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ATS : Project Fight For Caylee Anthony's Rights

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 02:18 PM
I am initiating a stance on this current situation that is in the news media, that while it has been overhyped to an extent, it is a major tragedy that Caylee Anthony is missing and her mother seems to be totally devoid of emotion about this young girl who is missing.

elevatedone, started this thread which I think is an awesome one based on his viewpoints, perspectives, and sources of information he's compiled as well as other ATS contributors. I've flagged, starred, and thread-tagged it. The thread-tag was "Mother Confess Now" because personally I believe this woman needs to not be focused on about who she is, while simultaneously I believe her rights as a citizen should be stripped away from her for her daughter being missing and her apparent lack of concern.

Missing Toddler / Mother Not Telling Everything

space cadet, is a poster on this thread, on the third page talking about a dream she had, which I feel could possibly be a psychic event for this ATS, but again I'm no expert on psychic's nor am I speaking on space cadet's behalf. space cadet's dream almost sounds like this is a psychic premonition to what has happened to Caylee Anthony. I've flagged, starred, and thread-tagged this thread as well. I thread-tagged it with "Psychics Helping Find Children".

Ever had a dream that might not be a dream?

ironjello, started this thread where this ATS'er is obviously frustrated and upset about the lack of Law Enforcement doing anything relevant. I flagged, starred, and thread-tagged this one. The thread-tag is "Find Caylee Anthony Now" because I feel Law Enforcment might need ATS's "conspiratorial minded" contributors to back them up for once.

What are the Cops waiting for !!!!!

Here is the Wikipedia article on the Miranda Rights history, and where this law came into the current use towards helping Law Enforcement do their job better.

Wikipedia – Miranda Rights History - Where Your Miranda Rights Came From

What I would like to see is that we as ATS'ers assist in a Research Forum Project I am initiating here to do any relevant information we can dig up on a few things where we might add strength to the F.B.I. current ongoing case.

Maybe, we can as well assist via this incident towards getting Governor Charlie Crist, Florida's man in the hotseat, and the state I live in in passing law towards pushing this to Congress to help strip away citizens specific rights who are involved in heinous crimes like this one where Caylee Anythony has gone missing. You will notice I am not giving her mother any recognition by mentioning her name, in essence I am "stripping away her identity" here on my thread/post so she does not get anything out of this, ever.

* No book deals

* No recognition, except as a criminal by negative reputation

* Making her just a number within the system

Those are starters that I see are necessary towards this woman being charged for whatever crime Law Enforcement finds through their investigation.

What I am asking of ATS'ers here is the search engine power of as many people who want to add to this case via ATS. Here's what I feel we need to do to assist Law Enforcement.

ATS Searches :

* Prior history relevant to stripping away a citizens rights.

For those odd cases where the event happens to be found in major error, this will also need some research on giving those rights back through thorough investigation and compiling the accidental mistake of prosecuting someone based on false or secret evidence.

* Psychic abilities in finding people while assisting Law Enforcement. Almost anything can help here, but it needs to specifically relate to finding a missing person.

* Anything relevant to Law Enforcement towards fast-tracking their investigations towards searching for both missing people as well as people who evade and elude the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Justice Department as well as potentially Interpol if this ends up turning into an international incident.

I am asking ATS to assist Law Enforcement and while I know citizens having their rights stripped away is a highly controversial topic for most ATS'ers as it is for me as well, I think this instance is something we need to consider doing the right thing, for the right cause, for the right time and place.

Feel free to post in this thread if you are a Research Forum contributor, flag and star it if you are not, and U2U me if you want to know how I think you might help based on anything you assist me to assist ATS to back up the men in uniform on something like this important issue in order to stop future crimes, convict criminals quicker, and find their vicitims faster.

America's Most Wanted has done a story on this as well, starring John Walsh.

Don't forget to utilize ATS's TinWiki our very own Wiki Search Engine.

I am an Adult Leader in the Boy Scouts of America, and I am making this my Youth Protection initiative towards assisting Law Enforcment.

