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Modernizing the Godfather

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 02:06 PM
So I eventually plan on creating a more modern version of the Godfather or something like it but I need to do some research on not necessarily the Cosa Nostra but the Camorra. I recently purchased Gomorrah, a journey into the the violent international empire of Naples' organized crime system, and I have the Godfather by Mario Puzo on my laptop but are there any other recommended books? If it's in Italiano I don't mind reading it since I am fluent in both English and Italian.

I tried getting information out of my Grandfather but he doesn't know anything about it even though he lived in Naples and was in the Carabinieri for over a century but I guess this is his way at getting revenge on me (long story) so I am stuck with books and the internet. I also have Capone, The Man and the Era, and I was thinking about getting The Five Families eventually. Anyone have any ideas?

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