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School And Education Today

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 03:54 AM
Back in my day kids went to school to get an education. They would read a book, do homework, and take tests. If they did well they got an A, if they do poorly they got an F. If you cheated, copied, broke the rules you were punished.

Today? A teacher can be FIRED for Flunking students who cheat on a paper.

I guess they're just too busy doing drugs and listening to rap to learn. Heck, even when you try to teach them if you fail them and use a red marker you go to jail for child abuse because that big red F on their paper did ireversible harm to their psyche.

Complete and total BS that a teacher can be fired for failing students because they copied the same Biology report and turned the same report in. I kid you not! Sophmore class, so about 14-15 years old, cheated, and when the teacher failed them the teacher was fired!

But you know, we wouldn't want the kids to LEARN anything at school. That would get in the way of having sex in the bathrooms and doing drugs.

Its no wonder people think Lincoln and his Republican Party is the same one as today. It's no wonder they can't find Iraq, China, Brazil, or sometimes even the USA on a map. It's no wonder they refuse to read. I loved to read and still do. When I was in school, 7th grade, had a reading competition. If the school read over 250,000 pages the principal at the next dance would dress up as Elvis. Over 28,000 pages from me alone later, added to the others, he danced as Elvis. Today? You could make it 100 pages and the Principal would hand out cars and I doubt the students would read. Its amazing what has happened. Bush's NCLB act really hurt the public school systems not to mention just the way kids and teens are today. They'd rather be doing drugs then get an education. They all seem to think if they can string three or four curse words together they will make it big as rap stars.

And even funnier? At the end of every school year lawsuits sky rocket. Why? Students suing schools to be graduated or pass. Heaven forbid they take summer school or actually pass an exam to go to the next grade or graduate. Or one a couple years ago these blonde bimbo cheerleaders were suing. Why? They were caught drinking, doing drugs, sex for money, and kicked off the squad. They're own parents supported them by saying that it was done off the field, not at school, so they shouldn't be kicked off the team. WTF is wrong with these people? Do I need to kill them now before they reproduce? And their parents as well so they don't have any more dumb sonsa humbugers? Bleh, pissing me off even more thinking about it.

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 06:00 AM
I 100% agree with you. Education has started snowballing down a big hill.
I have taught my kids at home for years.
I walk past a local high school at lunch hour almost daily, and the behavior of some of these kids sickens me.
How can a system be proud of churning out generations of people like that?
These kids are virtually useless as independent thinkers and leaders of society.
I'm not blaming the teachers..not by a long shot. They have the hardest job, and I wouldn't want it.
They are just as much victims of the way the system is set up.
I don't know the particulars of the story you relayed here, but if that teacher is part of a union...something can and should be done. Unless there are inner politics involved, and the student's Mommy & Daddy have a lot of clout in the community. I have seen that happen where I live. A teacher was charged with inappropriate touching ( He hugged a 13 year old who was crying and having a bad day)..he got fired and eventually left town. He was simply being compassionate.

posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 01:43 PM
Perhaps some money can be made for people whom feel the same way. A private school system, made to be affordable for almost every parent...also where legal contracts can be signed by parents allowing the school to punish, teach, and enforce common moral standards without any legal involvment.

I think this could be an idea that could make somone millions.


posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 07:49 PM
I went to a private school for the last two years of highschool. I learned a lot. I didn't have to do with these idiots that are frequently found in public schools. It's wrong to say they're idiots. Okay. But I'll have to say that people in public schools are literally braindead. They worship celebrities. They watch TV for 4 hours a day. It's no wonder they don't learn anything. They would rather see people shoot guns than learn history.

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 12:55 PM

Originally posted by AccessDenied
I 100% agree with you. Education has started snowballing down a big hill.
I have taught my kids at home for years.
I walk past a local high school at lunch hour almost daily, and the behavior of some of these kids sickens me.
How can a system be proud of churning out generations of people like that?
These kids are virtually useless as independent thinkers and leaders of society.

cool, that's good to know that you chose to homeschool!

i certainly am thinking about it, for many reasons... here are a few:

1 - i read about a man who chose to send his children to a state school... when his daughter had finished grade 1, he simply asked if they would hold her back as she was clearly struggling with the basics of everything and was certainly NOT ready for 2nd grade!
what did they say?
we can't so it, it will be bad for her self-esteem!
i was like huh? the guy went on to say HOW is her self esteem going to improve when she cannot read basics in a class of far advanced children?
a similar thing happened to his son!
evidently, he then chose to homeschool his children!

2 - many children are bullied in school for simply doing as they are told!
i remember this happening to me when i was at school as a non-muslim girl who simply didn't want to upset the teachers not disobey her parents...
THIS is an unfortunate occurance in MOST schools today, and then as the child grows up they see obedience as a bad thing and something that causes problems with their peers!

3 - if children who are not religious are attacked for being good, how will children from religious families be treated?
i have seen it before... children go to a secular school where they try to adhere to religious teachings (even when i would join in prayer in my assemblies i would have people laughing, kicking, making noises etc...) they are tormented to a phenomenal level, to the extent that they grow up feeling scared to practice their religion!

4 - the type of curriculum most schools teach is one of "you miss a lesson, you fall behind" so, like when i had whooping cough at school and was off for 6-8weeks, i fell so far behind, was kicked out of the chelo club (LOL), and i was SO far behind it was next to impossible to catch up...
this is a bad system, and when homeschooling you can go at the childs pace, check they are improving, find out why if they aren't, keep track of everything YOURSELF rather than having to rely on third-party information, observe your religious holidays if they are different to the country you live in (as is the case with muslims and jews)...
the list of benefits goes on!
you don't have to seek permission for doctors appointments, skipping sport due to injury, family holidays, inform the school of a special diet your child may have AND you have the opportunity to do stimulating activities with the children like taking to zoos, parks, playgrounds etc, rather than them being stuck in a classroom all day!

i for one am highly for homeschooling if the parent is responsible enough, and they should be! you can put the children in group activities, clubs, part time study if you want to teach them another language or something, and then this does NOT result in them becoming a hermit so to speak, as many people fear when you mention homeschool to them...

at the end of the day, it is far better than placing them in an institution where they may be subject to bullying, racial, anti-religious (though atheists won't see a problem with that...), confusing (like learning different things about creation in RE and science...) and having to rely on your child telling you if something is wrong (which many don't or won't do) or teachers who often overlook bullying if it doesn't occur infront of them...

there's my 2 pennys lol!

homeschooled children are usually faster learners, better behaved, more polite, LISTEN to their parents etc... the character can be molded very nicely, by The Will of The Almighty!

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