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Conspiracy of Missing Children

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 08:42 PM
A child goes missing every 40 seconds in the US, over 2100 per day

There were an estimated 58,200 child victims of nonfamily abduction, defined more broadly to include all nonfamily perpetrators (friends and acquaintances as well as strangers) and crimes involving lesser amounts of forced movement or detention in addition to the more serious crimes entailed in stereotypical kidnappings.

Over 58,000!! And that was in the year 1999 alone!

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posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 01:01 PM
I am glad to have found this thread. I joined this forum over a year ago and did not have time to revisit. I have been concerned about this phenomenon at various levels for at least twenty years.

There are some interesting slightly off-topic directions to look in for more insight into the child-abduction phenomenon:

"For The Sake of All Living things", a novel by James Vecchio (or Del Vecchio) that I read in the 1980's. It graphically describes what happened when the Kmer Rouge began abducting children before emerging as a movement. The author was an early participant in the USA'a "secret war" and this novel was written out of his experience. It is a good story to compare to what American families are experiencing now.

Read about "Shining Path".

Who Stole Feminism?" by Christina Hoff Sommers. This is an academic profile, including names of individuals, dates, and committees, of a thoroughly corrupt group of so-called "feminists" who have successfully used their political influence to set up a cult that does, in fact, snatch children into corrupt foster home circles. Reasonable foster parents don't last in this system if they resist the extreme left (ala Pol Pot, leader of Kmer Rouge) political indoctrination that is mixed with purely mercenary corrupt use of these children. Sommers, you will notice, does not discuss this exact topic. Instead, she discusses the manner in which data has been falsified in order to justify money and licensing being taken by the committees she describes, and the money and licensing then has funded this extremely corrupt network of politically extreme "social workers", many of whom are in fact unlicensed "volunteers".

Having read these materials, you are now better equipped to look into the murder of James Bernardo by serial killer Lewis Lent, especially the manner in which the Commonwealth of Massachusetts seemed to obstruct New York state in investigations of another Lent-related murder, also consider the testimony of detectives at Lent's trial that they found he was preparing a kind of shipping center for warehousing children in his house. Then research the history of some other crimes in the same county (Berkshire County, Massachusetts) such as the Lenox 7 drownings, and you might want to cruise around looking at some cult-fighter sites to get a good profile of cult indoctrination methods and the degree to which they are embedded in powerful mainstream institutions, which is what causes rank & file detectives and other law enforcement to back away from full investigations when they realize they are annoying the leaders of such institutions.

These Berkshire crimes are actually directly connected to some of the incidents that Sommers describes when she describes the attacks on certain college professors in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. She limited her concern to academic freedom, but those attacks happened at the same time as the children in Bernardo's age group were being stalked and parents were unable to get any co-operation from police in the same towns. Children of the parents who were placing the most pressure on the police were being attacked in a very similar way, and the parents themselves faced similar attacks, sometimes visibly led by activists from the same ultra-left "Women's Center" in Berkshire County that Sommers also describes.

Children are a commodity, in this cult's view, and since this cult has successfully seized the reigns of power at surprisingly high levels of regional American government, this may be where we need to look for more insight into the abduction issue.

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posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 01:24 PM
First- I wonder how long after the ALEX CHRISTOPHER link
about the Denver Airport was posted that the site
came down (just checked it)... I see people commented
on it, so it must have been up for a little while-
then someone, somewhere, caught wind of it...

Second- one of the most compelling stories
was the one about the paperboy in Nebraska, I think-
the one who was abducted (part of Franklin coverup?)
and 20 years later, he visted his Mom-
and also, he was rumored to be a gay prostitute now
who got a credential for the White House press corp?

Anyway- I forget his name- but his story (with pictures
of him bound here on ATS) really showed how deep the problem went...

Anyone recall his name?

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 02:53 PM
The paperboy was from iowa and his name was Johnny Gosch and he is now supposedly Jeff Gannon.


posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 04:19 PM
What happened to taking a XXX mag to the bathroom?

or trying to find a girlfriend to do it for you?

I once heard someone say that Sex is the biggest addiction. If this is actually true as much as I would like to see something happen about this sick industry, it's kinda like trying to get everyone who drinks, smokes, and takes pills to stop. A real addict never admits to it, so you never know who's into it.

I had a ex girlfriend once who's step dad worked for a movie/tv company and was a higher up. He would admit at dinner to flying to Thailand & the Philipines to have sex with one or two 12 year old girls at a time. This isn't your local neighborhood thug. It is a person in high society, and just one. Imagine how many minted people are into this?

It's sad to see men stop being men just to stick it some place warm.