Boy Scouts : International : Survival : All Scouting Organizations

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 08:56 PM
As far as what I am contributing right now on the thread, I am going to limit the details of what I post here, and as well ask the same of anyone else who posts here, because this is an ongoing criminal investigation by the F.B.I. and I do not want to contribute with a negative impact towards them having to throw out any evidence, in order to convict any people responsible for Caylee Anthony's disappearance.

I have however contact a friend, who is a psychic, and she and I have discussed this in detail. Right now, I can not out of conscience as well proper ethics post any of that discussion, until I get more details, but I want to let people here on ATS know I am taking this seriously.

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 08:27 AM
I know I made some typo's as well as some grammatical errors on the first post there, but I was hurrying along with something I hoped would be a project ATS might want to get involved in, since I believe it will be something that the F.B.I., Homeland Security, and the Justice Department might be already working towards in regards to shifting the suggested laws I am talking about because of the Caylee Anthony case. What I am saying is that if there is the possibility of a major law being enacted, or at the least the current laws being transitioned towards less rights for United States citizens, I believe it is our duty as American citizens as well as ATS's overseas allies to do research into how this might be changing as fast as possible because we need to not only assist Law Enforcement here, but as well keep up to date with this shifting system of laws that are potentially going to affect our rights as citizens of this planet we live on called Earth.

I'm in essence asking for your assistance to keep us from being left in the dark as to what may hit the headlines next towards any kind of potential abuse by the politicians at both the city level, county level, state level, and national level, as well international so they have no course towards abusing their power because of the fact that politicians sometimes like to step over that boundary and then are loathe to step back over it because they should "do the right thing" because grasping too much power sometimes is too much of a temptation. And in this world where so many rights have been stripped away from us as a nation as well as the world because of events like the War on Terror we need to protect our collective selves from the abuses of power not through picking up a pistol, rifle, or any other kind of physical weapon, but through having knowledge and combined strength and dignity as well as foresight into knowing how to stand for what's right or wrong like in this particular case where Caylee Anthony has gone missing and her mother seems to not have a care in the world, her grandmother seems to know more about this and is not sharing, or at the very least the media is keeping things silenced on the behalf of the F.B.I.'s ongoing case due to whatever reasoning they have dictated through documentation. I have received a fair amount of U2U's already at this point and I believe that there are some good hearted souls here within ATS bounds that understand where I am coming from in that not only do I want to help bring Caylee Anthony's potential murderer to justice here, but at the same time keep her family from gaining from this if they have involvement and or knowledge they are not sharing with Law Enforcement to speed this case along to give this young girl a peaceful resting place through justice having been served as well as keeping us as citizens of the combined nations on Earth protected from these kind of sociopath's who have done this kind of action where this little girl has gone missing and no one seems to know anything about it.

I've already had interaction via U2U with enough people who have asked how they can help and I am pooling and polling resources right now towards figuring out who can help where, so please do not hesitate to ask where you might fit in because this is a larger project than one man can handle and I am asking for assistance on this as well as open to your assistance but I will of course try to keep this in the best light for us as ATS'ers and as well also I am trying to do soemthing for victim's everywhere both before the Caylee Anthony case as well as in the future because of the next sick and perverted idiot who commits a heinous crime and I believe it is time that our world steps up to do something about this because I know I for one am tired of seeing these things happen on an almost daily repititious cycle, and I believe you here on this online community are as well, but maybe not everyone knows how, where, or what to do to initiate this and I am showing where I believe might be a great place to do the right thing for a better tomorrow.

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 09:52 AM
This is a part of why I started this Project Caylee Anthony on ATS in the Research Forum.

Mental Imagery From Words Or Images

I am not now, nor will I claim that I am perfect on any of this, I am however looking for assistance where I can find it.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 10:02 PM
I've been talking to people all over town locally here, about the possibility of starting a trust fund, college scholarship, and Space Camp scholarship in Caylee Anythony's name. I've gotten good round thoughts on all sides of the thoughts of this initiative towards doing something to remember the victims of crimes. No matter of course who the perpetrator was, the victim should be rememebered, and from my own perspective the person who committed the crime should not.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 02:44 AM
Casey Anthony Will Not Stand Trial

Nancy Grace and associates will prevent Casey Anthony's trial for any offense.

