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If you were suddenly put in charge of your country....

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posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 12:57 PM
If i was in charge of england, i would not do anything, because i hate the country.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 12:57 PM

Originally posted by berenike
reply to post by Static Sky

I've thought of one more thing I'd like to see happen: All donations to political parties should be given anonymously. There could be an independent body with independent auditors for the donations to be sent to. That body would be responsible for allocating them to the correct parties.

[edit on 14-9-2008 by berenike]

I'll second that with the modification that all donations and contribution go into the fund, distributed evenly amongst all candidates.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Very well thought out and presented post. Thank you very much for your time, ofhumandescent. A star for your efforts. Good stuff. Be well.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by mantic

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea. give all candidates equal ad money, etc. Might just be enough to rid us of two party systems. Nicely done. Cheers.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 01:08 PM

Originally posted by Static Sky
If YOU were suddenly in charge of whatever country you live in, America, Canada, England, Australia or wherever, what changes would you make?

If I were like the 'gods' of the O.T. I would probably wipe the population clean and start again with a guy named Noah.

Think about it.



posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 01:20 PM
If I were in charge I would implement

1. Turnover tax of 2.5% of every transaction and abolish all other taxes

2. Disband all beuracracies except the Police and the armed forces.

3. Identify all habitual criminals and isolate them in an area where escape is impossible

4. Dangerous criminals (premeditated murder, child molesters) would be executed.

5. Include financial education in school curriculums.

6. Bring in a constitution that is realistic and aimed at curbing state power to be overseen by the supreme court. Any political overun of the constitution would result in removal from power and imprisonment.

7. All city councils would be disbanded and their ability to pass laws would finish.

8. Companies such as Monsanto who abuse the environment would be shut down

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 01:59 PM
ok, me in charge of great britain. only a couple of things.

anybody who has immigrated into this country in the last 10 years and is currently claiming benefits will be immediately deported. you will not be allowed in unless you have something to contribute, go leech off some other country!

withdraw from Iraq immediately, we are losing lives at the cost of oil, i know which is more important.

build up our armies and weaponry. for too long this country has been in the shadow of america, living off the reputation of an aged navy. build up the army, reinstate conscription/national service unless the person is going to study for a degree in an area of significant importance i.e medical.

our judicial system is a disgrace, penalties for serious crimes (murder, attempted murder, drug abuse, drug dealing etc) will be much much harsher with no time off for "good behaviour", tell that to the person whose life they ruined.

stop unncessary taxes on things that aren't green e.g 4x4's. and stop making greenness and how we are destroying mother earth (ruddy hippies) such a huge issue. global warming cannot be reversed, it is going to happen, lots of people may die. we can do nothing about it.

oh, and lastly, get rid of bloody health and safety nuts!!!!

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 02:23 PM
Wow! To be the President of the United States.

The first thing I would do is free Border Patrol agents Ramien and Campos. Then I would begin an investigation into the reason they were even tried.

I would build a wall along the southern border like that of Hadrians Wall. Station the National Guard (from all states) there. Anyone can leave but only certain points to reenter and all proper documentation is needed. Deport all illegal aliens. Legal immigration is still welcomed.

Use the Patriot Act to get rid of street gangs. If you are in a gang then you just disappear.

I would disband the 2 party system and energize a new party, The American party. I would get rid of the electoral college and all elections will be decided by popular vote.

"Signing Statements" would become illegal. The President and Congress cannot take vacations while U.S. military is deployed in combat. Stop the prctice of giving friends and contributors government jobs or cabinet postions. When there is a vacany or a new administration takes over, the highest ranking government employee in that department moves up to that cabinet position.

I would make it a crime to be a lobbyist. No company or corporation can donate to any candidate at any time.

Any company that wants to move overseas must pay those workers the same as they were paying American workers. If they still move overseas they must maintain all of their factories and manufactoring base in a clean, operating condition and cannot sell them for a profit.

Impose "Fair Trade" and get rid of "Free Trade".

Make it mandatory for all males in the country to serve at least 2 years of military service. Those that are not physically able to do so must serve 2 years in some other capacity.

Make it a capital crime for anyone found guilty of any sex crime. If it is later found out they were not given a fair trial, or there was malfeasance on the part of the police or district attorney, then the police involved and prosecuting attorney will also be put to death.

Withdraw from the U.N. anjd stop all foriegn aid.

All people would have the right to refuse paying medical bills if the doctor was incompetent. Universal health care would be a right.

