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posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 04:53 PM
I just wanted to make a comment on SOME people who may think
the LHC is a huge waste of time and money or is simply too large
to handle safely.

From a basic sciences perspective, although it is INTERESTING to the
physicists and engineers that it could actually be built and working,
there is a more tangible benefit regarding the greater societal benefits.

Advances in Grid-based computing and the development of
large-scale data stream handling and recording systems will
help ISP's and the consumer to both consume and manage
Internet-based bit & bytes that could be anything from
HDTV Video, to secure email to 3D graphical Web browsers.

The FORCED acceleration of development relating to
computer hardware and software technology will now
FLOOD (Not Trickle) down to the average consumer
so that we can get Cheaper HDTV's, Faster Internet
Access and cars that can drive all by themselves
simply becuase of the LHC fostering innovation
through it's primary and sub-systems contractors.

And I think the BIGGEST BENEFIT to society is the possibility
of seeing HOW high-levels of energy could be created in a
manner that could be replicated on a commercial scale.

That means unlimited cheap power for both household
and car/aircraft/mobile device applications. It means
making the Earth cleaner and greener because we
DON'T HAVE TO consume finite & polluting fossil fuels.

For me, it means my laptop would actually LAST the entire time
of a flight from Vancouver to Berlin WITHOUT dying in the middle
of me watching a marathon of "Family Guy" and "Battlestar Galactica"
episodes AND it means that I could put 1000 Horsepower in a
1968 Austin Mini Cooper S sedan so I could give a rude shock
to the Porsche-set at the stop-lights :-) ;-) !!!!

So the LHC can offer MANY benefits to society, it's just that WE need to
EXPLAIN IT in plain & simple language to the rest of the world.

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