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UFOs Seeing Is Believing,

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:03 PM
This two-hour primetime special reports on the entire scope of the UFO experience -- from the first famous sighting by Kenneth Arnold in 1947 to the present day. The program draws on interviews with police officers, pilots, military personnel, scientists and ordinary citizens who give extraordinary accounts of encounters with the unexplained. Also included are the voices of professional skeptics about UFOs, including scientists who are leading the search for life forms beyond Earth elsewhere in the universe.

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:07 PM
content from an external source;
Response from a friend of Dr. John Mack's
Presented anonymously by request

John and I used to have chats in his kitchen about where we thought this phenomenon was "at", and what we thought were the next steps the larger cultural conversation needed to take. He and I both agreed that before further discussion about the reality of "contact" could be addressed in the mainstream, the first point that needed to be addressed in public forums is WHY we westerners have such a hard time even engaging as a possibility the idea that "contact" has already happened.

I had a phone conversation today with one of the people who helped put together the Peter Jennings special, a man similar in age, education, and upbringing as myself. But despite our similarities, we were the perfect embodiment of the polarities that exist in our culture about this subject matter. And yet, the two of us represent people, equally "of sound mind and body", who have the capacity to engage in private a much more sophisticated dialogue than what a mainstream two hour program is willing to discuss in public (for all of it's myriad of reasons).

For me, and for many others in communities that address issues of Evolving Consciousness (not just "ufo/alien" folks), the need to create platforms or media (whatever you want to call it, whatever it looks like) that DOESN'T represent ungrounded, new agey mumbo jumbo - or it's current polarized counterpart that is the mainstream media - but that DOES represent the cutting edge of mainstream consciousness and the issues it is dealing with, is a pressing one.

We are not just a few hundred people, we who are interested in the physics of a new reality, we who are aware of the fact that we are NOT alone in this universe (even though we may not as yet be able to explain any where close to fully, what has been the exact nature of our contact experiences - though, rest assured, sleep paralysis it ain't).

There are millions of us who are interested in really moving this larger conversation forward.

That there exists SUCH a gap between the mainstream and those who are interested in actively participating in conversations that push forward the evolution of our western consciousness is telling.

And what it suggests, is that the mainstream is afraid, just as those of us who had these "alien encounter" experiences were afraid. It was terrifying to have our realities and beliefs shattered over and over again. And yet, most of us survived our paradigm deconstruction (even if it was in a "sink or swim" kind of fashion) and have managed to recreate meaningful new realities for ourselves in the wake of our experiences.

That the mainstream is unconsciously facing what would certainly represent the collapse of all it has held dear (including beliefs about God, religion, humans being at the "top of the food chain", and reality being a definable structure as interpreted only by our five senses and empirical science), has everything to do with why the Peter Jennings documentary had to be AS watered down as it was.

Interesting questions to ask here are:

Why CAN'T we have a balls to the wall, full blown documentary "on air" that articulates the phenomenon and it's accompanying confusion, just as it has been authentically presenting itself?

Why CAN'T we have the skeptics present their arguments, and have them FULLY responded to by equally qualified professionals, scientists, & academics who possess both the letters after their names, and the experience to satisfyingly rebutt and make clearly obvious that the skeptics arguments are weak at best, and in truth, fall FAR short of being able to describe what's actually happening in this phenomenon?

If we COULD manage to pull off those kinds of investigations, MAYBE we could begin the careful but courageous dance of beginning to stick our faces into the heart of this phenomenon (instead of into the sand) to begin to honestly explore what seems to be the collapse of reality as we currently understand it.

One of the problems, I think, so far, has been that we in the consciousness related communities have been waiting for the mainstream to bring itself into the larger conversation. We have been expecting the mainstream media to WANT to investigate the contact phenomenon in spite of its fear of ridicule for being truthful in it's reporting.

Problem is though, no one of sound mind who wants to stay safe and accepted within the cultural framework of what's believable wants to be played the fool.

So time and time and time again, we who have had these experiences are called out to report what has happened to us. And time and time again, we are dismissed, explained away, pathologized or marginalized. We are sacrificed because nobody has the courage to say "hey, maybe the emperor really ISN'T wearing any clothes".

We have a long way to go, we humans. As one of the experiencers featured on the program said, we really are just babies. That may be one of the most important things we need to remember as we consider why we, as a culture, have thus far lacked the courage to engage these possibilities... we're only babies.

And not so unlike infants, we think the Universe extends only as far as the four walls we can see around us.

