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If you were suddenly put in charge of your country....

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posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 03:55 PM

The main thing I can think of right now would be gun ownership. I would require all citizens to undergo firearms training. Mandatory, with no exemptions for religion. All citizens would be required to own a handgun by the age of 18. I would pass laws that would state, should any person invade your home, weather armed or unarmed, can be shot on sight.

There are quite a few things that i'm sure I would change, just none that I can think of off the top of my head. May edit this post later when I think of some more in particular.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by Fathom
Me in charge of the USA

1. stop all foreign aid immediately. not one penny goes overseas.

2. change EPA laws on gasoline restrictions. all refineries would make one type of gasoline for the entire country.

2.5 open all areas in the US to drilling, (yes Anwar and Florida/California waters)

3. immediately begin repatriation of ALL illegals in the country.

4. implement the flat tax across the board and dismantle the IRA

5. recall all national guard soldiers to their respective states and re-deploy them to guard our borders.

6. finish "the wall" across California, Arizona and Texas.

7. force all American companies in Mexico to pay their employees the same wages their counterparts get paid in the U.S.

8. implement drug screening to those applying for food stamps and welfare.

this would be just a start....

I would add this.

Make all foreign workers living and working in the country to pay more in taxes.

Also foreign land owners would pay double property taxes.

All state owned tax payer supported,colleges/university's would be required to recruit only from their respective states for scholarships.

No foreign student would be allowed to enroll in any pubic taxpayer funded school until every American student qualified to attend has been enrolled.

All amateur athletes attending a university/college military academy on a tax payer supported scholarship who drops out to go pro would be required to pay back his entire scholarship,out of his first year salary.

All students that use government funded student loans would be required to perform public service in some manner respective to their skill.

All Military Academy appointees would come out of enlisted military applicants.
All potential officers would have to serve a period of time at least 1 year as a enlisted.No more high school to academy to officer.
They would have less drop outs ,more career officers, better leaders and less issues that the academy's are experiencing now.

All public assistance,welfare recipients would be required to perform some type public service monthly. Nothing is free anymore.

Eliminate professional public elected servants.No more

Kennedy's,Stevens.Byrd, etc.

Change Congressmen terms to 4 years vice 2 as is now.

Term limits strictly enforce,no retirement no federal benefits.
States may determine benefits as vote by the legislature.
Eliminate PAC's,lobbying,special interest groups.

Give Puerto Rico,Northern Marianas Islands,Guam and Samoa their independence.No more Welfare territory's.

Imminent domain ALL civilian owned property determined non essential in D.C. and make it just a federal business zone.

No residents of the federal zone can be on welfare.

It is a shame that a part of our capital and federal zone is a crime ridden slum.
I don't believe that was the founding fathers intention.

Remove the civilians make it all federal property and have a government appointed city manager under the authority of the Department of the Interior.

Any commercial enterprises,would be allowed long term leases for their land.

Expedite death penalty judicial revues and have public executions for all who want to witness.

WE as a society should be allowed to view this punishment.
It was a good deterrent in the old days.

Allow all law abiding citizens 18 or older to carry unconcealed weapons in holsters.

Any convicted felon caught with a weapon in their possession would incur mandatory life sentence with out parole.If they commit a crime with a weapon it would be a mandatory death sentence.

No more insanity/retard defenses.You do the crime you do the time.

All elections from campaigning to nomination to voting will only be a one month period.

Close all overseas military bases and return all forces to the states.triple the size of the Marines eliminate the fighter component of the Air Force and give that responsibility to the Navy/Marines.

Build modern versions of the B-52.Exact copy's of that platform with modern technology in the air frame,etc. Don't reinvent the wheel,just improve upon it.

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posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 05:54 PM
Great thread idea Static Sky;

For UK, attempt to remove need of money and get rid of poverty:

- Nationalise Water companys, or subsidise existing companys to provide free water for each private residence (whichever is cheaper)

- Nationalise/Subsidise British Gas to provide free Gas for every home for warmth and cooking

- Construct cheap homes for every person in UK, whatever option brick/plastic/tin is cheaper, no electrical/plumbing systems per house but fitted to accept upgrades in future.

- Use prison force and Armed forces to help out

- Deliver food packages weekly to every person in the UK, get those rich bleeping Supermarkets to help out with that - Fruit,Tinned Food,Pasta,Bread, the basics in a biodegradable plastic wrap.

* Now you won't need money to live in the UK.
* Stop the 140billion spent yearly on Benefits use some of it to pay for the above, probably a lot left over, use rest for a big party!

