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posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by sotp

When the OP presents no evidence for wrongdoing yet insinuates that wrongdoing may be occuring, there is reason to "go nuts". Denying ignorance is what this site is supposed to be about. Many hoaxes and downright wrong information have been presented and promptly debunked. I don't think the site administrators would keep their target audience by being intellectually dishonest.

There's nothing wrong with questioning authority (in fact, this site seems to encourage it) but there is the forum for "issues with the board" in which such questions should be placed. There is a way to go about making such indelicate questions that don't cause people to "go nuts". The OP did not adhere to such protocols. He (or she) brought it on themselves.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 06:03 PM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 11:41 PM
Yes they make a butt-load of cash.

I hope to do the same! I am working on a site myself, and I hope it generates enough cash that I can quit work and move to Santa Cruz. Cheers to success

That said, when are we getting free ATS shirts?

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 01:04 AM

Originally posted by Mr Gone
Well I guess its fine as long as the members are okay with the fact that the site owners could in fact present misinformation to get financial gain and no one would ever know. If people are okay with that then cool.

i am OK with that.
Because in essence what you are doing is saying some situation A exists therefore B COULD happen! oh no! its a possibility! there are millions of possibilities in this life, if we got worked up over them just because they existed, as you are doing, we would all be in a bad yes i dont care that they COULD present false information. because i know any number of things COULD happen. and I know that they are respectable people otherwise they wouldn't be doing what they are doing for us free of charge. end of story.

the earth COULD be destroyed by an asteroid tomorrow
the site COULD be in existence to make someone rich
i dont really care...thanks for opening my eyes though...not.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 01:05 AM
ATS may ake a bit of proffit for the Three Amigos, but it seems to mostly funnel back to ATS. What with the cost of maintaining the site, they probably have barely enough extra cash to fill their Hummers or replace their wardrobe once a week.
Seriously now, if they keep this up, funding research trips, getting a book out, ATS Mix going on the Air, looks like ATS will have a pretty solid future.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 02:17 AM
reply to post by RuneSpider

Not trying to support the fire of the OP, but they make plenty enough from this site for their hummers and wardrobes

Some of it covers the site expenses, I am sure a healthy chunk goes back into ATS (to expand the site, which generates more revenue), but most of the profit they probably take home.

Which is in perfect accordance to the rules of our society, so bravo on the success I say

[edit on 15-9-2008 by Lucid Lunacy]

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 03:33 AM

I'm not sure why ATS's revenue is made an issue. The site doesn't charge any poster for the privilege of publicly announcing that Obama is the Antichrist and the like.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 04:26 AM
reply to post by stander

I don't agree with it being an issue either.

But the original stance from the OP (I think) was the concern that the ATS owners would put profit above the quality and good intent of the site.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 05:59 AM

Originally posted by hikix
i think the only thing i have to say is congratulations to the owners. They provide us free entertainment, and i hope they are all making good livings for themselves!

exactly what i was going to say.

who really gives two sh*ts how much $$ is made. non of our business.
and if you really do care then know that every time you log ontoany site ect your contributing to someone elses retirement fund so guess its a no brainer yeah.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 07:35 AM

Originally posted by Lucid Lunacy
reply to post by stander

I don't agree with it being an issue either.

But the original stance from the OP (I think) was the concern that the ATS owners would put profit above the quality and good intent of the site.

The ATS owners don't chain the posters to the board. Everyone is free to cross-reference his/her self-respect and self-esteem against the quality of the site and hit the account button if things suck too much. Just a thought . . . no big deal . . . money were invented to be made one way or the other.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 11:49 AM
Geez the op skulked away. Why don't you come over to my house. We can have some mac and cheese and water and go over my (laugh) books.

I'll even let you see my rock collection, bonus.

[edit on 9/15/2008 by jpm1602]

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 12:35 AM
Nope, didn't skulk away, i actually have things to do all day besides hang around a forum and hit F5 all day. I have a job. But, nice responses. I was just sort of questioning things here. No one's responses hurt me or "brought anything on me." Really, I could care less, I promise you. I just wanted to know. Kinda like how you wanna know why the sky is blue, or why poor people smoke expensive newports.

To me, the site owners have proven themselves to me here, not that my opinion matters to you, but it does matter to me. Say what you will of me, but I just like to know the facts on my info that I take into my brain, that's all. And JPM, not to sound rude, but you seem kind of full of yourself man. I may just be misinterpreting though, so forgive me if I am.

Thank you all.

[edit on 9/16/2008 by Mr Gone]

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 01:09 AM
Your a strange boy Johnny. But I like you. I've got a whole bunch of bedlinen ready for the wash for you to come over and smell.
No one wants to hurt you Johnny.

We just want you to know how foolish you are.

Yes yes, I am quite full of myself. That is why my brother always reminded me on a regular basis why my eyes are brown.

[edit on 9/16/2008 by jpm1602]

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 02:08 AM
Full of myself. Well let's see here. I am not the newby who blindly started flailing away at ats with bogus data and claims.

You are just a pup. That is why I will take it easy on you.

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by jpm1602

haha...well thanks man. I appreciate it.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 12:29 AM
ok, I didn't read this whole thread and i'm sorry if this is redunant but if you're talking about the first number - site worth, that's not money they get paid. That's the price they could get if they decided to sell their domain.

The revenue from ads is the price they get paid if they run google ads on the site and people click through.

The fact is - the person that owns the site has the say of wether or not ads are run to help run the site. And it's not cheap to run websites - I have three and pay a pretty penny for my hosting.

But it's really none of your business how much they get from ads or what it costs to run it unless you work for the IRS and are auditing them.

Besides, only snoops and ner'do-wells look up website values on site they don't own

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