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Political Metaphor or frankness

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 08:41 AM
This is my response to the Moderators' attempt to civilize the political forums.

Most of America is fed up with "politics" but it's like a car wreck. You don't want to watch but then again you can't turn away.

I'm probably gonna get jumped on by some here but I want to share a view point of mine. I look at politics, on all levels, as part of my business plan and I vote according to how certain politicians are going to effect my bottom line (or life as it were).

Most Americans tend to elevate politicians to standards that are very difficult to live up to. In my opinion politicians (male and female) are little more than high profile strippers!

They will dance for you in private and they will dance for you in public, but they will only get naked for the big money! And why not!

Here's how I view politics, to continue with sexual innuendo. You've got your "five dollars for a BJ" whores and you've got your "shiny roast beef and chicken for fifty thousand dollars per plate" whores.

Politics is a dirty business (emphasis on business) and there ain't any amount of lipstick that can make that pig look better. All I'm saying is step back and look at these people, see the warts. Stop looking for superheros to save the world. Figure out which whore you want and embrace him/her. Otherwise you will go mad.

Oh, and especially on ATS stop thinking that you are fighting their battles for them. They couldn't care less.

That's the generals two cents...


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