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 06:25 PM
I would have the government pay $5000 cash to any low income person that wants to be sterilized. They can reverse it later if they like, on their own dime.

I would immediately change the law that states being born on American soil makes one a citizen even if their parents are here illegally. I would change the immigration policies so that only those bringing intellectual talent into the country would be considered eligible.

I would heavily regulate the breeding of companion animals, breeders would be licensed and all animals would be micro-chipped before sale. Those that breed animals that end up in shelters would be fined heavily, within a short time it would stop the slaughtering of millions of pets each year due to overpopulation. Pet ownership would also be subject to stricter laws which involve quality of life.

I would also put much harsher laws in place for career criminals. If teenagers have a pattern of violent crimes they would be locked up until they are 30. They can work in the fields picking vegetables. That would put a serious dent in the violent crime problem and probably half our murder rates.

I would see to it all 50 states had “right to carry” laws.

That would fill up week one, the second week I would focus on energy and foreign policy.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 07:52 PM
Stringue and Sonya610. These are some very interesting ideas. Some are a little harsh for my liking, Sonya, but it's your country and anything goes. And Stringue, I think I'm going to vote for you if the whole world financial structure ever colapses. Peace.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 04:16 AM
Day 2,

1, Re-nationalise all utilities, prosecute for theft, the members of Government who sold them off to their friends and family, and charge recipients with receiving stolen property.
2, Scrap local property/poll taxes.
3, Improve education, so that 16 year old school leavers and University graduates could read and write and spell properly.
4, Restore the right to own a firearm.
5, Every election document would include a tick box survey of local and national issues.
6, Remove all surveillance cameras, and only place them, with local public consent.
7, Encourage our farmers to grow Hemp for food clothing and biofuel.
8, Legalise class C drugs.
9, Work towards a self sufficient country, minimise imports, and ban goods which do not meet the legal requirements that our own manufactured goods are compelled to.
10. Draw up a simple Constitution that any person can understand and all Governments will be obliged to obey.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by horsegiver

Nice work. Thanks for your time. There's no much on there that I wouldn't agree with. You policies are taking shape nicely. Be well.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by Static Sky

First I would shoot the people responsible for the failures in this country in the head on National television.

Then, Round up experts and bright college grads and have them fix the country.

I would leave politicians & religion out of everything and back every decision on science.

------------------------------------------------------------------THATS IT

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 09:11 AM

Originally posted by '___'eed

I would leave politicians & religion out of everything and back every decision on science.

------------------------------------------------------------------THATS IT

This would be a great move in my opinion. Progress would come at a greater rate and more 'above the board' if no alterior motives were bogging it down. Good thought. Cheers.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 12:19 PM
I notice stars and flags continue to trickle in. For anyone taking a moment to provide such a compliment to this thread, my sincerest thanks. I hope more opinions will come in, too. I'm finding this thread an extremely interesting read. It is definitely opening my eyes to views from citizens from all over the world. Thanks again for your time. Be well.

-Static Sky

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 12:44 PM

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by Static Sky

I'm in the US so this is what I would do:
1: abolish the Federal Reserve - illegal
2: Abolish the IRS - illegal
3: Have the US Treasury start issuing US dollars again. If the US can issue a bond they can issue a dollar.
4: Open Fort Knox and a full accounting of the gold there, if there is really any still there.
5: make marijuana legal and tax it
6: re institute the growing of hemp for clothes, paper, oil, etc.
7: impeach and try bush, cheney and everyone else in 9/11 and war crimes
8: fire everyone in US Congress with exception of Ron Paul, Kucinich and some others that stand for the constitution and bill of rights
9: set up a small group of highly spiritually evolved humans to be the replacement for US supreme court and Congress
10: get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring all of our troops home including the national guard
11: raise tariffs
12: stop subsidizing the big oil companies - they make way too much profit.
13: make it a law that all auto manufacturers in the US and foreign ones that want to export to the US, create cars that run on hydrogen extracted from h2o.
14: make it a law that the US does not get involved in foreign countries politics or conflicts
15: stop subsidizing Israel
16: stop all foreign aid
17: get rid of Patriot Act, FISA, NAFTA, the department of Homeland Security, CIA and FBI
18: get out of the US government telling the states how to educate our children.
19: implement a program where we as individuals only have to work 2 hours each day. everything that anyone needs (not wants) is provided at no cost.
20: get rid of money; the world does not need money. see item 19
21: create a board of highly spiritually evolved (not religious) people to welcome with open arms the good alien races and how to deal with the bad alien races.
22: make illegal aliens (the human kind) become citizens of the US or pay taxes.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by theyareoutthere

Great post. Thank you very much for your reply. I'd give most of these policies my vote. I like the short and sweet point form presentation, too. A star for you. Be well.

