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TA-THREATS: State Department Warns U.S. Citizens to Leave Indonesia

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posted on Mar, 19 2004 @ 03:58 PM
The United States Department of State gave a travel warning today for Indonesia. They suggest that all nonessential personnel leave the country. Those that must stay are cautioned to keep a low profile, avoid travelling to Aceh, and "those in Aceh should leave immediately."

United States Department of State
This Travel Warning is being issued to update security threat information for Indonesia. The Department of State reminds U.S. citizens of the ongoing terrorist threat in Indonesia and continues to recommend that U.S. citizens defer all non-essential travel to Indonesia. This supersedes the August 28, 2003, Travel Warning for Indonesia.

The Department of State has determined that the current and projected security situation in Indonesia warrant the continued recommendation that U.S. citizens defer all non-essential travel to Indonesia. American citizens already in Indonesia are strongly urged to avoid traveling to Aceh, and those in Aceh should leave immediately.

Indonesia will be having legislative elections on April 5, 2004, and a presidential election on July 5, 2004. Some of the concern is due to the recent terrorist attacks in Spain, leading up to their elections. Encouraged by the apparent effect on Spanish elections, terrorist may use this period to try to change the outcome of elections or promote their interests by attacking U.S. targets in Indonesia. U.S. citizens have been injured or killed in attacks the last two years (Jakarta,Bali). Both of these attacks were focused on areas crowded with foreign tourist. This travel warning was issued March 19, 2004, and has no expiration date.

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