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Backwards Music

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posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 09:33 PM

Originally posted by SabreOne
im curious what other songs did you hear. I think this topic is very interesting. Stairway is pretty creepy for me, i wounder what else there is. alough i dont think there is anything to gain from this.

Ooops sorry I forgot I posted here until it came on the main board, I will try to remember, I know one was a beatles song. But there are few more. I will research and post.

posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 09:35 PM
thats creepy. maybe robert plant is the anti christ?

posted on Mar, 23 2004 @ 01:42 AM
Now that led zepplin stairway song is #ED UP! thats amazing.... I wonder what artists today, probably some of the songs ALOT of people listen to have hidden evil messages in them? I'm glad i listen to trance also.

So if you listen to these evil songs and not knowing whay they are backwards, do you somehow get those ideas in your head? Is there any way that they can harm you at all? otherwise what would be the point of doing the reverse speach in songs?

wouldnt you think its a form of subliminal messaging?

[Edited on 23-3-2004 by porschedrifter]

posted on Mar, 23 2004 @ 01:45 AM
If you're that scared, you can reverse your songs in a wave-editor to check them for hidden messages yourself. I don't believe backwards messages influence you and I don't think any research has ever shown this.

posted on Mar, 23 2004 @ 07:41 PM

Originally posted by amantine
If you're that scared, you can reverse your songs in a wave-editor to check them for hidden messages yourself. I don't believe backwards messages influence you and I don't think any research has ever shown this.

Scared? Me? nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 05:18 PM
On The Simpsons (where Lisa became a vegetarian) at the end Lisa,apu,Paul McCartney, and Linda McCartney were in apu's secret rooftop gardern. Paul McCartney said that by playing Maybe I'm Amazed backwards you can get a recipie for a really ripin' lental soup. Turns out it is true when I tried to varify it.

posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 05:41 PM
that reverse speech website reckons that when you speak, your concious mind talks forwards and your subconcious talks backwards. when you reverse it you hear the subconcious of the speaker. so when geroge bush was on the news i recorded it and played it backwards, it didn't seem to work. i could only make out what sounded like an angry chimp....

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 06:33 AM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
why do you think classical music has lasted for so long and this vocals crap is new and constantly being replaced with even worse vocals crap?

music isnt about voice or writing talent. it's about harmonizing sound.

[Edited on 3/21/2004 by AlnilamOmega]

Before classical music was chant--BY VOICE ALONE. During the classical time period, there were Oratorios and Operas, that feature soloists--called Arias. (So, why so many more pieces for instuments? We've heard the voice, but the Piano was beinning to come to it's own during the time that I know you labled as classical--the actual classical period lasted less than 100 years. Peoeple were anxious to compose the new, showing the full extent of the instrument's capacity--true for all instruments. Also, for entertainment, people would have get-togethers and do music for eachother--most people in that leisure class would have a good deal of knowledge in playing the piano and singing. I sit though those type of "amature" concerts before. When comparing those with little talent on piano to little talent with singing--it is quite a bit more bearable to listen to the piano being butchered--at least then, it is on pitch. I both sing and play...) Everywhere there has been historical notes on singing, there has been VOICE first, followed by INSTRUMENTS.

True, pop's only been round for a short time, but I'm sure one can say the same about the Baroque era, the classical era. The longest lasting era was church chant- a capella singing.

As far as your harmonising sound, what was known as harmony during the longest era hurts our ears--a lot of open parallel 5ths and often no leading tones--so there wouln't be as much of a feel for a home tone as in modern. Anyway, the scales we use, they were based on a typo--our Ionian was not the same scale that we borrowed from the Easterners--Byzantium empire. And, I guess that music written by 20th century composers--Charles Ives for one, who were stepping off the shoulders of musical impressionists, who viewed time and harmony as a straightjacket--end of classical brought 12 tone (evey single pitch in an octave), Schoenrberg, etc. Anyway, the whole point is, that most of those things in half the time that you called classica aren't music by the definition of what you use as music--we've been moving away from harmonies for well over 2 centuries. Honestly, sometimes Led Zepplin has more harmony than the tecno I listen to--and I know he has more than Charles Ives--I love Ives, all that chaos in multiple keys, all at once.

The only safe thing that can be said about music is that it is a form of expression, and that there are some forms you don't like. Anything else, and the MusicNazi will get you.

Went ahead and checked out the song.
I'm emailing it to friends.

Oh, and if you want weird, my history teacher says that walmart plays this little phrase over and over again on their speakers--barely loud enough to hear: "do not shoplift." I still need to check it out...

