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The Daily Show Slams Republican Pundits

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:58 PM
Daily Show

I'm not usually big on posting clips of the Daily Show. Either you like what they say or you don't. But this time around, it cannot be ignored. The Daily Show absolutely laid into Carl Rove, Bill O'Reilly, and others in this clip.

It has to do with a multitude of things. Each of the 4-5 people made a completely silly statement in the past, and then has since magically changed their mind to be more liberal since Palin was nominated.

Rove talked about how impressed he was that Palin was Mayor of the "second largest city in Alaska" (he leaves out that the populous is only about 8,000). Of course, the Daily Show cuts back to a previous quote by Carl Rove:

Rove on Tim Kaine (a potential VP choice for Obama):

"He's been a governor for 3 years. He was mayor of the 105th largest city in America. And again with all due respect for Richmond, VA, it's smaller than Chula Vista, CA, Aurora, CO, North Las Vegas... so if he were to pick governer Kaine it would be an intensely political choice where he said, 'Well you know what, I'm really not first and foremost concerned with: Is this person capable of running the United States.'"

So Rove doesn't think Palin has experience to run the country.


Bill O'Reilly talked of how Palin should not be judged for her daughter being pregnant. That it is not anyone else's business unless they request government help, it's just a personal matter.

The Daily Show then cuts to Bill O'Reilly on Jamie Lynn Spears:

"Here the blame falls primarily on the parents of the girl, who obviously have little control over the girl."


It then cuts to Sean Hannity whining that Palin is getting such hard question. That no one else is getting these tough questions (really, was she grilled over a lapel pin for 8 months?). Dick Morris is with him.

Dick Morris says, "A man would never have had to go through this. It's a deep sexism that runs through our society."

Cut back to the Clinton campaign.

Dick Morris - "When a woman wants to be President, she shouldn't complain based on gender... I'm going to take my toys and go home, because the big boys are picking on me. What happens when the boys in the middle east, or the boys in Russia, or the boys in China, start picking on you. Are we going to have the President of the United States saying the boys are picking on me? This is what Hillary always does, whenever she gets under fire, she retreats behind the apron strings."



And then it cuts to a Fox News pundit, who basically did the same thing as Dick Morris. Said Hillary needs to suck it up and then whined that Palin is getting heat about her kids, etc.

Nancy Pfotenhauer on Hillary - "It would be a big mistake for her to try to play this victimization card because it's just not what we want in a President."

Nancy Pfotenhauer on Palin - "I think the nature of these attacks, because they involve family members and because they are just so disrespectful to her as a woman"

"I also would have hoped that they wouldn't be so quick to belittle the accomplishments of women"


And beautifully enough, it ends with an old clip of Palin talking about how any sort of whine from a female candidate doesn't help anything. That the woman candidate needs to work harder.

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:47 PM

Existing thread my friend.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by PlausibleDeniability

Oh, thanks. Normally I would search but I didn't think anyone would have used this topic. Guess I was wrong.

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