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Volcano's Eruption Colors World's Sunsets

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posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 10:39 PM
it was last year I first heard of this concept but this is the first what you could call documented evidence i have come across.. huge clouds of ash are pumped into the stratosphere and from there can spread around the world..

The fine ash injected by a volcanic eruption into the stratosphere can be carried by winds all over the world. Sulfur dioxide spewed from volcanoes can react in the atmosphere to form sulfate aerosols (aerosols are tiny particles suspended in the air). Both ash and aerosols can scatter the sun's rays, giving a sunset its apparent color.

andrea thompson speaking on the Aug. 7 eruption of Alaska's Kasatochi volcano.

this is more than likely the reason the skys are not clear any more.. i get increaslingly annoyed with the serious lack of clear skys needed for observing..
there was also the outbust in chile recently.

Lightning Storm Generated by Chilean Volcano (Images)

It could be the scene from a movie: huge plumes of ash and gas rising during a ferocious volcanic eruption, sparking off a dazzling lightning storm; lightning bolts thundering to life inside and out of the hot cloud. However, this is the reality down on the ground for the people living near the Chaiten Volcano, southern Chile, who have been evacuated since the volcano erupted on Friday. Activity continues to increase, producing these terrifying, yet mesmerizing scenes…

if you have time you should check out the electrical activity around this volcano.. amazing pics there.


also more pics here..
extreme exlectrical activity (pic)

more sparkx flying

more sparkx

one thing i would like to know is just how long these particles could stay up there in the athmosphere.. i have heard it can take years to clear.. and between these two volcanos they must have dumped a massive amount of material into the athmosphere..


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