I have so much more to write. So much to do.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by Copernicus

I wish there was a computer game that would mimic the effects of leading a country in a specific way. Civilization is one game, but its not really complex enough in terms of showing the effects on the population. Sim City... same thing there.

[edit on 14-9-2008 by Copernicus]

You have hit on a good idea there! Why not pursue it?

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 02:37 PM
There is a lot of really great stuff on here. People seem to like the idea of this thread. I'm suprised it isn't getting more flags. I think it's extremely important to hear the voice of the people. And I really like how certain things remain consistant desires from people of many diferent nationalities. That sais a lot to me. Thanks all.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 02:39 PM
If I was put in charge of America


1. Cut all foreign aid and put the money back into our own country.
2. Cut Taxes on Home property.
3. Max 1 Home per family.
4. All taxes come from sales of consumer items and foreign trade.
5. any American company outside the nation will be required to pay works the same Americans are getting included benefits.
6. Institute a flat tax across the board.
7. The country's wealth will be achieved through natural resources and sales to foreign countries.
8. Reinstate the SS System and put in law that it will not be touched unless individual is Disabled or reaches retirement.
9. the work week will consist of only 20 hours so that everyone will have the opportunity to work unless there are worker shortages in the affected fields. the other 20 hours will be focused on increasing education mandatory.
10. Will withdraw from Nato and the UN.
11. Foreign Aid will only be made if the Country is Starving and then aid will be in the for of agriculture and energy tech to self sustain them.

1. Every Citizen gets the same educational opportunities
2. Education will consist of Math, Science, History (according to know facts and not the winner rights the history crapola), Health, Law, Business and Finance.
3. The normal sports being offered will be voluntary.
4. A form of martial arts will be mandatory to promote self discipline and respect for others.

1-4 will be for grades 1-12

Reorganize the college life to institute trade schools based on personal interest people should be allowed to do what they are good at and like to do. Institute Trade schools; Industry, Agriculture, Science and Technology, Architecture, Health and Space technologies.

Institute a national Health Plan everyone is covered.
Pharmaceutical will be researched by the Health Research Universities.
Pharmaceuticals will be produced by government run facilities and profit including sales to foreign countries be returned into research and left overs will be evenly distributed to all citizens of the nation.

Energy and Building Structures.
Fund carbon fiber building materials and get rid of the need to cut down so many trees for building.
Instead of building out build massive self contained structures so that everyone gets the chance for housing based on need before greed. Buildings will contain a department store for all their needs as well as restaurants.

All buildings will be required to add solar paint and panels to help cut energy costs and feed into the grid as well as large buildings to have windmill technologies.
revamp the nations energy grid for better efficiency.
all the nations energy resources will be confiscated by the government and any profit made at the end of the physical year will be put into further funding of renewable energies and left over profit will be evenly distributed to all citizens with a SSN

Increase funding to achieve space technologies for mining and collecting resources as well as finding suitable planets for life and possible ET communication.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 02:40 PM
Politics and Law.
1. Simplify laws and cut out any loop holes and restore the constitution and the Bill of Rights.
2. Amend the Constitution so that any one that is considered a citizen has to vote aka Mandatory
3. Return all Illegals back to there respective countries no ands if or buts this includes the ones that Had children here when the children come of age they are more then welcome to make go of this country as of the age of 18 they will be considered adults and being born here will already be citizens unless there parents apply for citizenship and get accepted assuming they fulfill the requirements.
4.Make English the only language allowed foreign languages are just a hobby and for talking to other countries. In order to obtain citizen ship you must be able to speak English.
5. Racism will be illegal wit strict penalties.
6. Any Individual accused and tried of rape or child molestation will get the Choice of Death or Castration no exceptions.
7. All citizens have full power to protect their homes as you will be given every opportunity to succeed and have no use to steal someones Else's hard earned property.
8. Any Political figure caught lieing or accepting bribes will be striped of all personal property, wealth and will serve no less the life in prison.
9. Driving is a privilege not a right if you can not adhere to the rules of the road you will be given 2 chances 3 times will strip you of all driving privileges and if caught with driving with stripped privileges will be subject to life in prison.
10. You will be required to to a driving test MANDATORY every 2 years and will lose privileges for one year if you can not pass the driving test.
11. Speed limits on Highways and Freeways will be unlimited if caught being reckless number 9 applies.
12. In town speed limits are subject to city council approval.
13. Every Citizen has the right to call any government official into account for suspected wrong doings and a full investigation Will be started.
14. Any new law or old law that a citizen wants to change will be put to a vote by all citizens.
15. A dedicated interactive channel will be made for all political changes and education of any law already in motion.
16. Voting will be done on paper and monitored for and shenanigans

People will have their choice of religion but will not push onto others as everyone should be able to make their own personal choices on there spirituality. Anyone caught harming another in the name of their religion will be sentenced to death as this will not be tolerated.


