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9/11 - There is no conspiracy

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 09:38 AM
When you take out the immpossible whats left is the truth, no matter how improbable.

Therefore, using advanced logic, and hyperactive common sense, one has to conclude that there is no "conspiracy", that the towers were brought down in a controlled demolition. It's simple fact. It's obvious, when knowing the nature of the building and of jets and jet fuel. You can watch the old videos of the incident with new, uber intelligent eyes. You see the dark smoke? That means the fire is cooling down. Put out a camp fire, what happens? Dark billowing smoke. The simple truth about steel it has a melting point of 2500 and jet fuel burns at 1790 (max) so even if the fires were burning "hot", they would never, without explosives, melt steel. There was MOLTEN metal found at ground zero. These were the only 3 buildings in history to fall from a fire. WTC 7 was not even hit with a plane. The tower's "collapse" *threw* huge peices of steel into nearby buildings. Many people that were there claim to have heard explosions. Did they think up that lie real quick to make things seem worse? There is too much evidence to list. The biggest evidence of all is the damn videos, watch them... these are state of the art buildings, pancaking like that? They fell at free fall speed for one, but without all that physics mumbo jumbo, I would expect it to look much different if it was indeed pancaking. Floors slamming into floors, breaking their structure then sending them hurdling down to the next floor. What you see is an implosion. And look forget the towers for a second. WTC 7 fell from fire? Please, explain this one and ill be right on board with the official story, but that will never happen. Buildings dont just collapse like that.

The official story was a myth, thats the conspiracy, the information I just told you, thats cold hard fact. The only question needed to be asked now is... What gives, myth beleivers?


But seriously, folks. We are in deed in alot of trouble, but the more we deny this. And pretend like everything is ok, the worse we allow it to get. We allowed this to happen, that is the action. We woke up and realized its time for something new, that is the reaction. Join the growing movement, end this slavery.

9/11 mysteries -part1- demolition

As with the many many other great videos showing irrefutable facts of the incidents on 9/11. Give it a shot, open your mind. What's patriotic about ignorance?

On another note, why are people so passionate about being "manipulated" by an official source, but when its some guy on the internet, or your friend, it's much less credible, in fact most of you sleepers will ignore all non-official information regardless of how logical. Work on this people. This doesn't have to feel like manipulation or unamerican, its the truth. The blantant truth. WAAAAAKKKKKEEEEE UUUUPPPPP!!!


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