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Is the Creationism Forum losing its focus again?

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 02:40 AM
Some time ago, in response to an issue that I saw as a serious threat to our community, I started a thread in the Origins & Creationism Forum entitled Creationists Will Destroy ATS. This was my contribution to an already ongoing debate. The outcome of the debate was a decision by the site administrators that the O&C Forum would be reserved strictly for topics reflecting the origins and creationism debate and that general religious topics and religious-conspiracy topics would be accommodated elsewhere. The would no longer be allowed in that forum.

I thought this an excellent decision. It certainly helped curb the organized propaganda activities by groups of creationists that were taking place on ATS at the time. In keeping with the decision, my own thread was moved to BTS, which was fine by me once the reason why had been explained.

But now, I fear, enforcement of the rules of the O&C Forum is slackening again. Consider the following threads, most of which have been in the forum for some time:

We are in a living THING

Tonight, live streaming debate - The world is better off without religion

The Number 9 is life?

Hate vs Love - A Must Read

The Big Bang Theory: a load of rubish???

I have no objection to subjects in these threads being discussed. The last thread is actually very interesting to me; I have, in fact, subscribed to it.

But - in my humble opinion - none of these threads belong in the O&C Forum. And their presence in it opens a window of opportunity for abuses of the kind that led to the stricter enforcement of forum rules in the first place.

I appeal to the moderators and ATS management to tighten up the O&C Forum before the place becomes a hateful free-for-all again.

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