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The Nomenclature Charade

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 07:14 PM
OH my God is all I can say. The power went out TWICE *conspiracy* on the last two attempts I had at posting this. I'll try to rehash the main points of what was going to be my magnum opus. But I guarantee it won't be as good as the others

First of all, let me say that I am in no way a liberal basher. I agree with many principles that would be considered liberal on both moral and political grounds. That being said, I am going to slash what I see as total ignorance..across the board. This will just so happen to point more to America's chosen intellectuals, the backseat/armchair liberals if you will.

Many of us understand and acknowledge that there are no political parties, when it comes to what we hear are the Democrats and Republicans. It is pure fact that it is not a two team game, it is a one team game. The only difference in any of our elections, post WW2, is which group of special interests gets that extra hundred billion or trillion dollars. Now to them, that is important. But to us, the majority, it isnt. We'l lstill be taxed, we'll still have a global empire, our "free market" will still be managed, and liberty will remain on the outs.

So then, my rhetorical question rests in the perceived notion that our "liberals" are America's chosen intelligentsia. If our intellegentsia cannot see that they are bieng played just as much as the hayseeds and evils they fight against, we as a society have a BIG problem. Everything, the whole system, is now liberal at its base. I'm not using this as a negative term, either. It is just fact. The overwhelming majority of our "conservatives" are neocons for God's sake. At the base level..neoconservatism pushes for the state-centered economy. Of course, once you control a country's money, you control it all.

This obvious lecture has meaning, stay with me. What set this off, was on my drove home the other day. I was behind a token liberal's vehicle. I mean this care was covered from the ground up in every cause you could think of. However, one sticker stood out to me. It said, "When Clinton lied, no one died." As a man who understands there are no parties and that all information is slanted, is was shocked. Angered as well.

So, our intellectuals, our liberals, are the noble saviors of the human race. The vote Democrat and are pro-every cause in the book that'll make them think they don't associate with the Republicans. Nice. Hmm..I'll direct this to the person and vehicle itself, instead of the audience. Well Mr. Liberal, be sure that you can explain to those half a million to one million dead Iraqis that the sanctions were worth it. Actually, before you get to Iraq you should stop in the former Yugoslav lands and explain to the innocent Serbs that they had to die because of what their leaders did...who were funded by us for many years.

Oh wait, also tell the Third World that you care so much about, that NAFTA and managed trade, the IMF, and World Bank are their friends and only trying to help even the playing field. But first I guess you can start at home, and thoroughly explain the Waco incident. It'll be like a cool magic show where tear gas transforms into flame throwing tanks that light up the scenery. Or you can say that its all the fault of the Republicans, the ignorant masses, and people who do not vote alongside the golden-child Democrats.

People, the moral of the story is that everyone needs to wake up. Not just you, me, or the uninformed...but everyone. To think that it is so cut and dry, good and bad, right and wrong...Democrat and flat out wrong. We as a whole will be in for a rude awakening the day someone sparks a revolution and people realize they were never part of the right team, only part of a game where we all were the pawns. If our intellegentsia thinks there are parties or party differences, we have a HUGE problem. That, to me, is worse than not caring or knowing about anything at all. But, eh, no one died when Clinton lied.


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