannot be taken seriously.

There is a point in asking all the questions, and contrary to what a lot of people could think and without answering for Smokingman, they are easily answerable by someone with a "genuine" experience.
I put the quotes because, after all, absolutely all experience is PERSONAL... The aim of the scientific process has been, in fact, to try and eliminate the personal aspects of the verification process, to establish a testable method of arriving to certain foreseen or unknown conclusions, depending on the hypothesis at hand.

The very good point that Datawraith was developing was that, in spite of the SOURCE or TESTABILITY of the story and information that Smokingman has been kind and brave enough to share in the forum and way in which he did, there is also a significant component which is WHAT CAN BE LEARNED from the story, from the possible difficulties ahead, and of ways of interpreting an event that seems dubious at best to most who would read about it.

Again, without speaking for Smokingman, because he can decide on his own what or not to do about HOW he shares his story, I can already tell you that, for the most part, what you would obtain from the detailed account you invited him to make would be an enhanced, more literary version of the "story", that would make certain aspects of his individual experience seem even more fantastic...
Someone at the beginning of the discussion already tried to prove that with a little literary flair, one can put together some googable information and make a story look and sound "real"... And what then?

The point then of sharing this type of story, and in such a venue (it is not called Above Top Secret for banal reasons...) is that the importance lies not in the actual testability of the story, for then he would have approached others and in a slightly different environment, but how to DEAL with a seemingly overwhelming experience.

An experience that seems to have so many ingredients that invite others to share, although in admittedly "hard to believe" surroundings, the ever living drama of humanity's ability to deal with unexplainable phenomena, with crisis management, with the different pro and counter tendencies that make achievement so easy and so hard at times.

Very little information can pass any type of testability standard in ATS, be it politics, economics, and what have you not.
As a matter of fact, the words "opinion" and "my views" are repeated more in those threads and forums than anywhere else.
Whoever can say that they have a direct peek into a candidate's brain, for example, to make some claims about the virtues or defects of any political decision?
The acceptability and credibility standards are passed not because those discussions have any more testable or solid ground as a context, but because of the perceived "REALITY" of the point in discussion.
Nobody doubts that there are elections coming, and that there is economic turmoil in the international arena, or that 9-11 happened. These seemingly incontrovertible facts, seem to give most people the "permission" to be willing to believe more outlandish claims on things about which, by definition, the general public gets to know very little and always with the sense of being duped.

This story, whether or not Smokingman ever decides to acquiesce to any believability tests, has much to teach all those willing to participate in a mature and serious discussion on the implications of certain experiences and their content.

This is not my story, but I can assure you that no amount of detail or "proof"would suffice to those who want to NOT believe in something.

Thank you again Data...

Until later, Smokingman...

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by smokingman2006

And Smokingman, my friend, don't worry about the riggs of the world so much...

Although I loved your point so much, that I make an exception to comment on these seemingly mundane aspects...

As a matter of fact, I also love Mykonos, and laughed about the actual possibility of having crossed roads, there or somewhere else....

Just as a point, following on Data and Smokingman, I don't think it is necessary to demonstrate any "credentials", but it would be fun... even little riggs would be surprised about how NOT boring our lives are...

Let's just say that I too share in life's fortunes in my own way, having traveled much, and have lived practically every delight this beautiful world of ours can offer, with some moderation and much elegance, of course...

It is definitely not that lack of stimulus that drives people with exceptional stories to share them and make the best out of them...

If it is not yet clear to someone, Smokingman is sharing because he CARES deeply about others, and because any intelligent, well-meaning being with the type of news he has decided to share would rather be called names than stay quiet and at home in the safety of his not-so-boring life...

I smile widely, hoping to rejoin the discussion soon...

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 02:48 PM
The problem with these stories is this...the mind can only make up what it is knowledgeable about. He has obviously read alot of stories on the net and has decided to put bit and pieces together to make his own version of the experiences. Same goes for abduction experiences...wonder why they are alike...because of the information that is available to be read....the mind will then create your own version. And your stories will have nothing about technology or craft design...because unless you know how technology works are what it takes to create a craft(airplane...etc), your mind will exclude that which it does not know of. simple it was saucer shaped, light in room..beamed aboard...etc....are all in others stories, you have only made your version of it.

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