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My Theory...

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posted on Mar, 19 2004 @ 09:08 PM
I have no real faq's to back this up but here is my theory. I think that long ago when the jews and romans took power from the egyptian priests, many of them survived and made it there mission to destroy Jews, Muslims, and Christians (especially jews but both of these religions evolved from Judaism). So throughout the years they gained wealth, power, and followers. Shortly after WW1 they had an oppurtunity in Germany, and they jumped on it. Hitler was a member, and a puppet. So they made Germany the ultimate war machine, then convinced the Japenese to help out. So Hitler is sure they will conquer the world so he starts out his murder of jew's immediately. I doubt he expected the United States to join in untill Europe was defeated, but then realizeing the threat he ordered the japenese to cripple there navy with the attack on pearl harbor. Everything is going well for hitler, he has sufficent troops to conquer his last Major obstacle, Russia, and America is preoccupided with Japan. Then something goes wrong, he either has second thoughts about the evil he has committed or he learns of the A-Bomb and does not to risk world destruction, or he just got careless. But he fanned his troups out accross russia for some reason, all of his military advisors warned him but he didn\'t listen, and then on the main front the Russian army defeats his force, and then defeats the smaller forces he sent out to conquer oil wells etc. etc.

This is just a theory I thought up one time. (sorry bout any spelling errors)

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