[edit on 9/15/2008 by Static Sky]

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 05:01 PM
Personally, I would change so many things about the way the country works.

Everyone would still have the constitution and bill of rights, thats one thing that I would keep more for myself than anything, to make sure that I dont abuse my power and act like these fascist pigs we have in office.

Religious intolerance would be looked at very grimly, so would religious superiority. I would actually make ammendments say that religions wont be allowed to recruit followers or act holyer than thou. If your going to be in a religion fine no judging no recruiting. just follow your beliefs and shut the hell up.

I would make it to where the government didnt baby people or bendover backwards. I would get rid of censors but regulate what channels or stations certain shows or radio shows could be on that way people knew what channels were what channels they could still censor their own tv but I would never let anyone ban or censor anything. And dont get carried away with the meaning of anything, obviously I dont literally mean anything child porn and child "art" would not be allowed and other things of this nature(rape, snuff, other weird things) those would be banned but for good reason. Know one should want to get their jollies to someone who is underage or dying.

I WOULD REGULATE BIG BUSINESS! I would make it to where any for of money being passed from business to politician is strictly illegal and punishable by death. The biggest corruption to our society is that big business is able to buy out politicians and basically control the political system, it would not happen under my rule.

I would make political parties illegal. People can believe waht they want but another big time corrupter of our society is political parties so for that reason they would be gone.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by caballero

Some very interesting thoughts. I had a little chuckle about the abolishment of all political parties. So the people vote for a person and not a party then? I think I kind of like that. Thanks for your input.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 05:46 PM
United States:

* I would withdraw our militaries and abandon our bases from the majority of the world. The only exceptions would be countries like Japan, which due to extenuating circumstances have been promised US military protection. For cases like this I would make it known that we WOULD be leaving, and give them time to build their own defense infrastructure first.
* I would then make the military engineering corps available for construction projects to any US state that wished it, Projects would include whatever the states involved most wanted. Public roads, bridges, dams, housing...whatever.
* I would eliminate all federal vice laws, and allows states to individually decide these things.
* I would eliminate all federal involvement with marriage laws, and again allow states to decide.
* I would run a weekly hour-long radio talk show in which I would discuss the direction we, colletively, would like to take the country in. I would accept LIVE calls, with no screening, and no script writers.
* I would open up Internet2 infrastructure for general public use, and further build upon it with the intent of wiring the entire country.
* I would look into "secret" military energy and industrial technology with the general intent of making it available to the world.
* I would declare all NASA technology "open source" and make it publicly available to the entire world. NASA would then slowly be dismantled over the next few years with the intent of allowing private corporations and individuals to take over the exploration of space.
* I would apologize to the rest of the world for being so obnoxious over the past fifty years.
* I would make discreet inquiries into the various acronym intelligence agencies in an attempt to identify groups and individuals with "private" interests
* I would restore US emergency grain stocks
* I would withdraw the US from NAFTA and NATO. We would remain a member of the UN, but would geenrally withdraw from involvement beyond its use as a discussion forum.
* I would allocate funding to a number of research interests, in a spirit similar to that of Bell Labs, but all research results would be made available to the entire world.
* I would make english the official language of the United States, and eliminate all second language support from federal voting, telephone and paper materials.
* I would generally eliminate our financial and military aid to the rest of the world. Yes, this includes Israel.
* I would eliminate Federal involvement in the education system. I would allow the states to handle these things.
* I would lift the embargo on Cuba
* I would make visits to foreign nations with the intent of making it completely clear to their people that the US has no interest in meddling in their affairs, and that we generally like them. I completely believe that the majority of the worlds animosity towards the US could be resolved by such simple little things as visiting Russian president Medvedev, going bar hopping with him and being caught on camera standing and singing their national anthem at a public event. Giving a speech at a college campus in Iran, and mentioning how beautiful their country is and how much I love their ski slopes. Visiting the Japanese Prime Minister and not puking on him.

It would be a busy first year in office.

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 05:48 PM
My America:

1. No document created by a public servant shall be secret or classified, except in the military during times of war.

2. No public servant shall take any money/gifts from an individual, corporation, institution, foreign government, or their private holdings. All candidates will receive an equal and fair amount of time/funds for elections.

