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Should Ron Paul start his own party?

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 01:14 AM

Originally posted by TrueAmerican
Again? I think his run in 88 and just being in the party in general did not give him near the exposure that he has now. I'd be surprised if he rejoined.

Well I would venture that there may be a greater back lash against the Dems and the Republicans then there was in 1988 . More people may be looking for an alternative to both party's who have failed the US and parts of the globe .

And actually, I doubt he could unify the other parties, because there are just too many core differences between them

Surely Paul shares enough of the same values with the party he should join and the Constitution Party to bring those supporters on board .

It is the current GOP that has changed its stance on issues, rather than a Ron Paul who has changed republican values and traditions.

With all do respect when an organisation changes its direction you either go with the flow or leave . Paul has drifted so far away from the Republican Party in terms of values and policy he simply doesn't belong in the Republican Party any more . Paul is forty years to late he would have fitted into the Goldwater era nicely .

Until the US adopts some degree of Proportional Representation in its electoral system third party's holding any degree of power simply wont happen .

Not sure I completely understand that comment, xpert. As long as RP stands for what he does, and intends to make the changes he knows we need, I can't see any supporters turning on him period- establishment or not. It is an issue of values, platform, and intent- not a popularity contest. At least- it would be nice if it wasn't.

Myself I put Paul supporters into three categories .

  1. Libertarians
  2. Anti establishment crowd
  3. Reactionary's to recent bad policy decisions .

I regard Libertarians as being the supporters who would stick by Paul. If Paul ever entered the main stream those who hate the main stream other wise known as the establishment would turn on him . The anti establishment crowd is very immature and has a lot of growing up to do .

The reactionary's have been so put off by the last eight years if not more decision making process and its results that they are supporting Paul without thinking thou what the consequences of his policy's .

Note under the parliamentary system MP are pre selected by political party's . Come election time unless someone is retiring selection to run again is fairy straight forward and standard that is unless the MP in question has been plagued by scandals or broken with party ranks .

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