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Recent examples of the MSM double standard concerning sexism/racism.

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 08:12 AM
Over the last few days, the media has done its best to defend Obama against charges of sexism, due to his "lipstick on a pig comment". Originally, I didn't think there was anything to it, until I saw the audience reaction. Not only that, but the way Obama brushes his forehead before he says it. Clear sign he knew he was about to cross a line.

In any case the Obama fanatic himself Chris Mathews, Has given us a good example of the double standard in the media concerning these kind of "gotcha politics".

From this Monday, Chris Mathews accusing Guliani/Palin of being racist due to their comments on community organizers.

MATTHEWS: Rudy Giuliani got the biggest giggle out of that. And then, of course, Sarah, Sarah Palin did. They're giggling over the community organizer role as if it's, has, it carries more freight than just a job you once had. Is this the new "welfare queen?" Is this a new symbol, that we're talking about here?...Do you it has an ethnic piece, an urban piece even?

Oh of course mentioning "community organizer" is a racist term! Who would even question that?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: You believe he was referring to Sarah Palin?


JENNY BACKUS: I, I just don't-

MATTHEWS: No, just a minute let's get, because if it's not. Just a minute, okay. [To Backus] I'm doing your job for a second here, just then you can take over. I'm just trying to get straight what we're talking about here because if John McCain isn't accusing his rival of calling his running mate a pig, then we shouldn't be talking about this. If he didn't, if he didn't call her but we're seeing a commercial that says, "Barack Obama on Sarah Palin," put out with the money of John McCain's campaign. So he's not endorsing his campaign ad. Yes or no? Is he endorsing that message or not?

FEEHRY: I have no idea I mean.

MATTHEWS: Well he is, we just saw it. He paid for it.

FEEHRY: Well, paid for it, listen.

MATTHEWS: Okay well then John McCain is saying that his opponent, Barack Obama, has called, in fact, his running mate a pig!

FEEHRY: No I think, I think that what-

This is the pretty typical difference between how the media interviews Republicans and Democrats. When its Democrats, its all about dismissing Republican charges, while laying on Democrat talking points. When its a Republican being interviewed, its all about making them look like a hostile witness. As if the Republican shouldn't be trusted.

Another good example is how the media has been going after Palin's church. Even calling it "extreme" while they called Obama's church "not radical".

The church where Sarah Palin grew up and was baptized preaches some of the most extreme religious views in the nation.

Yet, the same source just last month interviewed a Pastor from Trinity and came to the conclusion there is nothing radical about it.

Walton argues that black theology is not as radical as it has been made out to be and that Martin Luther King Jr. was actually more controversial than Wright.

Again, downplay democrat scandal, while playing up Republican scandal.

Last but not least, Newsweek's latest tactic to dig up dirt on Palin's former churches!

When Palin worships in Juneau, she attends an Assembly of God church there. Sarah Palin may not call herself a Pentecostal, but she has deep and long experience in Pentecostal churches. And as the race wears on, this biographical fact will likely become another religious Rorschach test--pleasing to some, discomfiting to others.

So, they admit she isn't even the religion of this church, does not attend the church, but decide to connect her to it anyway. Contrast this with the media's interest in some of Obama's past associations like ACORN and your starting to see the very real bias we are dealing with here.

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