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Ever had a dream that might not be a dream?

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by undo

This is very very thought provoking for me, and i was convinced you were going to say this.

i am 34 now, DJ and Football (Soccer) Coach.
when i was about 22, i was a drug user (not bragging trust me) and i was doing some part time work in a gym. this old lady, who was a cleaner, told me that i had "a gift" and that i am a "helper"
also told me a few personal things, and told me it was VERY OBVIOUS i was different.

This woman was small, fat, white haired, and very old, about 75 ish.
very very wise. we became good friends, and i quit drugs through her teaching me to teach myself
She told me the "World" would call be a fool, but then told me God sends people like me here to "help"

Funny thing is, iv always been a helper. sometimes i get pooped on, but i go and help the next person. i cant help but not want to help. something within me ALMOST FORCES me to help. even when i know i could be in danger.

I am a very succesfull football manager/coach, and i think my ability to make people believe in themselfs and come together are the key.

Thanks for that.

Ps, i need a guide if anyone has one going or can explain to me how to try and see one/mine

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by shauny

I know how you feel dude I've never told anyone other than my dad and girl friend outta fear of being judged or locked up.... kinda hard to do that over the net so its not to bad.

I've always been a pretty good judge of character if i don't like you when i first meet you i more than likely never will cause of the initial feeling i get form some people. But I've never really seen an aura or anything like that except one time there was like a white glow around my preacher.

What i see seems to center more around emotional pain rather than physical pain. I can tell when some one is upset, mad, lying to me,or just about any other type of emotion even if theres no outside que or effect to make me think they feel the way they do. like you said its just a feeling i get theres no other way to explain it. it really bugs the crap outta my girl friend.

One of the down sides is that these "dreams" or feelings are hardly ever happy.

what are these other boards?

good luck looking for a guide

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:40 PM

Subject: ufo abduction in my dreams.....Subject: ufo abduction in my dreams.....
Date: Wednesday, August 05, 1998

I just found your site..... and read of "dream abduction". I want to share my abduction-by-dream with you.

I went to sleep. a vivid DREAM began----------I "awoke" to find myself on a table like that of a medical examination table.

I was surrounded by "people"...three or four of these people: they looked just like these aliens that I see drawings of.

I could not move. of these beings picked up an instrument and it looked like a circle of wire that was attached to a long handle...maybe a circle of wire about three inches in diameter.

He began to pass this circle of wire, over my naked making passes over of a cook basting a turkey...but several inches away from my body.

Suddenly he acted startled!! In an amazed tone....he yelled out.."why , you have been already been treated by yet another group of our people"!! [! ! !]

"There is nothing that we need to do, are up to (???)...[harvestable??....Initiated??] level..from that implant. ---AND...While you are up our ship...we might as well purify your AURA"

This being then continued to pass this instrument over my a more purposeful manner... evidently..I have had an IMPLANT of some kind, put into my ETHERIC one these "aliens" "etheric"...not "physical"........... This is why, I feel...that no one can find many of these implants under examination afterwards!

They are in our spiritual bodies....but because of the one-ness of these two bodies..there WOULD be times where wounds and scars would be seen, on the physical body.

And now this being was somehow etheric body...maybe cleansing it our negative or conflicting vibrations..brought about by living on the earth...sending disruptive emotions up into this body.....I feel...that this is the body that they brought me up there..with OBE. I often astral places on the earth and to Spirit realms..I have seen many Heaven scenes and my relative's heavenly homes. I was taken to a great healing center, for newly arrived souls...from dying on earth...once. So they took me implant something in my etheric body.

Recall the chinaman with his pigtail?! This is what God and the Angels are supposed to pull him to heaven, after he dies. No chinaman is ever to cut off his pigtail could he be taken to heaven, if there is nothing to grab?!!

---THIS is the reason ...I FEEL...that these implants ARE put into our etheric bodies, in the first place! these aliens..are making sure that the people in their charge will be pulled up into THEIR worlds..after they die!! After the physical body dies..the etheric body will be free to be pulled up; by that implant.

