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We are gonna lose this thing.. Interesting Article

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 05:11 PM
A very interesting and sad outlook on the 08 election form a democrat standpoint. I invite all to read, left or right, and discuss.

My opinion, the article wants politics as usual to beat the republicans... The republicans will do the same to beat the dems... I just wish for the day where a few people run with no R's or D's... Life in America would be a much better place.

We're gonna lose....

posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 05:37 PM
This is from a political observation not a for this candidate perspective.

Obama should be whooping the old man black and blue, Palin or not.

However, Obama has an image problem.

1. Arrogant- He walks around like he owns the world. Creates his own seal, chair, symbol, etc, has to do everything in a big fashion.

2 lack of experience- He should have admitted he lack experience to a certain point but that has the determination. Determination sometimes counts more than experience. Nobody has war experience the first time, but they sure do have the determination to survive.

3. Leave race out- He didn't need race to beat McCain, maybe Hillary. The race only divided people left and right. People were already looking for change.

4 Secretive- He seems like he has something to hide. He should have released all of his records when the general election started to show he has nothing to hide.

5 Big Head- He let all the media attention get to his head. Keeps trying to show people he can draw a big crowd. He is the one who will be calling the shots. He just loves attention.

A lot of people really don't even know what Obama plans are. They don't know if his plans will help or hurt us. They are basing their vote on what they hear and what they see. And the 5 points above have hurt Obama more than it should have.

Like I said Obama had this won from the word GO and couldn't put McCain away. And it very well may be too late. Only time will tell.


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