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Space Ships are coming to ATTACK!

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by fox_3000au

You didn't critique anything. You implied the poster was in a "special room", so to speak. That's not critique. That was making fun.
I believe ATS supports the idea that people can come here and relate personal experiences without the endless barage of attacks they expect from the outside. It's one of the reasons we are here and you completely make it just as hard when you mock an OP for his statement.
It's not up to us to judge how real or phoney a personal experience is. It's just that. A personal experience. If you have no imput that can support the OP (like others have done), why make yourself heard.

Post with class and you will be taken as classy.

Originally posted by peacejet
All I wanted to say was visions are purely imaginary and we can beleive only when the person has REAL VISUAL sighting.

What's this "we" crap? You have a mouse in your pocket? Visions are Personal Experiences that cannot be verified by some schlep on a website. Think about what you just said. "Visions are imaginary. You said that right before you stated "We can believe only when a person has REAL VISUAL sighting"
You totally contradict yourself. You are the self-proclaimed expert now. What's the difference between what YOU think is imaginary and what is real?

Like I said, guys. You can assess a personal experience and judge it as real or imaginary all you like. But, to post on ATS a belittling and mocking post distracts the OP from relating what may just be the convincing information. It's retardant to the ends.


posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Martindoolittle

Oh thy holy and most honorably one! Behold! Your first and best servent! Me, '___'eed.

I wish to be one with the empire!

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 09:49 AM
This kind of thread is virtualy impossible to evaluate without the inevitable torrent of criticism. It's in our nature to question. And it's also in some of our natures to deride what is perceived as outlandish claims. I know this as a certainty, because I am guilty of reading this type of thread from the comfort and security of my skeptic's chair.

(Sometimes it would be nice to jump off and join the rest of the crowd. They seem to be having lots of fun. As Mr Mulder once said: "I want to believe". I would add the condition: as long as I can question anything I find uncomfortable.)

Unfortunately, it is in the nature of many to suspend belief when dealing with such grand and sweeping statements as in the op purely because of its sensationalistic content. Just how to respond, in itself, poses a quandry, never mind what to say in reply.
Indeed, are we capable of reply?
Don't threads such as this just generate reaction?

Yes, the op may well be relating the truth. Heck, we've all had dreams of aliens and spaceships (regrettably, it is only in my dreams that I have seen UFOs). If this is the case, then it is an interesting, but not unusual, or even unexpected occurence. If anyone hangs around these boards for long enough, then the subject matters dealt with are bound to begin to affect the process of subconscious thoughts. How they manifest is down to the individual's ability to compartmentalize and rationalize. And it is the result of this individuality that colours, and taints, these boards.

It also has to be said that he/she may well be simply jumping on the current favoured bandwagon with regard to the imminent arrival of a huge "Pleiadian fleet" in our orbit- and/or the much proclaimed October 14th event. It wouldn't be the first time, or be the last, for someone to want a piece of the attention lauded on these sporadic, cumulative, prophetic episodes.

Personaly, I cannot say anything more than the dreams recounted sounded amazing. Whether they foretell future incidents, who knows. Many psychics work best when asleep.

[edit on 15-9-2008 by Beamish]

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by Beamish

Bravo, Beamish! Well said!

I agree that there are many many posts, threads and topics that inspire HILARIOUS possibilities for a mocking, derisive post-work. And I fight the urge every single time. Sometimes, yes, it's funny as hell. But, then I remember that the person who wrote it is indeed claiming it happened and frankly, I was not there to witness it happening or not. Therefore I respectfully pass and hope the vision or prediction meshes with others and receives a sense of verification to the experiencer. (or to the reader)
Dream analysis may come into play and explain it completely to the OP and that relieves the OPs state of mind.
In a relaxed, non-mocked state, the Original Poster of a wild, hardly-believable personal experience may give more clues to the core of the OP. Evidence to support their story more solidly, or, the evidence to confirm that it is, indeed, bunk-a-roo.
But to assume that any given poster has, or should have, a "thicker skin" to come into ATS and relate what, may be, a completely terrifying personal experience, is remarkably ignorant. And insensitive. And the wrong tactic to use in the search for the truth of anything.

