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The final chapter

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:22 PM
The opposite of a revelation is a mystery. What is Mystery -22 (opposite Revelation 22)?

Break it down... -2 / -2. The thing about September is in short it's Sept. Ask yourself what's missing? "Ex-"! Ex-Sept which sounds like Except. If we are dealing in mystery it is not bare, but has to be uncovered through working to uncover with wise translation tactics, dealing with the off-center.

with the exclusion of = with the inclusion of (an in opposite). So rather Ac-Sept to imply Accept.

I took something on a 2nd that had to do with another 2nd. The thing to notice was one part was on a Tues, the other part is on a Thurs. Inbwteen is a Wednesday dead center of two days opposite each other.

In columns of a calender of two months we busted out the 2,2.

^^"Mite away from stub in the -22!"--Anti-2Pac quote rings a bell.

If Rev chapter 22 (or: Mystery chapter -22) had a verse 22 (or: serve/sever -22) it would be the took something, concerning 2 2nds, I hold which isnt spelled out for understanding in any old book by any except by tell by me and who I make understand.

Yeah, the something took did concern what one would have to serve, literally. And plus there is mention about a sever in the bible at face value. Also the something is part 2 to a previous part 1 a lil while ago which in a way got severed from me. So accept what? Accept the final Sever (Sever part 2) outside of any drag-in, since I wasnt dragged in in the previous part. Like Pac... He never got the chance to face a sentencing for what he didnt plead guilty to. Looks like your own thought or felt innocence, whether you did something or not as others claim, gets you off the hook in a way scott-free.

In the first middle of the columns of the two months having 2nds was the first day I put a rap song of mine on the radio to be broadcasted. Plus, it was my opposite B-Day. No coincidence!! Not all are lucky to have an opposite B-Day.

Anyway, if I had to be dragged in, to the something, what's my Plan?! To set free!! It's my Revolutionary Plan I stand by if and whenever inside a box, so to speak (figeratively). Hell, I'm a struck match in the box. I consume the whole box with the other matches. It's like a chain reaction or is such. The Off-Center is the Stereo hearing experience of TRUTH to a PARADOX point. I've come a climax and so I leave a climax. Why? Just for the experience since I've got onward ever going live moments I may make the best of or worst of FREELY (BONDLY). One is still in bond to freedom if they are bonded freed or freed bonded. So I feel only free to only bond myself in a preferrence. And the preferrence itself is an expression of what freedom is momentarily for experience. So free and bond co-existing are with the paradox we are in/by/of/like.

Have you accepted the final chapter I paint the vivid masterful picture to and play the exceeding hit record in stereo to?

Am I coming into you crispy clear like enhanced CD quality of a remaster?

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 06:00 PM
Basically, generally, and specifically:

I am verse 22 of Rev 22 in the flesh.

I am serve -22 (-2, -2) of Mystery -22 (-2, -2) other than in the flesh.

I am sever -22 (-2/ -2) of Mystery -22 (-2/ -2) of the Point Mine.

^^Literal, metaphoric, figerative, symbolic, numberical, chornological, etc.; syncretical, etc. leads back to the Center (Me!!) Revolutionist of the Eternal, Infinite (Finite) Paradox Point, with the optional Alternative Ever, during hand bound the first and the final supreme, ruling holder.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 08:35 PM
MABUS!!! Yur makin my head hurt babe. You mind tellin me what yur talkin about?...and this time in laymans terms if ya don't mind. Lay off that Papist claptrap for a minute or two and have a dang beer!


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