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Phone rooms are cults!

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 10:41 PM
I've known so many people who work in phone rooms that hate their job, but do nothing to get out of their situation.

I knew these people and the demographic area well enough to know that it wasn't just a case of bad economy, bad job market, got to lower your standards to pay the bills.

Some even turned down jobs that were offered to them that would have had better pay and benefits. Others would not lift a finger to look for another job.

I think there is some sort of cultish appeal here--probably perpetuated by the management--that there is some kind of honor in having the brass ones to work one of themost hated jobs(Telemarketer or tech support), and that the dishonor is in leaving the job for something better, while leaving the rest of the sales team in that drudgery.

Just some thoughts based on my particular observations, I'd be intersted to hear someone who does or has worked at a PR to chime in.


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