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Is anyone else here a fan of Deborah Tannen?

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posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 06:03 PM
I found out about Deborah Tannen from my local library. I first borrowed an audio coursebook by her called Communication Matters: That's not What I Meant and it was interesting. It outlined various parts of communication that I didn't really undertand before. Later on over the summer I borrowed a book from the library by her called I Only Say This Because I Love You which underlined various conflicts that exist within the family. It helped shed light on other people's families and what makes them act in certain ways in families and how my own family has an effect on me. I then borrowed two course books, I borrowed He Said, She Said which helped improve my relationships with men and women, casual relationships, and at school, and with my friends. I then borrowed the coursebook That's not What I meant again and I grew a deeper understanding for her works. I learned all about framing messages and what-not.

I just recently purchased a book called Argument Culture: Stopping America's War on Words and it really helped explain to me how our argument culture can have adverse effects on people. What we can do about it, and, like, how we can change our ways of debating and how we can move to having more open dialogue with other people and how that will be better. I'm a really huge fan of her works.

I'm wondering how many of you here at ATS have heard of her, or her works. I think she's really amazing. She is a brilliant author and she has a lot of good insight.

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