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Meditation promotes paranormal activities

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 03:55 PM
Hey, for all of you that meditate and can enter a deep trance, I want to know how many of you there, notice that your environment gets affected also with whatever it is that your projecting when your in a deep trance.

You know it's peacefully quite when your the only one up,
You know your relaxed when your relaxed,
You know your awareness is at it's peak,
The moment your in a blissful state,
Wooden chairs/table on the floor above me
starts to move or sudden creaking sound will crack here and there.

What I'm trying to find out is, what is it that is affecting the environment of our surrounding? What "invisible force" is affect the matter around me?? I'm trying to find out of it has to do something with the properties of matter which are made up of proton and the neutron. Usually these nuclei are surrounded by a cloud of electrons. A nucleus with as many electrons as protons is thus electrically neutral and is called an atom, otherwise it is an ion.

Is there anyway for us to meditate, Emmit some kinda magnetic force within to affect the matter surround us?

I know that they use gamma ray on matter to affect the electricity properties, which will make them ion since it wont be electrically neutral.

Anyone with any clues?


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