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Meet the Press - Joe Biden

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posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 05:54 PM
What did you think about the Meet the Press interview with Joe Biden?

It can be seen Here if you haven't seen it.

He praises Palin, answers tough questions, addresses the idea of both candidates running on a "change" platform, Oprah, women voters and many more subjects.

I think it was a great interview and showed he knows what he's talking about and that he and Barack Obama have some serious and detailed plans for the future of this country.

I'd like to hear what people here think about the interview.

posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 07:45 PM
It was a decent interview.

I am one of those strange fiscal conservative, social liberals. I don't agree with either candidate all the way, so instead of looking to vote against someone/something, I am actually looking for something to vote for. I know, shocking.....

On what he spoke on:

Sarah Palin: nice comments for the most part. But, when he said that her "silence was deafening" on some issues, I kind of have to disagree. I don't think that the convention was the place for her to lay out her issues and stances on them. She will do that on the campaign trail and during the debate. If she doesn't do it then....well, then there's a problem.

Oprah: don't care. It's Oprah's show and she can have whoever she wants on the show and not have whoever she doesn't want on the show. That won't sway my vote one way or another.

"Change": this is one thing I am sick to death of hearing about. Sure Obama/Biden want change.....POLICY change. Not so very different from all other politicians. I don't think that under a Obama/Biden administration that things will be done differently in DC.....nor do I think that it will happen under a McCain/Palin administration. SOPs are too ingrained in DC and no real "change" will occur. So, Obama wants policy change, and McCain "changed" his party by picking a female running mate....both of them can claim some sort of "change". But, not the kind change that everyone has been preaching since Obama started his campaign.

Women voters: on this point, I think he is right. I hope women won't just vote for McCain/Palin only because there is a woman on the ticket; I know that won't be a reason I would vote for them and I am a woman. Just like I hope black people won't vote for Obama because of the color of his skin. There are more important things to focus on than the "obvious".

Iraq: I have come to this conclusion....Republicans want a military victory and Democrats want political victory. Will either get what they want? No. Do they have to meet somewhere in the middle? Yes. Will they? Highly doubt it. Why? Not enough space in this post to list the reasons.....

Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac: Should the government bail these places out?? Not only no, but oh hell no. This is a case of bad business from the lenders combined with absolutely no sense of personal responsibility from the borrowers. Companies should have to sink or swim on their own without the government propping them up. Personally, I think that if China and other VIP stockholders weren't tied up in this that the government would let these companies sink. Should there be regulations on businesses via the government? Of course. Should the government set out to save them or sink them? Of course not. That is not what the government is there for.....either for companies or individuals.

Bankruptcy Bill/His son: His son, don't care. His son isn't running for office. But, if his son was involved in Biden's decision to support the bankruptcy legislation he helped pass (due to the company he worked for), then yes, I care. But, there's no proof of that one way or the to me, this is a non-issue.

Religion/Abortion: I agree with him on these points. Religion should not factor into government and vice versa. Religion is a personal thing and has no place in government. Abortion is a personal thing and has no place in government. The government shouldn't try to legislate personal issues like these. Everyone has an opinion on these two issues. But, opinions are like rectal ejection points.....everyone's got one, but that doesn't mean that others want to hear it or see it or have it shoved down their throats. I know, bad mental image there.....

I would have liked to hear more about Obama/Biden's tax plan, education plan and health care plan.....but that being said, nothing he said during the interview swayed me to vote for them. But, good, solid interview overall.


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