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Paramilitary in full effect, thanks to the Neo Cons.

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posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 09:43 PM
So there was a free concert in St.Paul and there was going to be a surprise group perform but when Rage Against the Machine came out the police cut the power and out came a paramilitary police unit, watch the video below.

So much for freedom of anything these days and it seems it is all starting with the USA and coming up here to Canada, I hate Neo Cons!

This concert was at the St.Paul RNC (Republican National Convention) Wow so peaceful people can't protest anymore either without the paramilitary coming out , pretty intense.

More sick injustice brought on by a Neo Conservative agenda.

Even the national guard was hired to protect the republicans, this is movie material!

So much for having rights! NO HUMAN RIGHTS FOR YOU!

I did not realize a parade with a message is a anarchy group?

Oh how CNN LIES perfect example of controlled media and proof of the phoney life America Leads.

Republicans , Liberals, Democrats you see that is the problem with America along with Canada everyone has there own name and group that plain out steals from the working man, these elites don't work they manipulate the populations on grand scales they raise fuel prices to pay off the debts they create and we pay it, they raise taxes start wars and ruin our lives, it is truly a sad generation for us all....

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 12:14 AM
Nice work OP.

One thing I am noticing is just how scared the 'so called elite' have become,employing hundreds/thousands of police,security,National Guard etc.

They live in fortresses,caves,underground holes or in a different country.

Take heart that the light is shining on them and people world wide are awaking.



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