No military tech will be sold to foreign countries, America will not be responsible for the deaths of people around the world through the use of weapons they made.
Any citizen caught selling military secrets will be killed on the spot.
Mandatory 2 year service with option to stay in for all who turn 18 no exceptions other then blind or disabled citizens.

The goal is to achieve energy efficiency through renewable resources and to decrease violence through national shared wealth as well as full education for everyone and to achieve the ability to explore space so people with a set ideal on the way life should be can go out and get their own planet to mess up.

Well I guess alot of the above could be thought out abit ore but there is the gist of my country. Sorry for any bad grammar or spelling.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 02:45 PM
You've obviously put a lot of thought into your posts. I really liked most of it. I'm not sure about killing anyone on the spot though. Are you really comfortable handing anybody that sort of (legal) power? I mean, power corrupts, right? That person could just kill anyone for anything and cry treason after the fact. Scary thought.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 03:02 PM

Originally posted by Static Sky
You've obviously put a lot of thought into your posts. I really liked most of it. I'm not sure about killing anyone on the spot though. Are you really comfortable handing anybody that sort of (legal) power? I mean, power corrupts, right? That person could just kill anyone for anything and cry treason after the fact. Scary thought.

Well maybe on the spot was to critical but if there was proof yah maybe with a yearly elected tribunal that handles that kinda thing. Selling off National secrets for the sole purpose of personal gain and to kill off people will not be tolerated.

There will be no government secrets kept from the citizens as everything will be voted on and any public office will not be held for more then year maybe military being the exception also the media and internet will be monitored for any outgoing government news or secrets. I guess some news would be allowed but there would have to be a discussion on what that would be. Questioning the Governments actions would be encouraged and Ideas welcomed.

I also forgot to add the drug war would be over like a previous poster stated if you want to kill yourself through drugs so be it its your choice as long as it does not cause physical harm or harm in the way of stealing to support the habit.

If another country wants to apply for membership that would be cool as long as the laws of my nation were followed

[edit on 14-9-2008 by Aleksander]

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 03:05 PM
If I was Prime Minister of the UK the first thing I would do would be to link the value of the pound to gold (or something similar) to increase the stability of the currency and hopefully reduce inflation which hits the poor the worst. Income tax would also disappear, so would the Bank of England.

Next I'd pull out of Europe, NATO and the UN. I'd open up talks with many more countries to get more free trade with them, also friendship with some couldn't be a bad idea, but not military alliances. Leaving Iraq and Afganistan would happen as quickly as possible, let them sort out their own lives and government. This would hopefully reduce the amount of terrorists in the region.

Domestic problems, draft documents similar to the American Bill of rights and constituition outlining the fundemental rights of people (which no government could remove) and how the government works for them not vice versa. Reduce government power/beuarocracy especially by getting rid of the NHS and distancing government's role in education.

I'd also try to decentralise government on some other matters and give more power to the local ones. People's right to protest would be guaranteed, and the 28 day detention limit for terrorists would be got rid of.

Legalise drugs from classes A-C, its not the Governments job to say what you put in your own body or do to yourself as long as it doesn't effect others (drink driving).

Then I'd have lunch.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by Chilled Zen

Some very good ideas, Chilled Zen. Most of it's pretty close to my own opinions. I think a lot of people might agree.

And thanks for your minor revision/ clarity, Aleksander. Just trying to avoid a"Judge Dread" sort of thing.

Stars for you both. Peace.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 03:27 PM
If I were the king? Free Ice cream for all, then off to work.

1. I would explain to the people that we will be going back in time, bla bla bla.

2. All troops globally would be brought home and placed on the boarders, and key government locations.

3. I would order the arrests of all prime player who have sponsored illegal wars and legislation. To include the treasonous activity of the media. MSM would be nationalized, and at such future time, offered for resale to the general public, with new laws and guideline put into place to see media is never allowed to be monopolized again.

4. All heads of departments would be fired and those found to be operating unconstitutionally will be held as a minimum for treason.

5. As by this time most of the congress and senate have been arrested for various crimes, I would order that all amendments after the original 13th, be abolished. I would have the members of the Supreme Court held on suspicion of treason, and be replaced by holding a special election and let the people decide who will be the guardians of the constitution.

6. I would ensure that the spirit of the Constitution was followed to the letter, that all men (And Woman) are created equally, therefore all the amendments that dealt with racial equality would not be needed.

