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Which Files?

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posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 04:42 PM
Mulder looked at Dana's shapely ankles and smiled to himself, "
I know what your thinking Mulder and your wrong" Scully whispered,
" the sequencing shouldn't work, however, using diochlorethylene inhibits the R.N.A from rejecting the D.N.A positioning".

Mulder loved it when she talked like that, and to show it he very slightly rocked the step ladder.
"Heh, careful Mulder" Scully cooed, and started back down the steps, Mulder stepped back and watched Scully operate those high heeled shoes.

" It's no good, the lighting and some of the pipework stops me from seeing the face fully, if it's him, then...." she let the sentence trail off.

They had been on assignment in Nevada for six weeks, Skinner had mentioned that this one was an easy one. Several residents of the small town of Red Creek had reported sightings of strange objects moving about in the desert skies.
These objects, and no one had actually photographed one or had one in their possession, were described as black oblongs with strange markings on one side, the size varied.

One eye-witness admitted seeing a 30 foot long 'monolith' making strange manoeuvres in the sky over Red Creek.
What made the reports reach the attention of the F.B.I, was that the shapes were appearing over peoples houses and from what the latest information indicated was, a strange 'knocking' could be heard, rattling shingles and damaging chimneys.
Mulder and Scully had tracked down all the witnesses and had taken all the reports. They had spent 2 days in the Palomino Hotel collating the reports and after an heated debate with Special Agent Skinner on the phone, came to a frightening and hilarious conclusion.
There were dominoes flying about in the desert!

It wasn't until they had packed their luggage and handed back their room keys that Mulder had mentioned the fact that they hadn't spoken to the people living on the nearby Indian reservation.

Topanoh Indian reservation was only 2 miles from Red Creek, and after Mulder had babbled on about how native Americans saw life from a slightly different slant to 'whitey', and that their beliefs pre-date Christianity, that was when Scully had gave in and agreed to go out with Mulder and ask a few questions.
Sadly, this didn't quieten Mulder, he continued with his lesson on native American lifestyles and the oppressive attitude of the white man on the indigenous people of this land.

As Scully drove towards the reservation, Mulder ranted on. He commented that most tribes believe that this world had been visited by beings from space, from time to time Scully had nodded and countered Mulder's 'factoid' story with the occasional scientific quote that asked for facts and evidence.
Mulder mentioned Roswell, and with that, Scully told him to shut up or get out. They drove on in silence.

The head of the tribe was Johnny Walk-on-Stones, and after the pleasantries were finished, Scully asked Mr. Walk-on-Stones if anybody had seen anything strange around their area.
Johnny had eyed Scully's partner with disdain, making Mulder sullen and withdrawn. "There have been sightings, and at night, we have seen trucks and helicopters moving around out there" the chief had said.
Mulder had cheered up a little then, and asked Mr. Walk-on-Stones if he could show them where this disturbance had taken place. The Chief had nodded, stepped forward and pointed towards a rocky outcrop that stood a mile away. " You will find what you need there" He had said, his voice cracked and old.

As Scully climbed back into the car, her regulation skirt had ripped slightly, showing her knee and the lower half of her thigh, Dana had immediately looked up at Mulder, but he was busy asking Mr. Walk-on-Stones questions about the figures on a blanket that hung from the side of his pickup. Johnny Walk-on Stones had seen the tear though, and smiled toothlessly at the flame-haired beauty.

Mulder had continued with his paranoid questions, pondering on whether aliens had began life here, or was it that they were genetically altering
the human race. The chief had nodded and smiled wisely, waiting for this stupid G-man to stop babbling.
As Mr Walk-on-Stones accompanied and urged this lost soul back towards the car, the chief had startled Mulder by asking how much for the white woman. This had given the agent verve to leave. After three hundred years of persecution, Chief Johnny Walk-on-Stones didn't need Feds on his land.

An hour later, Mulder and Scully stood at the foot of this huge chunk of rock that had been pushed from the earth millions of years ago. Mulder had hunkered down and stared into the dust, his fingers feeling among the granuals.
already collected some of the rubble that contained quartz, for his collection back at the office. " This is quartz Scully", Mulder had whispered and Scully had sarcastically patted him on the shoulder and used the word "Oooh!"

It had took them another 20 minutes before they found the old mine entrance, and Mulder had commented on the fresh tyre tracks leading into the cool dark shaft.
And So, here they were, a mile underground and in a hidden government facility that indicated that experiments in cloning and genetics were taking place.

The room that they stood in contained 28 huge fluid-filled tanks, in each tank, a human body floated gently in the bubbles and the chemicals. There were wires and tubing connecting the tanks to electronic panels in the wall beside each container. Scully squinted about in the gloom and then looked at Mulder, " What do you think?" she asked.

Mulder had been looking at Scully's red hair with a hound dog expression and flinched as he realised Dana was asking him a question. Mulder smiled and said, " you're not very tall are you?" . Scully sighed turned back towards the tanks and muttered something under her breath, " We have two choices Mulder, we destroy this facility before the end of the episode, or we reveal this covert experiment to our uncaring superiors" she said, and put her hands on her hips to emphasise that she meant business.
Mulder, his face saying he was having amorous thoughts again, said "humph", and folded his arms.

Scully leaned against the glass and waited for Mulder to curtail his pervy thoughts and start in with more constructive ideas. It was then she saw the shiny fabric that had been jammed between the tank and the wall that it was set in.
"Look Mulder" she hissed and pulled at the cloth, hoping this would focus Mulder's mind on the present serious situation, and she also hoped he would quit that sappy, eye brow wagging stare.

As Dana unfurled the studded material, and held it towards the eldritch green glow of the tanks, Mulder came out of his loin-orientated trance and gasped as both Federal agents realised what they stumbled upon.

The white shiny cloth was a jump-suit, and a red-lined cape hung with it, that had seen better days. Scully looked at Mulder and said with a terrified tone, " Oh my God Mulder, they're making Elvises"

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 05:32 PM
Your Avatar speaks a thousands words...I love it! How long have you had it, its great.

Are we human or are we dancers? Is it not denser? I took it to be a take on the human trip from 3rd to 4th but who knows. 4th being denser of course.

Like the story, mini Elvises sure would be strange....oh I miss Mulder and Scully dont you! The tension...would they..wouldnt they....oh and the alien hunting too of course.

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