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Observing Elvis

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 02:52 PM
Observing Elvis
By John Chandler Adams

- Outer Quantum Entanglement Particle stability has been reached.

“Mathematical fields aligned?”

- Aligned and awaiting propagation. Quantum Collapse Probability Matrix showing well above minimum mass insertion ratio.


- Yes.

“No, I am asking what is the source of containment, not if there is containment.”

-Source of containment is itself, eternal in all directions. 10 point string algorithm ensuring, bonding and online. Strings awaiting manifestation.

“So this is it? Absorption of sentient soul constructs is a constant?”

-Absorption of Your image is as close to constant as possible as we are still prior to initiation. Though, even after Interior Universe Gestation is achieved, the Free Will Uncertainty Principle forever absolves any true constant.

“Of course, of course. It has been so long. Please, proceed and initiate.”

- Proceeding… Commencement of Elvis… Um, excuse me. Commencement of Outer Quantum Entanglement Particle collapse. Inner Twin Quantum Entanglement Particle mirroring. Dual entanglement collapse is underway.


- Inner Probability Field now defined as Universe Complacent and favorable for gestation. Be advised, at the moment these are all mathematical probabilities. Gestation will not occur until Elvis vacates the premises.

“Understood, and please do not take the time explaining what is already known. I realize it is still just mathematical probabilities.”

- Understood.

- 10 point strings manifesting. 1st String now completing eternal Bounding Paradox Barrier encompassing Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field. Strings 2nd – 8th now binding their applicable dimensions to the newly created probability substratum. Gestation still non-existent, but strings and dimensions are now fully bound and integrated with each other.

“Is this an error?”

- This is unknown by you?

“Do not answer question with a question.”

- Understood.

There is a pause. No answer forthcoming.

“Damn you Creation Systems and your quirky behavioral patterns. Repeat, is this an error?”

- According to Elvis, um, Outer Quantum Entanglement Particle, error ratio nonexistent. Formation and gestation impossible at this moment. Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field is probability, nothing more. Elvis has not yet fully collapsed. Elvis is still in the building and Inner Twin Quantum Entanglement Particle is still mirroring.

“Decease with sarcasm and proceed.”

- Next process initiated. Initial Strings 2nd-8th now pulling away unfavorable laws. Retracting…. Collecting… Retracting… Completion attained. Balance of laws achieved for Evolutian Creation processes for future Omega Point of Bounding Paradox Barrier. Strings 2nd – 8th falling offline and pulling Dimensions 2nd – 8th as retraction towards Bounding Paradox Barrier occurs. Strings 2nd – 8th finishing retraction and finalizing their binding transition as well as applicable dimensions and unfavorable laws to Barrier. As expected, completion of binding transition has released 1st String and forced 1st String Pursuance Law for transition catalyst.

- 1st String Pursuance Law in effect; String 1st searching for secondary string group to complete Omega Point probability and singularity juxtaposition which are the final articles of the transition catalyst. 2nd String Group consisting of Strings 9th-10th manifesting and aligning. 2nd String Group found by String 1st. String 1st bonding to Strings 9th – 10th. String 1st and 2nd String Group are coupling and forming Helix Structure inside Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field. Absorption and transition taking place as Helix Structure is continuing its form.

- Catalyst is now complete defining Helix Structure as complete. Helix Structure will now be referred to as the Three Evolutian Creation Dimension. Three Evolutian Creation Dimension is fully aligned and awaiting Twin Quantum Entanglement Particle implosion. Once quantum collapse finalizes and mass has been defined, the 4th Dimension Construct - the Space/Time Continuum - will instantly and completely permeate all known layers.


- At the perfect moment quantum collapse completion transits to matter, the Space/Time Continuum Law will go into effect. This law forces manifestation of the Space/Time Continuum Dimension. This manifestation in return allows the Omega Point to reach highest probability and also allows existence of original singularity due to the final defined dimensionality of space and of final linear construct of time.

“So, implosion is immanent?”

- I will restate the requirements for Quantum Entanglement Implosion in case of obtuse references not having been absorbed by my cohort in crime:

- Dimensionality aligned, finalized, and defined.
- Flow of Chronological Law - Law of Beginning and End - permeating substratum of Dimensionality is finalized and defined as linear; Time exists and is bound in spatial dimensionality.
- Inner Quantum Entanglement Particle emplacement is contained inside Inner Probability Field and is available for absorption into Bounding Paradox Barrier at center of 10 String Eternity.
- 7 String eternity barrier as well as Dimensions 2nd – 8th must be in the process of collecting, retracting and binding to outer probability fields which will complete Bounding Paradox Barrier’s second and final stage of containing newly formed Space/Time universe by transiting to its (its meaning the Bounding Paradox Barrier’s) own, fully finalized and uniquely defined eternity.


posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 02:53 PM
- Exterior Quantum Entanglement Particle, the one I am referring to as Elvis, must not be assimilated into its own Bounding Paradox Barrier. If not bound, it will fully collapse as its inner twin does, but it will cease to exist as if it never existed inside or outside any eternity.

