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The Dragon Snake A Solomon Islands UFO Mystery

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 08:27 AM

- not sure exactly how real the events described in this paper are, if anyone would like to look into the credibility of this story please do….

Here are a few interesting paragraphs from the article -

.... While we were inspecting his catch, Joseph suddenly shouted for our attention: "There! There! There! The Dragon Snake! The Dragon Snake!" He was pointing to the right, down the beach.

As I looked down the beach, I couldn't believe what I seeing. About a kilometre away there was a very bright, luminous, white object flying slowly over the water. I remember asking myself whether I was really seeing it. I called out for my wife Miriam to bring my binoculars. After focusing in on the starlike, brilliantly lit object, I noticed that it was about 60-foot round and seemed to make no noise. We watched it for a couple of minutes until it submerged itself into the sea. Joseph told me to wait about 10 minutes and I'd see it come back out again - which it did! When it came back out of the water, it was glowing twice as brightly as when it went in. We continued to watch it with my binoculars as it returned to the coast in the direction whence it had come and until it disappeared out of sight over the top of the coconut trees.

This sighting was the first of well over 60 more to follow, during which time I investigated the UFO waterfall lake base of northwest Guadalcanal and later the UFO bases of the central east coast of Malaita and central Small Malaita. …. a little investigation revealed that this so-called Dragon Snake had been in the area for well over a century. I realistically began thinking in terms of extraterrestrials inhabiting our planet.

… incredible as this story may seem, all you need do for any proof is go to northwest Guadalcanal and ask a few of the locals. You'd be surprised at what you find out.

These kinds of UFO encounters have happened on numerous occasions over the past century but, strangely enough, the Solomons being the way they are, reports have not been taken seriously.

….. When I explained to John what they were commonly thought to look like - four-foot tall with big head, big eyes, four fingers, transparent skin, etc. - he told me there was a book in the Solomon Islands Cultural Museum with pictures describing this sort of being.

Upon arriving at the museum and after a few directions to this book, there it was! This 15-page book had 14 detailed hand-drawn sketches of aliens just like the ones we are all used to seeing on television. An islander had compiled this short collection of drawings for the museum from different eyewitness accounts of these strange-looking creatures. There was an initial descriptive verse saying that the drawings were of some Solomon Islands mythological beings. What I wanted to know was: how could the Solomon Islanders know anything about these kinds of aliens, when 99.9 per cent of them had never had any significant type of exposure to white man's media? Most of the old tribal people still thought that the stars were caused by pinpricks in the sky and that the Earth was flat, so how could these pictures of alien types be explained?

I would like to share some significant further research from my expeditions to Malaita in 1996, 1997 and 2002. Contrary to popular belief, NASA - or whoever that mob was - first made contact with the occupants of the subterranean UFO base in central east Malaita in 1961. This is how they began to gain what partial technology they have today. It was through blackmail. This happened because when the great geologist Mr Gropher was doing his few expeditions in the area between 1958 and 1960, he saw these UFOs and then reported back to the UK (the ruling colonial power at the time) about them.

Apparently, in 1961, a white man who claimed to be from NASA came to that part of the island and asked for assistance from my wife's relatives to take him to the UFO subterranean base entrances, which they did.

The UFOs have landed near villages, and the (white or black) people who get out of them have strange grey uniforms, not seen anywhere else in the world.

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 09:51 AM
Highly worthy of a Star & Flag Andre!

You can download a full story on The Dragon Snake from the Nexus Magazine Website in PDF Format at the address below. It's well worth the read! I remember being riveted to the story when it was published in Nexus.

I've always had a feeling that this was a true account. There have been many interesting sightings around the Solomon Islands over the years.

Nexus Magazine - The Dragon Snake PDF

Get it while it's free! Enjoy Peeps!

Big Thanks To Duncan & Nexus Mag!!!


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