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What would it take for alien acknowledgment/disclosure ?

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 01:33 PM
With the repeated talks of expected mass sightings, it got me thinking. What would it take for people to accept the probability of alien life? What would it take to get the government to disclose at least some of what they know to validate alien life?

The most recent predictions expect a mass UFO sighting over the US on October 14, 2008. Even if this happens, I expect it to be a mass of objects like those filmed over Mexico referred to as an armada. ( Sure, there is a mass of objects, but nothing clear enough to throw off speculation of lanterns, balloons or a dozen other things NOT alien in origin.

I think if aliens plan to do something in the form of a mass sighting, and the intent is to give undeniable proof of ET intelligent life, they would have to come down real low, as in within a few hundred feet, over large masses of people, and move around a bit to dispel the possibility of advanced military projects. Even then, it would likely need to take place in multiple cities, and be of a duration long enough for the main stream media to get on location to get high quality video of the event. I say this would be the minimum that would be required for the public on whole and the government to admit and start talking about it. What do you think?

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by Wolf321

Some may claim it's HAARP...hell, the government would probably agree it was HAARP just to give the sheeple a reason for the sighting.

But ya, I did a thread earlier in regards to where the mass sighting would be, and the answers varied quite a bit...but the one thing that seemed consistent from the members was that the sighting should be world wide at the same time...

But then project blue beam was thrown into the mix, so....

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by chapter29

I don't think the government would acknowledge any black projects of theirs. I also don't really think conspiracy folks would cry HAARP or Project Blue Beam unless the government seemed ready with a story and was calm about the whole ordeal. After all, those projects from that aspect would be intended to usher in something more nefarious.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by Wolf321

unless the government seemed ready with a story and was calm about the whole ordeal.

o.k., wait...what makes you think they have not prepared for this event? And though HAARP is intended to study the ionosphere, you do not think that they may use it on the sheeple, if conspiracy theorists are correct in what it really is for?

The gov't does not need to acknowledge anything, I was stating that they would be willing to reveal themselves and their capabilities in order to explain the would seem wise in their regards to expose a black project rather than have to explain to the people that they knew about this for some time.

That sighting will cause a paradigm shift that will take those in power out of power...possibly - and that possibility alone is the driver behind the PTB decision making process...

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 02:25 PM
why bring the government into this ???? the only ones that can bring disclosure are the aliens themselves... bottom line.. they have to show themselves to the public.. so there can be no denying.. who cares what the government says?? personally ... I dont think it will happen .. there has been no increase in sightings.... there are no more sightings now.. than there were back in the 50s.. and 60s.. each decade has had there fun with it.. there is no more proof of alien existance on this planet now.. than there has ever been.. just the same old stories.. making the rounds.. over and over and over again...

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 02:39 PM
Of course, the first thing that would need to happen is for there to actually be aliens that exist in some way that they could be "disclosed." The second thing necessary would be that the government would actually have to be hiding something they know about these aliens that could be acknowledged.

But if the concept of aliens is flawed from the beginning, in that maybe they don't represent intelligent creatures from other planets but rather some other kind of phenomenon that has more to do with our perception of reality than spacemen, then it might be difficult for any government to disclose anything.

Also, the government as already said they've looked into these things, and even though they may not know exactly what they are, they don't appear to be a threat to national security. What more disclosure do you want?

That's always going to be the question. What kind of disclosure would satisfy you? What if the government disclosed that they don't know what these UFO things are most of the time? Would that be enough, or would you demand more information? Would you think they're still hiding something?

