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Ollie North: different place, new cover, same job?

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 06:01 PM
My somewhat conspiratorial nature leads me to believe Ollie is up to his old tricks again in Afghanistan, running weapons in exchange for drugs. Of course I can't prove it, but I have a strong hunch he has been back in the game recently with his five part expose' on the situation over there. Is it just a coincidence it comes during the height of the opium harvest and shipment season? Or is it just me tilting at windmills again?

Report From a Forgotten War: Fifth in a Series

First, the bad news:

• Illicit drug production – heroin/opium/hashish/marijuana – the only real cash crops in the country – are an enormous criminal enterprise generating more than $5 billion in cash to benefit the Taliban and corrupt officials in the Afghan government.

Now, the good news:

• Stop illicit drug production from the top down, not the bottom up. Arrest and prosecute the kingpins – and then go for eradication and crop replacement. It worked in Colombia – and it can in Afghanistan.


I'm cherrypicking the article a bit to suit my narrow purposes. It does seem to me that the rest of the story is really just a propaganda piece for a "surge" in Afghanistan similar to the one winding down in Iraq. Who says he can't serve multiple purposes, and it does make a good cover for him to be over there right now. Throw in the Russian mines as a red herring and the deflection is complete.

Looks like the strategy is pretty much the same though the players have changed a bit. The weapons are probably being funneled to the Pakistanis instead of the Iranians this time around. The Pakistanis may be in turn selling them to the Taliban to fuel the insurgency and create the need for the surge and the continued escalation of the WOT. The drugs are much closer this time around, right next door, and the exchange is probably more direct. Cut out the middlemen and seal the leaks that exposed the Iran-Contra Operation. Consolidate the op so there isn't so much distance and equipment involved and lose it all in the fog of war. How convenient.


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