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The Illuminati Within

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:57 PM
Hello. First post here--love the site. I thought I'd share this recent article of mine. I'd post the whole thing but there seems to be a text limit
Anyway, here it goes.

I propose a new understanding of the Illuminati, the Reptilians, the Grand Master Masons, the Superclass and their pursuit of money and power and control. Their materialism has its place in infinity, and if you try to remove it, things at this location seem to lose sense and purpose. You are alive for a finite time on this planet, and your life is nothing more than a game you have chosen to play, albeit temporarily. The illuminated are those who know how the game is played and seek to expand the role of conscious through disconnected creation. You can see evidence of this in their genetically engineered foods, externally applied medications, corporate policies. The unenlightened are those who do not structure, who exist almost on accident and see themselves almost like victims to the system.

The Illuminati, unlike the masses of connected infinity, have the power of personal creation. They have harvested it and worshipped it for thousands of years, passing their knowledge of how to do so down from master to student throughout the ages. And by harvested I am saying they have carried the concept of creation to extremes and only draw people into their network who worship creation the same way that they do. They look internally and draw out their own understanding of what material creation is and what it means and how to utilize it. They see their role as a benevolent gods who create the law and use the consciousness of the many for the purpose of a few. Their structural capabilities are the strongest on earth, which can be seen through the formulation of their laws and the feeding of their own reptilian needs which helps increase their need to structure and control and gather more power and money. When confronted concerning this, they do not defend themselves because they have no defense—it is true, but it is a truth that they cannot openly reveal. Why? It is unacceptable to the masses to be used and is therefore done in secret. It would strip them of their ability to create if they did not keep others stupid and unenlightened as they have been enlightened. Take away the knowledge from the people that they can be gods. Set up religions that reinforce the fact that they are all victims who must look externally for a savior as opposed to the illuminati who look internally. Heaven is branded as an external location—hell is branded as internal, and it is this hell in which they happily turn to for inspiration. They seek to expand the role of disconnected consciousness at the expense of connected consciousness. Connected consciousness is like a plenum of unrealized potential. The Illuminati know that only through disconnection from that consciousness and the promotion of that disconnection can they create this place. They know this truth, and it is a truth which, if shared, would set them back more than a millennium.

When you read books such as those by David Icke, you get the sense that the conspiracy community understands this, but they do not know what to do with the knowledge, exactly. Stop it? In order to stop it, you pretty much have to do as the Illuminati do and develop structures and take control by wrestling control away from them. You need to disconnect the Illuminati from the masses who do not know better, but you cannot do this without using Illuminati concepts of creation through disconnection and fear...

(Read the rest here)


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