3. Government officials must work a year equal to the national average for a typical worker

4. The IRS and the Fed are thus disbanded. The government will restore the greenback to a gold-backed currency controlled by a Federal institution. Individuals and Corporations are to be taxed on a sliding percentage scale. Companies not making a profit shall not be taxed

Domestic Policy
1. Fight fire with fire - enact a massive, aggressive PR and ad campaign to promote science, math, and the arts. Families whose children excel in math and science will receive a tax credit, and schools rated excellent in the three categories receive extra funding/benefits

2. Require (with financial aid) all teachers to receive continual education, and expand the requirements for teaching certification

3. Legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana

4. Studies show that the happiest nations are the most tolerant - legalize same sex marriage

5. Require nutrition education for students at all levels of schooling (Kindergarten to Bachelor's)

6. Increase funding for NASA. Aggressively pursue a moon and mars colony, and research the viability of a station or atmospheric post on Venus

7. End farm subsidies

8. Reinstate usury laws to stop predatory lending practices

Green Policy
1. Immediately and aggressively require companies to move to green technology, require that the U.S. be energy independent by 2020

2. Require automakers to have 100% of their vehicles alternative energy (NOT BIOFUEL) by 2020

3. Include "Green" education at all levels of schooling

4. Give tax credits to communities rated excellent for green use

5. Immediately declare all pristine areas of the U.S. endangered by logging, deforestation, drilling, etc. a national monument to keep them protected

Foreign policy
1. The United States is no longer a part of the United Nations. The institutions is corrupted and laughably ineffective. The US will suggest that a new world body formed, direct democracy style. No nation shall have veto power or heavier weight than another, but no nation shall be required or expected to contribute more than another

2. Work closely to fix the problems of the Central and South American economies instead of building a wall for them to climb over, dig under, break through, etc.

3. No limit on work visas. Actively recruit bright minds from emerging economies to receive US education on a stipulation that they work in America for a US company

4. Leave Iraq as occupators and return as educators. Actively pursue avenues in the Middle East and South Asia for education, shelter, and medicine. Lift an impoverished people up and they are much less likely to turn to extremism

5. Increase funding to fight AIDS and ignorance in Africa, and work with the G8 to eliminate worldwide poverty by 2040

6. Redeploy soldiers to the borders to patrol until illegal immigration begins to trickle down and Latin America begins to pull itself up

That's the basics...I didn't want to wade into the whole welfare/medicare soup. I'd need a lot more room for that.

Great thread!

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 06:55 PM
If I were President of the US I would do the following:

1. Rescind most executive orders.
2. Do everything within the presidential authority to disband the Federal Reserve, the ATF, DHS and anything else I don't like.
3. Deport all illegal aliens.
4. Bring back all troops and military hardware. All US warships would patrol our coast lines and destroy any ships carrying drugs or illegal aliens. The troops would be on the border. The Army Corp. of Engineers would build a 5 story, 4 layered (8 foot thick each), nested concrete wall between the US/Mexico border. Manned 24/7 with automated .50 caliber machine guns and RPGs.
5. The UN would be thrown out of the USA.
6. All socialist bureaucracies that are controlled by the Executive branch would disbanded. Would attempt to strong-arm congress to do the same. All social programs would be ended, no more nanny-state.
7. US currency would be backed with copper, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
8. Withdraw from all Treaties that are unfair to the US (GATT/NAFTA and others).
9. Impose heavy taxes on all foreign corporations doing business in the US.
10. No person would need to file income taxes anymore. The IRS would be given a new job and that would be to target corporations and business. Only businesses, corporations, LLC's, multinational corps, & lawyers (especially lawyers) would be taxed; not individuals or small businesses/sole proprietors.
11. People employed by any business would not be taxed on the money they derive as an employee.
12. Destroy the IMF and World Bank by any means.
13. Force disclosure of any and all UFO information.
14. Any and all secret technology that would help the US to become independent of any external reliance on a foreign nation would be disclosed and immediately disseminated to US business for consumer production.
15. Any and all secret technologies disclosed, developed and put into production would be for the US and its citizens only and would not be exported to any other nation.

That's my wish list.


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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 07:15 PM
Awesome stuff, folks. I go away for 2 hours, come back and we've got 3 excellent posts on the topic. Very well constructed, too. A star for each of you. And my sincerest thanks to whichever of you gave this thread the flag. Be well, all. Peace.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by Static Sky

No problem for the flag, it's threads like this that should be on ATS. It's kind of cool to see so many political view points and wishes laid out without people bickering over silly stuff.

Keep up the good work Static, I've noticed you make some good posts!

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