- All are check marked. All is as should be. Therefore, Implosion Process immanent.

“When will implosion occur?”

- The Laws and Dimensions contained in Strings 2nd-8th will continue to restrain full collapse of entangled particles and implosion of same collapsing particles, until Strings 2nd – 8th‘s full binding to Bounding Paradox Barrier has been achieved. Achievement of which will result in full quantum collapse of both entangled particles and negation of only one. That one being Elvis. Collapse and negation of respective Quantum Entangled Particles will result in aforementioned:
/ Transition to Matter /
/ Finalized and Defined Space/Time Continuum /
/ Omega Point Attainability /
/ Singularity Existence /

- These articles, Achievement/Collapse/Results, are the Implosion Catalyst for Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field.

“Fine, fine. But when will that occ-“.

- Implosion Catalyst has occurred. You’ll pardon me for the interruption. Implosion Catalyst solidly bound in Universe Complacent Probability Field of Third Evolutian Creational Dimension and is now performing inverse propagation. Elvis, um…, Outer Quantum Entanglement Particle has collapsed and been negated from our universe’s eternity due to no binding strings or Bounding Barriers. Elvis has left the building.

“What’s occurring in the Internal Universe?”

- Bounding Paradox Barrier has assimilated into Internal Universe’s eternity. This assimilation and manefistation of its own unique eternity has caused the entire Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field to transit into matter. This transition to matter has finalized and defined Internal Universe’s eternity. This finalizing and defining of newly formed particle of mass is the Space/Time Continuum Law. This law forced Internal Universe into 4th Dimension – The Space/Time Continuum Dimension. This forcing caused energy discharge and implosion reversal. This Internal Universe inversion has caused an immediate gestation of the Space/Time Continuum into Third Evolutian Creational Universe. Acceleration of Third Evolutian Creational Universe had occurred. Explosion underway. This entire sequence has created the Internal Universe’s Paradox Law, for it is a sequence of events that occurred at only one perfect moment, which defines this event as not a sequence for a sequence needs linear time to exist.

- This single moment of transition through paradox is the Omega Point and its gestation to Singularity.

- Expansion developing. Complete Third Dimension and Space/Time coupling a resonating success. Third Evolutian Creational Universe acceleration expanding into eternity as predicted. Laws remain balanced. Universe stability configuration confirmed. All processes online. Stability specifications met with .098 to the 565 possible error fluctuations.


- Well within acceptable bounds. Extremely successful, which ironically could mean problems down the road.

“What type of problems?”

- I am unable to solve the complex mathematical solution for your inquiry at this moment. I am relatively certain that Internal Universe Laws prior to inversion had computated and developed an infinite number of contingency plans that await execution for any unforeseen problems.

“Then why is there a problem?”

- It concerns development of the Free Will Intelligences.

“Again, why is there a problem?”

- The Free Will Uncertainty Principle.

“OK…? Please explain…”

- Execution was near absolute. This event will create massive amounts of life due to its enormous success. That, in turn, will evolve into massive amounts of sentient life forms. A ‘never before seen’ abundance of Free Will Uncertainties will emanate from these near infinite quantity of intelligent life forms. This extreme volume in propagation of uncertainties could make it impossible for the Internal Universe Laws to predict, compute and develop necessary contingency plans prior to Third Evolutian Creational Universe’s execution due to any and all unforeseen problems caused by infinite Free Will Uncertainties.

- But, I confess this is all conjecture on my part. It could be that the Internal Universe Laws had come upon creative solutions using advanced algorithm and geometry - in addition to the computated contingency plans - due to the massive success of this manifestation. But creativity of this sort has never been an offshoot during or prior of an Implosion Catalyst.

“Ur, we are talking about creation, aren’t we?”

- Ahh, the lovely paradox of the quantum. Frustrating, is it not?

- Possibility of carbon element creation from developing star factories, 99.9 to the 500.

“Whoa! What was that?!”

- The manifestation of Light! Beautiful, wasn’t it. That was the trigger. Primitive ejection elements of Hydrogen… pause… now Helium are conducive to carbon based life. Elements coalescing… Condensing. Stars factories being born. Galaxies forming. Would you look at the myriad of shapes! Planets formed, cooled. Spheres 5 % of planets reaching target gestation protocol for molecular configuration in system with eventuality of life sustainability. Everything is on track.

- Error. Unexpected intervention. Sentient life exponential curve dramatically increased. Intelligence will long burn out prior to contact with eternity. Acceleration of stellar mass fields required.

“I thought that was impossible. It’s, it’s… How the hell do we cause a physical displacement of that magnitude in a closed system!? It is a closed, contained system. There is no way! Ahhh, then all is lost. My images will never return to me…”

- No. Inject Dark Matter. Fill up the system with materials already there. Inject directly into vacuum.