Question 1. : Would you allow your client, a proven pathological liar, to go to trial for murder if you could prevent it?

Question 2. : If the MSM gave you the evidence to prevent a trial and get her released from jail, wouldn't (shouldn't) you use it?

Television programs in the MSM, such as Nancy Grace's on CNN-HLN, offer so-called experts the opportunity to offer (frequently unfounded) off-the-cuff opinions, statements and observations that can and will be used by smart defense attorneys and shady “experts” to hinder justice and aid or bolster outrageous or otherwise questionable and tenuous defense opportunities.

From day one of the news and talk coverage of the disappearance of 3-year old Florida toddler Caylee Anthony, people who should know better have said things that will assist her murderer's avoidance of swift justice. Nancy Grace, especially, and her numerous and often barely-qualified guests have commented almost every evening on the conduct of the most likely suspect, the child's pathological liar of a mother, Casey Anthony.

Casey has now been indicted by a Florida grand jury on seven counts, including first-degree murder. As she sits in isolation, the pundits continue to comment on and criticize her prior behavior, without thinking of the consequences or import of their words.

Her attorney, Jose Baez, has obtained the assistance of a more experienced lawyer because he doesn’t have the requisite qualifications to try a capital murder case by himself. The new attorney has retained (pro-bono, i.e., free of charge), or will have the Court appoint, a team of investigators and “experts” to assist in trial preparation and the actual trial of the case.

But there will be no trial.

Variously describing the suspect's behavior as "not normal," "not mak[ing] sense," showing "no emotion" (what psych specialists call a "flat affect"), or otherwise unusual, these journalists and commentators have unwittingly, or perhaps knowingly, aided the mother's best opportunity to escape trial.

Although she is obviously a liar and deranged, she is not “insane” as the courts have applied that term to criminal defendants.

However, the police made tapes of her interrogations, which included those conducted as she led them on wild-goose-chases to non-existent former employers, and various places where the mythic “nanny” Zenaida Gonzales lived, played or worked. These tapes reveal a deeply troubled psyche which cannot tell the same story twice, and which creates obviously false scenarios in incredible detail. The woman clearly cannot tell the truth to anyone: police, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, and bail bondsmen.

Her attorney will argue that Casey cannot assist him because she cannot tell truth from fantasy. If she is unable to assist in her own defense, she is "incompetent to stand trial."

Casey will not employ an "insanity" defense, as that would require her to enter a plea of "guilty but insane," which she will not do.

Rather, attorneys and their experts can use the videotaped broadcasts to question the various commentators about whether Casey understands or can relate the truth. They won’t even have to ask that question.

By calling the witnesses as the tapes sit ready to roll, the examination will go something like this:

“Ms. Grace, do you recall your observations regarding Casey Anthony during your broadcast of October 13, 2008?”
(He’ll play the tape when she admits she can’t recall.)

“When you said that Ms. Anthony was “not acting like a normal person,” were you telling the truth?”

“Tell the members of the jury how many years you’ve been a prosecutor or television host observing the conduct of normal people and criminal defendants.”

You get the picture.

The witnesses’ recorded words will haunt them without their ever actually speaking them in court.

These various celebrity experts will have to admit under oath to their previously broadcast observations. In light of a perceived sense of neutrality, objectivity and expertise, their statements will be accorded significant weight.

Any well-chosen defense psych expert will use these descriptions to support a conclusion that Anthony is unable to assist her counsel or defense, and is thus “incompetent to stand trial.”

A finding of "incompetence" will require the Court to order her release from jail, eliminate any possibility of a speedy trial, and allow Casey Anthony the relative comfort of an institutional setting in which she will enjoy much more freedom and liberty than a penitentiary. Only when she "recovers" will Antony be required to stand trial.

As a former prosecutor, I know from experience that this can take years; the passing of which will dim recollections, cool passions and encourage the prompt resolution of a now-stale case through a much more lenient plea bargain than would ever be offered while the case is still "hot."
People who make or comment on the news need to be careful with their blasé' opinions and observations. They ultimately do more harm than good; hinder rather than inform.

No one benefits except the criminals, their "experts," and defense counsel's reputations.