Would you only be satisfied with a disclosure that told you exactly what you wanted to hear? If so, there's really no such thing as disclosure. It's just a horizon off in the distance that you'll never reach.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 03:06 PM
I can personally attest to the fact that the phenomenon exists, and what pilates them is not from our world, and in our case, not our species! Obviously the testimonies of countless others must also be (for the most part) conveying a true state of affairs. Coupled with all the disclosures from those working for our military complex, this means the government has quite a lot to disclose. But I'm really not sure we are going to be getting a full disclosure any time soon. I have a lot of suspicions about the situation. There are far too many possible scenarios involving ets, some regarding future visitors gathering dna, before sitx resets this planet. For these people, disclosure is the opposite of what they desire, as the famous "non-intervention" most talk about is merely a protocol to prevent massive tampering with our time-line, or another way of putting it is to prevent changing the past for them. This protocol has failed however, and Dan Burisch has talked about differing timelines, and splits (or junctions where they converge). This has probably already occurred. Though, by no means does this suggest that we will avoid sitx. I think real people (as opposed to the PTB) need to make time capsules and put as much technology aside, of electronics, physics, computer shematics, and clean energy devices such as solar, wind, wave, etc. Everything. I'm not overly scientific, but we need to store many many many different copies of the same material in areas that might be considered safer, like with natives, in Switzerland and northern Italy, in Brazil and South America. If the disaster happens, I don't want the human race reset to the dark ages again! And I don't trust our leaders. This time it needs to be put in the average person's hands, with directions to release it open source patent to the world in event of a catastrophe.
I also believe that certain visitors are from our timeline, and some may even push towards or force a disclosure. After everything I've read, now its just a strong feeling in the pit my stomach that thats underway. I'm rather surprised to say, the feeling is coming that we truly have some allies and those who don't wish to sit by much longer.
My own cautious and healthy dose of mistrust also tells me that there is a larger plan that would mirror what I read happened in procyon happening here. An infiltration from within by the greys via a program of hybrids, and a taking over of our leaders. Its possible the very same thing is happening here, with the difference being that we are either an immature race, or one that has been reset so often as to never gain much advantages of prolonged technology.
With all of these possibilites, the government is not going to disclose sitx, or future aliens and the timeline mess, or that we are being infiltrated by certain species that are known for this around the galaxy, and quite successful. And that they have sided with them and entered into contracts that sell out the human race, or that in the very least they can't do squat without help, that they've been told won't happen unless they give up their nuclear program, etc etc. If disclosure does happen, I for one, am not going to give it too much credibility. I can't imagine they're going to tell us the truth or what we really need to know.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 05:36 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Lots of interesting stuff in your post. You seem to have a lot of 'inside' information. Where does this come from? Also, where did you get this story on procyon?

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by chapter29

o.k., wait...what makes you think they have not prepared for this event?

That depends on the nature of the possible appearance of ETs. If it is coordinated, then sure they will be prepared. If not, then depending on where and how the appearance occurs, they might only be minimally prepared.

I was stating that they would be willing to reveal themselves and their capabilities in order to explain the would seem wise in their regards to expose a black project rather than have to explain to the people that they knew about this for some time.

I disagree. I think they would value their black project security over saying to the public they knew of ETs existance to some extent but kept it secret to avoid mass panic.

That sighting will cause a paradigm shift that will take those in power out of power...possibly - and that possibility alone is the driver behind the PTB decision making process...

This seems contradictory to your original line suggesting that they are prepared for it. If they are, then they are ready for reaction and a sure it wouldn't disrupt their control.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by Wolf321

I wrote:

That sighting will cause a paradigm shift that will take those in power out of power...possibly - and that possibility alone is the driver behind the PTB decision making process...

You wrote:

This seems contradictory to your original line suggesting that they are prepared for it. If they are, then they are ready for reaction and a sure it wouldn't disrupt their control.

I think you misunderstood me...I'm saying if the PTB do not come up with some good verbiage if and when a sighting occurs, then they may lose their access to the throne, whether or not they are prepared for it actually reaffirms what I previously said.

And all the black projects in the world aren't gonna mean anything if a meet and greet session happens...we will get more technology out of that then all the black projects we have put together...

And as for your OP question - I think it may take a meet and greet session for disclosure to happen, or another sad.

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by Wolf321

The aliens probably want us to quit killing each other and creating more powerful weapons to wipe each other out. Until we mature as a people, why would the aliens want us in the galaxy with them? If we do terrible stuff with each other, what would we do to our galactic neighbors?

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

You are probably right about not wanting us to kill each other...

But if that is the case, why would they NOT interfere? If they have matured as a race well beyond us, then why not show us the light?

In addition, they would probably appreciate our situation considering they most likely had a time in their own evolution that wasn't all peaches 'n creme...

Don't even we take the child by the hand and show them what is right and wrong? (generalization here)

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 06:34 PM
If a UFO parked itself about 400 feet above the white house for about a week.