Or perhaps, even more tragically, we believe that we don't matter. That we're alone in a vast void of space and time.

But we're wrong.

And eventually, hopefully, before it's "too late", we'll figure that out. We'll make adjustments in our cultural belief system to accommodate a new reality, before our old one comes crashing down around us.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:16 PM
content from an external source;
Budd Hopkins' Response
to the ABC Peter Jennings "Seeing is Believing" TV Program
Courtesy of the Intruders Foundation

During the past year Jenning's producers interviewed me a number of times, and because I sensed what they had in mind, I made, as a preemptive strike, a number of careful, highly specific observations about the UFO abduction phenomenon. All of these crucial points - recorded by ABC on videotape - were designed to underline the physical reality of UFO abductions and to demonstrate the implausibility of current skeptical explanations.

To its shame, ABC suppressed ALL of these observations.

I knew, of course, that the skeptics' favorite explanation du jour is impossibly simple: abduction reports, they believe, are all due to misperceived "sleep paralysis." Ranking as a distant second is another erroneous belief: abduction reports, they say, "ONLY emerge under hypnosis," and since hypnosis is "totally unreliable", all abduction reports must be discarded. In the light of these tediously familiar errors and misstatements, I made certain in my taped interviews to explain the following:
In the first two decades of our research, ALL of the central abduction cases involved people who were outside their houses when they were taken NONE were lying paralyzed in their bedrooms. They were driving cars, walking, fishing, hunting and even, in one famous case, driving a tractor on a farm. "Sleep paralysis" as a blanket explanation of UFO abductions is therefore, ipso facto, a ludicrous non-starter. Nevertheless ALL of my insistent statements on this point were systematically eliminated by the producers.

Second, I indicated that there are many abuction reports involving two, three, six or more people who were taken simultaneously and whose highly detailed recollections are virtually identical. This fact alone eliminates not only "sleep paralysis" but "fantasy-proneness" or any other idiosyncratic psychological aberrations as triggering causes. My descriptions of these many cases of multiple abductions were likewise completely suppressed by the producers

Third, I showed the interviewers many photos of, again, virtually identical scoop marks, consistent straight-line scars and ground landing traces at abduction sites, and other physical sequelae. ALL of these vivid photographic examples of physical evidence were suppressed by the producers.

Fourth, I was not alone in making these points. My colleague Dr. David Jacobs was asked by ABC to carry out a hypnotic regression for the camera, but since the woman he chose had been abducted in the daytime while driving a car, the case did not fit ABC's "sleep paralysis" agenda and was thus not only suppressed, but Dr. Jacobs' many hours of taped interviews were also scrapped.

Fifth, I made it very clear that perhaps 30% of all the abduction reports collected by researchers are recalled WITHOUT THE AID OF HYPNOSIS, a fact which renders the issue of hypnosis moot. This point was also suppressed by the producers whose only goal, it appeared, was to eliminate any data that contradicted their transparently false debunking hypotheses.

Despite my having presented - and reiterated - the points above, the producers chose to trot out on camera two debunking scientists (whose experiments with a mere handful of subjects have yet to be taken seriously by the psychological community) to buttress the untenable "sleep paralysis" theory, the false "no physical evidence" claim, and the demonstrably untrue "its all hypnosis" assertion. The smug presentations of these two would-be experts were accompanied by the producers' lurid "reenactments" of "sleep paralysis" phenomena, complete with flashing lights and spooky music. The taped testimony of a serious mental health professional like Dr. John Mack was likewise suppressed, along with my statement that over the years eight psychiatrists and numerous other mental health professionals had come to me about their own UFO abductions. The producers' obvious goal was to conceal the fact that within the mental health community there are many professionals who look with amusement on the "sleep paralysis" theory, and who accept the physical reality of UFO abductions.

So what can one say about such a deliberately dishonest presentation as Peter Jenning's "Seeing is Believing" take on abductions? Perhaps one can only shrug and warn, yet again, that the incurious members of the press and the many blinkered, conservative scientists had better collectively pull their heads up out of the sand and join us in our work. Whatever one's personal attitude toward the UFO abduction phenomenon, science insists that an extraordinary phenomenon demands an extraordinary investigation. What ABC served up on Thursday night was, instead, an extraordinary whitewash of the abduction phenomenon, and a brutal suppression of the evidence for what may well be the most portentous event in human history.

Peter Jennings and his staff should be ashamed

Budd Hopkins
New York, Feb 25, 2005

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