Sharp counsel and their bought and paid for “experts” will free Casey Anthony with the reporter’s own words.

If she was my client, I'd do it. If her attorneys don't do this, she will get a new trial for "ineffective assistance of counsel" at her automatic appeal of a capital offense.

(sorry it's so late; this is my 4th try to post this. better late than never? what else would you like me to do or look into? do you need cites, authority, definitions?)

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 03:34 AM
reply to post by jdub297

I have to say I'm impressed with your research into this and your take on it.

The fact that they have hyped the whole case in the media to such an extent that they did suggests that they are trying to convict her via public opinion pole.

Feel free to research whatever you want and post it in here.

I've noticed that the media has seemed to have dropped the Caylee Anthony case onto the back burner.

I have to wonder if the whole thing, media-wise, and Law Enforcement, is just a way to hype the event to get a specific law in place.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas
I'm not so sure that the State has an ulterior motive in this case as it crawls along.

The defense attorney(s), primarily Jose Baez, have complained about prosecutors' and Sheriff's office 'leaks,' but the reality is a little different.

Florida's pre-trial discovery rules require that anything that will be used in evidence at trial, or could lead to admissable evidence, must be exchanged and filed with the court. This prevents "trial by ambush."

As the State accumulates (potentially evidentiary) reports and documents from its' experts and investigators, it must make them part of the public record, which is then available to the media vultures to exploit. So, although the State makes the disclosure, it is not they who publish to the public. The defense team, and even their witnesses, have called press conferences and media events, most recently the George and Cindy Anthony 'media tour' that by-passed Oprah, but hit Good Morning America and Larry King (twice).

However, on the 'mental health' issue, Anthony's former death-penalty expert, Terence Lenamon, withdrew from her defense, ostensibly over "differences" with lead counsel Baez.

Lenamon explained his disagreement with Baez this way: "We had a difference in what I believed should have been the approach, which is I think mental health-related."

In a report given to prosecutors in November, Lenamon explained why Anthony's case didn't fit the state's criteria for the death penalty. Lenamon explored Anthony's erratic behavior.

"After Caylee was born, people noticed a different person," Lenamon wrote.

Her spending, bad-check writing and multiple unstable relationships "indicate episodes of extreme emotional disturbance," he wrote.

On the record, Lenamon hints that Anthony's mental health would be relevant to factors mitigating against the death penalty after her conviction. Why not use her state of mind sooner in the process than after a capital murder conviction? Lenamon says he doesn't see an "insanity" plea coming. ("Insanity" is basically an admission that you committed the crime, but didn't appreciate that it was a crime because of mental defect or disease. Anthony will never admit to murder.)

I don't buy that story. I see it as a clever move to put "mental health" directly into issue in the defense strategy.

As counsel, Lenamon could not serve both as advocate and witness. As an 'expert,' he can now be presented as an authority on Anthony's ability to answer for the offense or assist her defense counsel.

Ordinarily, "experts" and their opinions must be disclosed to allow the opposing party to respond by deposition or with a countervailing expert opinion. Many complex cases devolve into a "battle of the experts," often with "junk science" or claims of it, rearing their ugly head.

In this case, Lenamon and his opinions have already been disclosed, so the defense can hide behind his earlier appearance and his filings with the prosecutors and the court as 'disclosure.'

I am confident that (in)competence will become a more prominent factor as trial deadlines approach.

No one can argue that Anthony's bizarre behavior, statements and fabrications are normal. To the extent they interfere with her ability to assist her attorneys in her defense, they will become critical.

Lenamon's recent revelations about 'mental health' issues, avowedly not insanity-related, lead me to conclude that my earlier suspicions are still valid and gaining support.

Will this lead to new legislation? Perhaps a review by the Florida Supreme Court of procedural (pre-trialpublicity), discovery and evidence rules may be called for. Any change in substantive law, such as that defining what is a capital crime, or what is mitigation against death, will come too late for Anthony, but not for anyone following her lead, like Haleigh Cummings' alleged 'kidnapper.'

I'll keep watching for new info.