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posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 09:27 AM
Sexual slavery in the orient and Africa is ware some of the females end up. They are brainwashed taught a new language and after the brainwashing give themselves over to sexual satisfaction of strangers heart body and sole. This becomes there whole world and they are taught to love it. The brainwashing is so effective they cannot and will not be willing to escape.

posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 10:15 AM
higher levels of regional gov't have these sick bastards and if these same people are willing to go to great lenghts to steal and molest children what else are they willing to do, there life's are a lie and they are well connected and protective of themselves, scary #

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 09:13 AM
Heard some crazy morning radio personality talking about a web site called' Marry my daughter' where parents sell of their daughters to 'husbands' online. Under age daughter included. It also appears to be based here in the US, and not culturally related- Hillybillies sell their daughters for a double wide.. This is worth the media investigating, I have no interest in checking it out nor want that crap on my computer history. He did repeat several time 'this is not a joke". The worst is that I don't doubt it's existence- sad .

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 08:15 AM
that many kids going missing is scary and makes you wonder who is taking them

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 08:24 AM
Kids just aren't as important as money or sex in this world. Gotta change the world if you want the people committing these acts to change.

posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 08:49 AM
very intresting post i find this one who is taking all these children could it be the goverment is taking them for some sort of experiments and we dont know or some huge underground ring that we cant see infront of us its hidden this needs investigating alot into it

posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 04:10 PM

Originally posted by falcon
You might find it intersting that the FBI doesnt keep track of any of the missing children inside of the United States as far as where the children go the name of that operation is called operation "raven" this is run by the shadow government out of alabama I belive. But there are other places as to where this takes place inside and outside of the united states. Most of the child traficing that takes place inside of the united states is done similery in other places around the world.
2.State Run Agencys for the Homeless
3.Organisations like "CPS"= Child Protective Services this has other names in other states.

Almost in every capital you can trace back the trafficing to the state agencys offices that give the money to provide living quaters for youth. Find the money trail and the names of the organisations find the children.

I am aware of 2 places inside of my state that engage in this kind of activity. Also there are places like that are used to blackmail political officals with children inside of almost every state. Down along the U.S. boarder all of the children that are comming across the U.S. boarder that dont make it across are taken to the bases in mexico and texas area's you will find if you know where to look for the underground bases in the world that alot of them are located near boards and in the United States alot of these children that dont make it to the bases are taken by border patrol and well I will leave it off there for now but it happens sometimes. The other places that the children dissappear to on the boarder to make it look like the u.s. goverment is doing its job is to take those children and first transfure them to a homless shelter or orphanage. By doing so then it looks like the state did its job. But to make things look less criminal cirtin familys that have been chosen by the states and the agencys that run them go threw the paper work that makes it look like a adoption is taking place so then the state or states can steal the children make it look legitmate and keep people from asking the question whats the government doing about the children. In this case if anyone would look at it, on the surface it may look ok but the media does a good job at covering up this subject here and world wide. Last year for example the miami hearld did a story on 3,000 children missing in flordia. That story dissappeared and so do all of the big storys like it getting ready to make the headlines. The average number of children comming inside of Just The United States that are taken and used by kidnapping rings is no less the 70% of the 3 million a year just on the boarders.

But this is a good subject to talk about because no one ever does.


maybe they take them to Mt Raven mentiond raven and undergound bases could it be a conection? whatever happens to them i agree its an amazingly high number and rather disturbing it should be put into public focus more

because if u look at it this way tht means 58,000 kids go missing = 58,000 kidnapers? scarey

posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by Ocelot

I think the food and drugs we get are bad. This alters the mind alot. I forget where I read it, but I think the majority of Child kidnappers have , to me, fake diseases such as ADD and ADHD. Look it up, not sure if it's true

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by purple girl
Heard some crazy morning radio personality talking about a web site called' Marry my daughter' where parents sell of their daughters to 'husbands' online. Under age daughter included. It also appears to be based here in the US, and not culturally related- Hillybillies sell their daughters for a double wide.. This is worth the media investigating, I have no interest in checking it out nor want that crap on my computer history. He did repeat several time 'this is not a joke". The worst is that I don't doubt it's existence- sad .

This was found to be a joke. The person who created the site was trying to proove how many "sick" people would do this and raise awareness to the very low age that some states allow peopel to marry:

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 03:02 PM

Originally posted by slave
I'm glad this thread is doing so well, this is the conspiracy to root out into the open.

For clarification David Bannon is the Interpol agent who wrote the expose on his work as an assassin (he killed slave traffickers who dealt in snuff films, child porn..etc)

His website is, his story is a mindbender, but I find it is the best intro into this sick nasty world. The global sex trade is a 20billion + a year industry.

Here's an interview he did with Alex Jones

Now having read allot about this subject I can say you will experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from looking into it. It is horrible, it is really really sick, but I believe it is necessary to fight this evil. Right now that means exposing it.

Another excellent resource is the book:The Franklin Cover-up , and the documentary film the BBC made about it (subsequently banned then destroyed, well almost destroyed).

Link to the thread on it

But in my opinion the best research summation is Dave McGowan�s the Pedophocracy series (six parts), excellent research on his part. Alex Constantine is very good as well.