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 06:43 AM
Try this Link:

Still very interesting!

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 11:05 AM
There are many songs that have backward masking. The one I remember most is the Beatles song #9. If you play it backwards, it says "turn me on dead man", and "let me out". This was on the? Abby Road? album. Anyways, this was durring the era of people speculating Paul M. had died. On the album cover the Beatles are walking in a cross walk, and Paul doesn't have any shoes on. They all had suits on, and Paul's was opposite the other band members. If I remember corectly, the band had on Black, and Paul's was white. There was also alot of speculation that they were studying the teachings of Alister Crowley.

The Christian band Petra had a piece before the song Judas Kiss, that was gobldy gook forwards, but if you played it backwards, it said "whatcha lookin' for the Devil for, when you aught to be looking for the lord."

Some bands did it purposely for sure, other bands didn't. But there was still backwards masking in their songs. It isn't just in music though. Someone here (sorry I don't remember your screen name) mentioned that the conscious hears the words forwards, and the sub-conscious hears them backwards. I agree with this 100%.

There was a company a few years back that analized an interview between ?Barbra Walters? and Jon Bonet's parents. They played back a portion of where Pat Ramsey(the mom) was denying killing Jon. Backwards she said "and now we fool you".

I don't think the point is wheither the backwards masking has an effect on people going out and doing as commanded. Although I am sure that that was the desired effect in some instances. (A good example would be movies that had words implanted in them, like buy popcorn ect., which did increase concession stand sales.) As evidenced by bands that weren't doing it purposely though, the sub-conscious does appear to be communicating backwards, at the same time as the conscious is communicating forwards. Thought this would make a good lie detector test, if it can be proven how it works etc..

Tom Sawyer

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 11:22 AM
Personally i dont believe in this i had a record of the band Prong i tried playing the first song backwards and i couldnt here and hidden messages.

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 11:34 AM
Hey Drunk, please don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying it is automatic, and every song will have it. I've analized songs that I've written, and played them backwards to see if there were any hidden messages. I couldn't find any either. On the other hand, I think it has to do with the intent.

I think it is more along the lines of, when someone tells a lie, or is being deceitful. When the conscious communicates something that it knows is false or a lie, the truth is communicated by the sub-conscious backwards.

There are a few companies that can be found on the net, that actually make backwards masking tapes to help people quit smoking etc.. Not saying it works, and know this for a fact. I do know however that alot of people believe that it does. Otherwise, why do it, or research it? The church seems to think it works as well. So while I am somewhat skeptical, it does make me wornder if there is something to it.


posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 12:05 PM
just a springfield for the may queen=== to satan we sing

Page was a follower of crowley who often talked backwards and read backwards as training for the mind, to understand demons talking. Crowley's old house which lies on loch ness is owned by page. Crowley used to say he would talk to nessie the monster, he insisted it was a modern day dragon, and a demonic enity. loch ness has many underground caverns, and he stated it was once breeding grounds for dragons.

Ozzy ozbourne-- song-- Finger of death-- a track backwards says-- Jesus knows i'll never leave..

Grace Slick-- can't remember the song-- says "no more nails in the holy cross. She admitted to taking '___' daily for over a yr, even when she was pregnant with her daughter---China ('___' every day for a yr? might as well say possessed)

ELO--- song title--n/a but says----" time, turn back",,, several times

numerous beatle songs too...

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 12:21 PM
Tom> i heard about this when i was about 20yrs old, i then i just wanted to see if i could locate any hidden message. maybe 1 has to have good hearing and a good brain

There have even been articles in Heavy Metal magazines about backward masking, some bands just laugh when asked about backward masking.

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 05:04 PM
Ok.... I was skeptic about the Stairway to heaven reverse thing and I didn't really think it was real. The first time I posted in this thread I didn't even pay attention to the link but this time I checked it out.

Being skeptic, I took the original song (not from the site, a copy I already have) and reversed it myself and its real!!!!!
It's the reall thing!!!

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 09:47 AM
It's only the real thing becuase the human mind hears what it wants to hear and all if no one told you about backwards masking and you listened to Stairway to Heaven backwards I would be willing to bet that you wouldnt hear anything becuase you wouldnt know what to look for.

I checked out that reverse speech site's examples and I listened to them twice. Once without reading what it is supposed to be and trying to hear for myself and once after reading it. And let me tell you, the first time I heard them I had no clue what it was trying to say, then after I read it I could slightly hear it. Not to mention that these people have to manipulate the records to hear it. It's not played backwards only, its played backwards, slowed up, and a number of other things.

Anyways I'm rambling on a very old thread anyways so I'm out.


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