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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

“Somebody Probably Knew Something.” Equusearch Interview Details Suspicions of Anthonys’ Involvement

Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch was called in to help search for Caylee Anthony in 2008. But he was frustrated in his efforts from the very start by Cindy Anthony, Casey, and her attorney Jose Baez. Miller describes the initial visit and the resulting search effort as one of the strangest he’s ever been involved with.

He details his initial visit with the Anthonys and family associates in a December, 2009 interview with local law enforcement, released March 23, 2010.

According to a transcript of the interview, Miller first met with a former law enforcement friend of George Anthony’s, who told him that a search for a living Caylee may not be what was necessary, but that “the answer’s in that (Casey’s) bedroom and the #ing bitch won’t talk.”
(Tim Miller transcript, 12/12/2009, pp.10, 11)

As Miller relates it, this reluctance may have been at least partly attributable to Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, who advised Miller that even though he was there to help find the missing child, he should not talk to Casey about her disappearance or whereabouts. He also describes Cindy as extremely defensive from the outset, whose demeanor descended to outright anger and contempt for Miller and the search effort.

Miller specifically recalls that in over 1,100 searches this was the first time he’d ever been instructed NOT to speak with the last person to have seen the missing child: “This was the first time ever.”

“I found that to be strange,” he told Sheriff’s investigators. “Somebody probably knew something” he said of the Anthony family and associates who did little to help, and even opposed his assistance to find a “living Caylee.”

According to Miller, Cindy Anthony made it clear within the first 15 minutes of his first visit that she was in control, and that no one would say anything unless she let them, even to the point of interrupting and cutting off her husbands when he tried to assist.

As for the search operation itself, Miller noted that this was one of the few where the family refused to be present on the scene — not to participate — but to be a presence for the searchers and media. He recalled that during a second search, the family “snuck around the command center,” but left after only 15 minutes. “We’ve never gotten the same reaction … from another family, … there’s not even a close second.

Even more shocking, and perhaps more revealing was Casey’s behavior during the 4-day visit with the family. According to Miller, Casey “never said ‘please find my daughter” and “never said the word ‘Caylee’ one time.” Instead, he described Casey as acting more like she was “going to a cheer-leading competition” than a worried mother of a missing child.”

What is perhaps the most revealing aspect is that despite Casey’s televised complaints to her father that “I can’t do anything from here,” when she was jailed, upon her release “she was smiling, giggling,” and the “she never said her daughter’s name once, not one single time.”

posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Is George Anthony a Co-conspirator in Caylee's Murder? Mistress says Yes!

Last week Florida media revealed that authorities have met with a woman who claims that George Anthony confided in her that Caylee Anthony's death was an "accident that snowballed out of control," a month BEFORE Caylee's body was discovered!

Alleged Anthony Affair Reveals Intensity Of Case

The controversy surrounding George Anthony's alleged affair revealed something much deeper about the case against Casey Anthony on Tuesday.

George Anthony reportedly said Caylee Anthony's death was an accident.

Two former prosecutors said the scrutiny over George Anthony's alleged statements shows detectives are searching far and wide to see if he may know more than he has said under oath.

River Cruz (a.k.a. Crystal Holloway) met George during the "Texas EquuSearch" efforts to find still-missing Caylee Anthony. Authorities have verified by polygraph examination and objective evidence that Cruz and George carried on an affair for almost one year, beginning in the fall of 2008.

Authorities identified Cruz from George's phone records, and have obtained independent verification (from the gated community where she lives) of George's visits to her home. She has reportedly provided investigators her own phone records, text messages from Anthony, and photographs of the two together at her house.

Revelation that George knew of Caylee's death before the discovery of her body, and while he was protesting otherwise and blaming a third-party, raises serious implications for the defense attorneys representing her mother, Casey Anthony, in murder charges pending in Florida State court.

At the very least, the defense will have to revamp their strategy.

Even more importantly, these revelations expose the family's lies, distortions and cover-ups as potentially "aiding and abetting" Casey, and serving as accessories after the fact in the murder and desecration of Caylee Anthony.

Additional Florida coverage:
Woman Claims She Had Affair With George Anthony

Casey Anthony: George Anthony had affair, said Caylee’s death was ‘an accident,’ WFTV reports


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