The media would cover it.

People would flock to it.

It would be hard to deny.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 07:46 PM

Originally posted by Wolf321
reply to post by mystiq

Lots of interesting stuff in your post. You seem to have a lot of 'inside' information. Where does this come from? Also, where did you get this story on procyon?

Theres way too much research into that. Lol. In other words, due to personal family experiences, I have spent long hours researching. But I will look for some of my procyon research. Although what first led me to studying this was a personal account on another forum. After researching for years, I'd have to say the latest site I find very informative, and filled with nearly every case you can imagine and so much information that I've read before in bits and pieces, all in one place. It is:
Burlington news has so many articles on disclosure, agendas, ordinary peoples testimonies, human type ets, detailed information on underground bases, native myths and accounts. Its very good.

This page has a great deal of information on various speculations concerning et agenda.

Nordic Rigelians

One of the many human space colonies spawned by the Lyrans was eventually established on planets in the Rigel solar system in the Orion Constellation. At some point in its history, Rigel with its Nordic population presumably underwent a destructive civil war and was taken over by Grays. According to George Andrews, a Nordic from the star system of Procyon, Khyla, revealed much information about the Rigelians, Procyons and Grays to a human contactee whose information was consistent with other sources and Andrews concluded was credible. [102] The contactee described Khyla as follows:

Khyla looked like a tall handsome human, slender but muscular, masculine yet ethereal. He appeared either naturally or artificially to have black around his eyes, almost like kohl [coal]. His face was close to exquisite, but definitely masculine. He had a gaunt face with high cheekbones and piercing cobalt-blue eyes. He had fine blond hair that was almost shoulder-length. He had a muscular neck. His skin was pale flesh color, with a whitish overtone. It is hard to gauge his exact height because of the circumstances under which our encounter occurred, but it was somewhere between six and seven feet. [103]

Andrews writes about the history of Rigel as revealed by Khyla to the contactee:

The ancestors of the short Grays were once tall Blonds. The Great War took place?. Before the great war, Rigel was a vast empire, which had been the source of most galactic seeding. All Rigelians were tall Blonds. A colony had already been established on Procyon. The Great War was a civil war of Rigelians versus Rigelians, and lasted the equivalent of three Earth centuries. A group of Rigelians who realized that the Great War was about to break out took off for the Procyon colony in crude, clandestinely built ships. ? They were the only Rigelians to escape the cataclysmic devastation. All those who had remained on Rigel were transformed into short Grays. [104]

It appears that Rigel underwent a planet wide nuclear war and environmental collapse that led to life in underground shelters. It is very unlikely that the transformation of Nordic Rigelians involved them becoming ?short Grays? whose genetic material is generally accepted as inferior to human races such as the Nordics. The genetic mutation process would have taken much longer than the three centuries mentioned. It is more likely that the surviving Rigelian Nordics were incorporated into a planet wide genetic hybridization program by ?short Grays? from a star system such as Zeta Reticulum who had covertly infiltrated and undermined Rigel prior to and/or during the Great War on Rigel. The short Grays most likely succeeded in genetically engineering the ?Tall Grays? using genetic material from the Nordic survivors who were to weak to resist the Gray hybridization agenda. These Rigelian ?tall Grays? subsequently play a key role in diplomatic initiatives by the Grays and serving as a genetic model for new human-Gray hybrid races that allegedly represent the best of both species.


Most of the Rigelians who fled their planet traveled to the star system of Procyon to restart their civilization. Procyon is a binary star system about 11.4 light years from Earth, and it was apparently the fourth planet in this system that the Rigelians established their new colony. [105] According to Andrews, the colony of Procyon flourished until it became embroiled in sinister effort by the Grays that now populated Rigel to subvert Procyon. Khyla described the process adopted by the Grays in their subversion of Procyon:

The Grays began to visit us, first a few as ambassadors, then as specialists in various domains where their expertise could be useful to us, as participants in different programs that involved mutual collaboration, and finally as tourists. What had begun as a trickle became a flood, as they came in ever-increasing numbers, slowly but surely infiltrating our society at all levels, penetrating even the most secret of our elite power groups?. Just as on your planet they began by unobtrusively gaining control over key members of the CIA and KGB through techniques unknown to them, such as telepathic hypnosis that manipulates the reptilian levels of the brain, so on Procyon through the same techniques ? they established a kind of telepathic hypnotic control over our leaders. Over our leaders and over almost all of us, because it was as if we were under a spell that was leading us to our doom, as if we were being programmed by a type of ritual black magic that we did not realize existed. [106]

