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mind controll?

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 01:44 PM
have you ever wondered or knew that mind control could of been used in a lot of the places where things happened crashed etc, i mean i have read up on the subject about planting a thought into the minds of who may of seen what really happened only to have a false memory implanted into there mind,

this is not sci/fi this stuff exists and is more advanced than you or i could imagine! it could count for a lot of different stories and that may of been the point! so everybody who came forward and told there story they would think and say such a such went on that day(but not what they really saw!)

as far as i Know the US no all about psychological warfare and have the means and tech to pull off a stunt like this and have had for a long time.
remember MK ultra? and that was in the 60's we have moved on FAR.

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