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banking dynasty

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 03:04 AM
How it all began:

Is it not time to reclaim our sovereignty?

Let's start with good ole fashion home schooling for the future generations of the US.

Abolish the unconstitutional Federal Reserve of which was formed in secrecy and never approved by Congress of which is a violation of the US Constitution. It is a violation to the Constitution for a foreign entity to control the money supply.

Are there no honorable and heroic members of the US Senate and House of Reps to stand by our Constitution?

Is this grounds for aggression?

How much more American and European blood must be spilt on the battlefields in the name of tyranny and for the end of world domination/control?

We can't 'afford' to allow this to go on any longer!!!

Stand by your Republic and regain sovereignty or be the slaves of perpetual indebted servitude to an 'unkown' beast of whom control your lives more than you know.

posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 01:02 PM
Okay, we should start by finishing the revolutionary war, and remove the british from our govm't. This inability brought on the self-appointment of George Washington as President. So wonder, someone suggested taxes.

The enability to remove imperialistic societal beliefs has predicated the U.S. into the present impoverty. Removing the british meant removing any notion of said middleman, such as tax agent.

Then let's finish the civil war. The conditions of Andersonville have gotten worse. We are all still poor and someone is still to blame. What will the erradication of southern industrialist mean?

The fight was about suffering this debt and impoverishment. The union is worth what? What do they offer? This, 2008, is what they offer. Should the south rise again and enslave some one so that 100% profit is endured or can there be an amical resolution?

We have never had any money for more poor. The union keeps dragging them in with rhetoric as if there is some great promise here under their control. Strict immigration controls must be placed on the table limiting impoverishment.

The system of matriculation must firm, down upon the impoverished which exist. Educationally based benefits so that there is some guide to them becoming educated and there for worthy of service. Without these proposals there can be no good end to the civil war.

At this point any manner to believe we should be involved in foreign conflict should be denied. The U.S.'s war record after wwII is needless. A great government cover-up of military spending for no cause, Padding the pockets of government lobbyist who support economic destruction by fueling wars for no cause.

We must stop the continued doling out of money towards a military which should be made dormant until a proper use is seen. This place is a history.

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by rightwingnut

I agree with your premises with one exception. The English aren't to blame here but rather ...........the one in which the Queen has to bow to when she enters his kingdom.

Google 'House of Rothschild' and the 'City of London' his lair, which is a sovereign city within Greater London. Rothschild funded the other so called illuminati figures though at a price. They were sworn to loyalty and it is well known, within the circle, that those that break the pact in up in the ground.

The Goldfinger character was really a characateur based in reality. Sometimes movies are designed to 'wake up' people to what is going on. Too bad the people rarely listen to their message.

Some movies, on the other hand, are nothing but propaganda machines to distort the truth or subjucate the truth to anothers agenda.
I think you might like reviewing my links below where my signature is. There pretty conclusive.

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