Starred ya post there, Beamish! You said it well.

ouivalerie- Thanks for sharing. The first step is always the toughest. The "Mother ship" that pops up and "blows one out of the sky" Is it definitely different from the tri-angle craft?
That's interesting because the reported "Government models" are the triangular craft. This throws the angle that our purported "Leaders" are the culprits.
You then say it's the Alien Mothership that resists these Gov ships and, for the most part, saves us. Let's hear more about that. Intriguing.


posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 03:15 PM
Hello All,
I myself had a "vision" similar to this over 10 years ago. I dont remember much of it now but in this vision I was shown many things, all the while I felt like my head was about to split open and everything around me seemed like as if it had sped up. Hell, even the people on tv were moving and talking as if you had pressed the fast forward button. Well the only thing I can remember is the las vision, it had to do with war and a bunch of soldiers with guns/rifles in their hands, they were up against something.. much more advanced, something of a great threat.. I cannot now see what they were up against but if it was some sort of "psychic" vision I had I really hope its wrong...


posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 11:49 PM
I have personally had many dreams of ships being seen invading. I am not sure they were picking people up. In one dream I telekineticly crashed a ufo which I have to admit was pretty cool but strange. It was a war torn scenario and I was under neath floor boards of a house missing its roof and one wall and I look next to me is a dead grey. I hear draging above me. I hear a voice say, "they have your brother." I become angry and crawl out and see the door close on a wall left standing. I rush to it and fling it open and look out and to my left. I see a ufo in the dark with no lights like it dosn't want to be seen. beautiful night by the way it was. I reach out and yell no you don't and I am strugling with the ship at a distance and eventually force it into the ground and sparks are flying and the driver reverses direction and I push it into the ground again. I wake up feeling stressed out and like i wanted to tear it open. Strange dream.

I dreamed once of using a digital camera to take a picture of a space craft the size of a city over a city. I remember hefting the camera with its video screen. This was before digital cameras had come out. When the cameras did come out I was a bit stunned cause I remembered that dream. The ship was beautiful. Very sleek and large with rounded edges with many windows.

Other dreams of invasions were... hmm actually this one they did want people. They would have gotten my dad. And it relates to something spiritual. It might have something to do with the spiritual realm possibly. In my dream I was on a bus in army and nobody dong anything so i got off and went home. Going home I hear a blare of an alarm sounded like war of the worlds walkers blaring but war of the worlds "tom cruise" wasn't out yet. This also covered the whole sky and the sky looked strange. I could see stars and planets like they were close up over head. I ran home and mom said my dad was still outside. I wend and found him but ships were searching for people and I knew we were in danger. Suddenly I saw triangles over head protecting us from their search lights and we went from triangle to triangle which lead back home. I felt the triangles were God protecting us from their eyes. We got home just in time and close the door and locked it and the door started banging like mad. I got mad and wanted to see who it was. a paper covered the outer window so i ripped it off and looked. it looked like my mother was outside but I knew she was inside. I said your not my mother and I command you to reveal your true nature in Jesus name and its face came off and was ugly and that ripped off and was uglier.

I woke up but later my dad was delivered from a spirit that spoke through him some times when he was drunk and he changed and started loving God again. Before he had knew God but had changed and started hating God. My mom saw a spirit once over his shoulder that looked like a gargoyle. I was prophetically told by a friend I would see my Dad come back to God. It was when one time my dad was arguing with my mom and I suddenly felt to get up and when I got there she started choking. I felt lead by the spriit to reach out and touch her throat and spoke in the tongues given by the spirit and she started breathing again. She said it had clamped her breathing tube and when I did that it released her. My Dad then wanted to listen to an old worship tape and they was refilled with the spirit that night and underwent a drastic change. Mom said he really changed and that prophecy came true I saw my dad change. I was in Army at the time and home 1 month out of the year deployed in Kuwait and Iraq.

For those who don't believe me it doesn't make any difference to me. I will shill share my experiences and you cant stop that.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by ouivalerie

A question to your vision/dream regarding alien attack. Did you see clearly what the aliens looked like? I am curious due to my own dreams/visions.

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