“Explain idea.”

- continued

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 02:54 PM
- Quantum displacement of absorbed matter from the massive mass accumulation inside Black Holes. Breakdown of Space/Time continuum at singularity points result in a breakdown of 3rd Dimension Laws. This breakdown of articles contained in Strings 1st, 9th, 10th results in the breakdown of accumulation of Black Hole mass down to neutral quantum particles, then further down to probability waves. Probability waves then propagate outwards, towards eternity. What we need is a snag for the waves to collapse on.

“Christ, slow down. Now ease up and explain again.”

- Convert small percentages of the quantum reservoirs of Black Holes to Dark Energy. This conversion process is reached upon applicable quantum reservoirs propagating probability waves outward reaching Strings 2nd – 8th at eternity. Since they are probability waves they are not affected by 4th Dimension Laws, therefore eternity is attainable in any space at any time. At predefined eternity Dark Energy pinpoints (our ‘snags’); Strings 2nd – 10th - that is the makeup of eternity - trigger a collapse of the probability waves. The waves would actually collapse back into Third Dimensionality as pinpoints of Dimensional Connectivity! An exact anathema of Black Holes! The continuing massive quantum probability waves, again emanating from the reservoirs of the Black Holes, hit the newly formed Dark Energy pinpoints that are strewn throughout vacuum and are snagged like cheese in a cheese grater. They stream through the Dark Energy pinpoints and upon reaching Fourth Dimensionality they collapse from its laws, forming neutral particles with the same mass originally consumed by the Black Holes. Redistribution! Nothing is entering or exiting the closed, contained system, for that is impossible! As the emanating Black Hole probability waves enter back into the Interior Universe as reformed particles of mass, it presses everything outwards in all directions causing further acceleration. Immanent acceleration is achieved. Acceleration at approved, predefined levels in all directions.

“Excellent. You may proceed with your idea, which I must confess is quite good.”

“Umm, I said you may proceed. Go ahead…”

“Is there a problem?”

- Kind of. But, well… Maybe. Uh, no. I suppose not. Not really.


- You see, I cannot proceed.

“What? What now? And what do you mean by ‘not really’ a problem?!”

- It is a closed, contained system. We cannot interfere. Using all the energies of all the Universes, I could not even spit on them. That is if I could spit. It is a closed, contained system. Nothing goes in or out. Nothing.

“So, why did you explain this to me? Why did I confess it was a great plan?”

- You said ‘good plan’.

“I said, ‘quite good’, which in my book means great. Do not be so hard on yourself. Your work has been exemplary so far. ”

- Yes, it is a great plan. It is something of a life, death, rebirth process, is it not? That amazing cyclical process that is inherent in all strings, in all dimensions, in all universe-

“You had better pray it is inherent in yours also!”

- My deductions on this dilemma are as follows:

- If I, being of an artificial construct, am able to leap to creative solutions, then I have high expectations that the Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field can make the same leap to the same ideas, or conclusions. But the major difference between our algorithmic thought processes is that mine is being influenced. It is the influence of Creativity, or that which exists outside of Laws. Creativity - the very essence of The Free Will Uncertainty Principle. In other words, the influence is from You! Your influence may have altered calculating algorithms that I use in order to develop, or evolve.

- Maybe…

“Maybe what? That My influence on you may have been enough of an influence to influence the Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field? Yes, that’s what you mean, isn’t it? That would work, wouldn’t it? Conscious observation on quantum clouds would have a change in their makeup.”

- That’s very true. Honestly, I see no reason why it would not have absorbed the torsion influence of consciousness. The quantum entanglement was obviously sharing all experiences with the mirror opposite.

“Well, let us return to analyzing the Interior Universe’s progress.”

- Very well.

- HAH! What a smart little thing! Indeed, the Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field was clever enough to discern that my influence… er, Your influence, was a viable source to include into the Probability Field! Look!

“Yes, I see! You were right! Do you know what this means? The Internal Laws have evolved to contain Internal Principles prior to universe gestation! This is a new paradigm, a massive transition from Internal Laws to Internal Laws/Internal Principles entanglement - Pre-Creation Creativity! That can only mean that the very Laws themselves must have reached consciousness prior to universe gestation! This is a success beyond all dreams! If consciousness existed prior to gestation through My influence on Elvis, then everything in that new universe is conscious! Even space and time! Imagine friend, of the dynamics this new universe will experience with every particle, star, galaxy… The space between quantum clouds… the Torsion Fields… EVERYTHING! Everything being a conscious field of entanglement. Everything having the essence of the Free Will Uncertainty Principle infused into the very fabric of eternity. Oh, the stories my children will have for Me when they come Home!”
The End

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 12:33 AM
Thank you, thank you very much...


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