I know this post is really old....but im just now reading them all (as im new here). I went to the david blannon site, and it was shut down. So I did a search and found this:

Publication: US Fed News Service, Including US State News
Date: Monday, January 30 2006

The U.S. Department of Justice issued the following press release:

David Race Bannon, who claims to have worked for Interpol as a "hit man," was arrested on Friday, January 27, in Boulder, Colorado for criminal impersonation.

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 05:20 PM
I first became involved with this in 1970 when a nine year old autistic girl that I had met was found skinned alive and decapitated. I went to the seen and when I went to close her eyes I found her eye lids had been cut off. I will spare you all the details unless someone should need them for research. The family was the Weeks. I made the mother a promise that night.
I have made the fight against this group a “hobby” as far as I refuse to take pay for it.
I met and spoke with the perpetrator of the above and confirmed that there were two Senators involved. One became a Governor, Lawton Chiles, while the other remained a Senator, Ted Kennedy. The perpetrator died soon after our meeting. Chiles died on the day of satanic sacrifice. It was intentional. The SOB was taken out, finally thank God! The group s*#t themselves wandering who among them had done it! Trade stopped for a little while. He had caused numerous deaths among under cover state agents. There was a group keeping kids in cages south of Tallahassee that was feeding them in exchange for sexual favors.
I followed the trail back in the mid 70’s to the west coast where the “Process” was running east to join the “Foundation” (Rockefeller Foundation?).
I tried to turn the assassins of the group against their leaders. An assassin explained to me that they agreed it was a horrible thing to do to children but there was so G.D. much money in it. The Saudi’s were paying up to one million for the right eight year old boys.
The first string was getting 10 to 11 thousand to handle the young kids.
One group included crooked vice cops in Pasco WA that were giving high school kids drugs to bring in smaller children.
Turning the clock forward there are Chinese “guides” that provide training and drugs and poisons to groups that form a network. The largest decision making group of this net are white supremacy advocates. They employ Santeria Priest from Nigeria to immolate black cultures.
There have been large buildings on private land with living quarters for 800 or so people purchased in areas of the US. It looks to me like they are planning a huge harvest of children soon. The trail always goes to southern Florida where there are several allies for them in high places. There has never been a shortage of corrupt police that support this network. Several agents and friends have told me the same thing just prior to their deaths:
“Leave them alone they are too big.’
So I guess the question is are they too big? Can we do anything to bring them to a halt?
I have honestly worked with some of the best agents this country has had and I believe they are helping outside terrorist cells. I believe they have or are about to bring in a bio-fungal agent into South Florida. You see, they are part of an elaborate ambush of our best law enforcement.
I know how this must sound but it is only a fraction of what I have found. Can you understand the control this group has over pedophile politicians?
I will not be responsible for another friend’s murder; I simply can not take another close loss. I do have something that will scare the hell out of them. Who can I contact to organize?

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 07:11 PM
Thats an insane number. I had no idea that many went missing every year. To put that into perspective, America suffered roughly 58k casualties in the Vietnam war. So in essence, each year we lose a vietnam's worth of children.

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 12:14 AM
Does anyone here watch The Factor (with Bill O'Reilly)?

He would love this entire thread. Recently on his show, he has started calling out judges who let pedophiles/rapists off. And he is always asking "why". "Why are these judges letting disgusting people off?" He sends a reporter to confront these judges, and of course they run off afraid to talk.

I think some of his answers are literally in front of him...but he either isnt seeing it or just isnt talking about it.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 06:05 PM
I was told thirty years ago by a member of law enforcement “we don’t know if there taking 5,000 or 50,000 a year. We didn’t know we could touch them till you came along.”

My brother went in deep cover in the 80’s but soon saw how large this network truly is.
He was told to drink poison (a tetradotoxin) or his son (then 8 years old) would be gang raped and decapitated while the last person was in him. When I heard of my brother’s death I was far away on a job. He died in our parent’s arms trying to breath. Such a waste, such an insult to all of us and to God Himself.

In the 90’s a friend call be to say “that group you told me about there real”. “They’re here, just like you said”. I asked him to take no action till I returned home. He said “I think I can get evidence on them” I replied “If you can you’ll be doing better than the top 5% of our military and law enforcement.”
He was found dead two days later with his head crushed. His Marine ring was broken and his shirt torn. He would always tear his shirt open before a fight. The first cop called foul play so did the second cop they were both removed. The third cop said he was a drunk driver. But the thing is he had the seat belt fastened in the passenger seat. Another person admitted to driving and made several false statements about that night.
The road at the scene of the accident was re-routed soon after the accident and the roads changed.

I helped a task force in Florida due to the above in the mid 90’s. My contact told me the force included CIA. Seems odd to me that they would be involved. My contact moved after setting up the then Governor who was assisting in the child abductions since he was a Senator in the 70’s.

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posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 02:05 AM
Every year approximately 30,000 people are reported missing in Australia – that’s one every 18 minutes. While over 95% are located within a month, the impact on families, friends and the missing persons themselves can be devastating.

thats australias count whats americas its way bigger ay

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