Khyla went on to describe the eventual take over of Procyon by the Grays and the enslavement of most Procyons that did not escape. Using advanced time travel technology which involved ?multidimensional consciousness?, something which the Grays apparently could not duplicate due to their degraded genetic bodies, a significant number of Procyons were able to escape and began a liberation war from the ?remote corridors of time?. Significantly, the Procyons describe how some of their resistance techniques would be relevant to the situation on Earth:

? it would be suicidal to attempt to fight the Grays directly with the weapons now at your disposal. One must be rational in attempting to fight back, and understand the proper way to proceed. Your own consciousness is the most potent weapon that is available to you at the present time. The most effective way to fight the Grays is to change the level of your consciousness from linear thinking to multi-dimensional awareness?. They have the technology to throw your planet out of orbit, but there is one key ability that you have and they do not have: the ability to hold in mind imagery that inspires an individual to realize his or her direct personal connection to the source of all that is? That is your key to victory. [107]

According to Alex Collier, the Procyons have recently liberated their world from Gray influence and he describes the Procyons as currently ?gung ho? when it comes to dealing with the Grays. [108]

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 07:48 PM
its obvious a form of extra terrestrial presence is withholding disclosure as it would reveal thier own identity and position.

it would take the removal of that presence from power or the decloaking of that presences secrecy for any disclosure to really happen.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by mystiq

thanks for the link. Still, based on the confidence in your story, might I ask, does your personal story validate the information on the link?

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 10:24 PM
My personal experiences are not with human type ets. But in my attempt to understand what was happening to us, and to find out how to protect my kids from this occurring, I researched a great deal. I spent a great deal of time praying, meditating, claiming intergalactic law and protection, claiming sovereignity, claiming the protection of the Creator's light and energy to keep us from all harm, body, mind, spirit, soul, and from any beings unwanted influence. These things do not work by the way. My 17 year old is now remembering dreams of being onboard a craft and he saw a grey just the other night before drifting off to sleep. Now this was after being concerned because the cat was hissing at the door and looking up. Finally, he settled to sleep and then saw it. In his convoluted logic, he failed to wake me up, and though terrified, lost fear when he saw the being. In fact, he felt he was being scolded for still being awake, and fell asleep soon after. I know the suggestion to do so was given him because he should have woken me up!
I've had my own memories with these guys, and we've all had sightings.
While I was seeking for protection and help from God, and through meditation, I awoke with a strong feeling that help was arriving, or here. That it was human and they had a federation and something was happening. The feelings come off and on. In any case, its led to a lot of research and an in depth accounts of contact on another forum which really made me aware of the variety of difficulties et poses for us. Mainly the mind control.
Since I now experience a feeling of contact (which I can't explain) with the so-called good guys, but the family agenda is still happening with the other group, I'm now wondering if they are merely putting me off with a false feeling of help coming.
As a lifelong contact on another thread with both pleiadian and greys said, they easily control our minds, our feelings, they interrupt our circuits so to speak and basically if your room is a mind, they re-arrange the furniture in it. This means that any basic understanding of what you are experiencing, your feelings about it, whether you perceive them as benevolent even is not necessarily accurate.
That being said, I still get this feeling that all of us have help coming. (and I hope its not a manipulation from the greys), and the entire thing about the federation keeps me thinking primarily of 2 star systems, or groups in which contacts have taken place. Alpha Centauri and the Procyon star system. Both these keep coming up for me in my recent research like synchronicity, and for some reason I feel its being underscored for me right now. The account I read that concerned peliadians and procyonese, especially procyon, hit home in me in a strange way. I almost felt like I may have a connection to that sometime in the past. That account in the other thread went into depth into the wars in procyon. Its the amount of different, unconnected accounts of contact that people give, that substantiate each other that interests me. So from the one account, I research and read various other similar testimonies, from people who have never heard of this star sytem before their contacts.

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