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Believe in none

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 02:30 PM
I have to say, McCain would trick me into voting for him if I didnt already think its all idle talk and a room filled with brainwashed idiots following the whims of words spoken in the heat of campaign.

I dont believe in solar power or wind, I believe in better free energy. The american people are being given mcdonalds and the power hungry liars are using the high technology based on your hard work (taxes).

The drug war is illegal. Where is the call to end it, and free innocent people who, no loser you dont have the right to tell what to do.
Free market? nope Regulated scam? yep

Obama doesnt even strike a chord with me, hes not confident, his words arent there. But the stigma is..interesting seeing what i see.

America will not last this way. We are already eroded by foreigners working daily to ruin this great nation by lies and pssification, while the mind controlled people are suckers through the geometry of the foreign subverters. Where is our protection..oh right, they are also indoctrinated.

When I see america, I see cowardace. The bravery in small situations dont matter against the greates problems. ITs all become a sham of nanny state forcers of tyranny.

The drug war is the key to understanding this is true.


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