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Non lethal weapons?

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posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 02:26 PM
Hi,Pulsed microwave frequencies that are able to control a persons mind?I type this in the General Conspiericies forum,but I shouldnt have a question mark beside that.Look,I have read and read of the stuff that has been unclassified.Alot of it is what they are wanting you to think is the way that it is.Of that there should be no question.

You could listen to the things that are said of what technology is available and you would be hearing a lot of lies.If it has been unclassified you are sure to know that they have more tech that is beyond what they admit.Scalar electronics seems to be where a lot of the stuff starts.Maybe there are different forms of mind control but that seems to be where alot of it has come from.

I would think that you are of the same type of thought about hoe lame it is that we are being lied to by the people who are able to do these things.Look at what research you are able to,check the forums and try to research what it is that you cant find.I know that sounds a little off but you know what I mean.I will post something at some time but thats what I wanted to say.


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