7. All dual citezens would be deported to the country that claims them as citizens, unless they are being held for crimes. I would like to say with no exceptions, but there must be a mechanism created for case by case consideration.

8. The federal reserve would not only be abolished, but the owners and agents, officers of this institution be held for trail for an array of offenses, to include but not limited to: Murder, extortion, treason, emblazonment, fraud, blackmail, crimes against humanity. I would order an immediate military expeditionary force to hunt down, capture, and return to the United States members of the above group for trial, and the confiscation of all gold and silver supplies that were stolen from the People of the United States, and returned to Fort Knox.

9 With the returned precious metals I would order the treasury department issue currency in the form of certificates, not notes, and return this country back to sound money. I would assist companies in restarting American industry. I would put back to a level playing field with regard to cheap imports.

10. Admiralty law will be abolished! Common law would be put back into place. The gold fringe will come off the flag, forever! There will be no more "corporate Personages". We will return to the concept that the person is tax free, and the corporations are taxed. Governmental operating funds will once again come from "Constitutional" sources.

11. To hold a position of trust in this government, from local to federal, you must take an oath of allegiance, to the death, and no other oath. If it is found that you have taken any other oath that conflicts with the government oath, you will be held for trail and charged with treason. There will be no monetary fine, or jail time. So my advise is, if you have taken any other oath, don't run for office!

12. We will return to common sense medicine and education. The AMA, ADA, APA, owners and corporate officers will be arrested and charged with but not limited to, conspiracy to commit murder, bribery, crimes against humanity. I will direct the nationalized media to educate the population as to the crimes of said organizations. The educational system will be returned to the local level, and separated from government control. There will be special organizations created where the people will decide what is taught, and when. The Government will serve the people as it should have from the beginning by offering medical services that have been shown to cure, rather than treat the symptoms. Any associated cost with educating the people or medical services will be born by the government, but no oversight. Education and health is the cornerstone of a great country.

13. With tears in my eyes, I would attempt to apologizes to the American People, and the People of the world, for the previous administrations, and all the pain and suffering that has occurred. I would make it absolutely clear that everything humanly possible will be done to bring the guilty to justice, and every attempt will be taken to ensure it never happens again. I would ask God almighty to once again look down on America with pleasure and blessings. And for those who do not want to here the name of God, I would consider you to be dual citizen of another country, go back to Hell!! This would once again be Gods Country!!! P.S. God has nothing to do with Religion!!

Well, my Ice cream is melting, enough for one day.........

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 03:30 PM
I would build a wall between the USA and Mexico, increase patrols on the northern border and add to coastal patrols. In addition, I would tighten home security with the intention of preventing an attack on USA soil. I would then do a fast quiet phased with draw from Iraq. If someone who is here broke a law no matter how minor, and was caught and was not here legally, I would deport them instead of wasting money doing sweeps and searches.

I would stop the USA from being the policemen of the world.

I would stop foreign aide unless the country in need would allow a U.S. Military base of some capacity on their soil or, the country in need was a proven strong ally.

I would use tax payer money and taxes from the oil industry to drill for oil in an environmentally friendly way on USA soil and would construct a refinery. I would then sell the oil and gas back to the US public at cost. Operating costs would be mandated to be kept as low as possible. This would also force Oil companies to be more competitive with the federal oil company.

I would do away with all taxes and fees with the exception of income tax. Income tax would be 15% of income for everyone with no deductions or refunds or shelters. 10% to Fed and 5% to state.

I would form a think tank to reduce government waste and spending with a goal of not cutting jobs. i.e. Cut new office furniture, wastefulness, doing more with less, business trips, etc. All money saved from this would be used to repay national debt.

I would encourage to buy American and invest in America.

I would do all possible to make America and strong manufacturer of high quality products.

I would form a think tank to determine the reasons why health care is so costly and attempt to develop a solution.

I would form a think tank to discover a cure for frivolous law suits and abuse of the justice system.

I would leave abortion up to doctors but encourage choosing life and streamline adoption processes.

I would not allow for importing more then what we export or balancing of the market.

I would have public schools get back to teaching the basics and push education with an emphasis on engineering

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 03:36 PM
Awesome ideas! Thanks guys. And All Seeing Eye, I think you may have the best avatar for the job! Who would say no to "The Duke"?
Be well.

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by Static Sky

Thank you. It was once said that on the election of President Kennedy, The Duke said " I didn't vote for him, but he's my president, I hope he does well".
We need the Duke now more than ever........

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