----I continue my dream..........

Then this alien says..."Well, now that we have got your aura purified...I will give to you our that you can come visit us and visit our world......WHEN you are out of your body..and AFTER you DIE" [this is a QUOTE..exactly!!]

I saw this being then reach out to me with his his hand he had what looked like a business card! he stuck it into my body, below my went right into it.....


I guess I got AN IMPLANT after all, from these beings!!! as this card will be there until I die..and afterwards......

end of dream.

But...often, from then least for awhile..I would have "dreams' of seeing alien landscapes..and dwellings!!

---and...I felt the calming and steadying affects of the aura cleansing..for months afterwards... in my daily life... -----I wonder who the ORIGINAL aliens were, that put the First implant into my etheric body??!!


Live An Incredible Life!

Freestone Wilson

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by ...and justice for some

Hey, thanks for the reply.

You talk of "not feeling anything happy"

must admit, i can feel UNTOLD love and joy, and it often brings me to tears, sometimes at times when i dont want it to.

i kinda get the feeling that if your door is open, anything will come through.

when its evil, or bad, or hard to deal with, it can be very very hard.

having a guide, im told, can help that.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by inthestars

almost sounds like a video game. one of the problems we have today is technology crossed over into the area of various types of electromagnetic waves that can interfer with or interrupt the brain's normal functions. if improperly used, they could potentially induce hallucination or even implant themselves as seemingly real memories -- as you say, like splices in a film, a matrixy sort of experience. like the holodeck in tv show, "star trek: the next generation." or the vacation for the mind in the film, "total recall."

anyway, your story is really quite strange. sickness or induced sickness or even a case of tampering with brain waves. it sounds like it could be any number of things. you say they diagnosed you as being mentally ill?

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by undo

yes i was diagnosed with schitzophrenia... it was the spirits that opened me up to seeing and hearing the things i did and dismantled my energy body (and i don't just mean the chakras, there is much more to it than that, that i don't believe many know about, you wouldn't until you start feeling certain parts of it being ripped out from you.... anyway long story but an interesting one... there are two main physical things that left me with- i can no longer feel the emotion of love- its impossible and believe me i felt a lot of it before.. also i lost all sensation of sexual feeling in my private areas, along with the breeze on my face not feeling the same)

if there was other tampering it was not by the governments or anyone else of this world... it was by the beings in the other worlds... i know some of them have technology like us.

oh, also i don't feel that happy either... i used to get an all over body sensation and very good feeling when i got drunk, like a feeling of being high, similar to what you get from taking drugs.. now i have none of that... i guess somewhere along the line my serotinin and dopamine? has been affected or my ability to feel the good effects.

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by shauny

the holy spirit acts as a guide. you could ask for that. i've had many odd dreams but only a handful of relevant ones, and a single vision. some of the dreams are repetitive, every night, same scenery. till i ask it be stopped. i usually learn something relevant from them but they aren't what you'd call prophetical....least, i don't think so. i believe the holy spirit is my guide in these dreams and when i ask to have the "channel" changed (like the depressing dream of a sea of slaves on the moon, all dressed the same, doing the same things, no individuality, no creativity, everything timed and total tyranny over your every movement. no thanks! so i asked to have that channel changed. i believe i learned what i needed to), it changes so that i don't have to keep repeating the same dream every night.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 04:14 PM
i may as well post this here as well... at night a few years ago my vision turned completely indigo colour, no matter where i looked and it was bright like you would see on a computer game... it lasted like this for minutes and really scared me...

just like it came on in an instant it left in an instant.. there was no fading in or out.

i posted about this at the time and one suggested i was seeing my aura... well i have never seen so much as a slight aura arround anything... and what was odd is the indigo colour was exactly the same shade all over and if i had been seeing my aura then i would expect to at least see different shades in it which there were none (aura photographs do tend to have different shades in them, or colours- whatever)..

i have seen a reptillian spiritual being descend upon or appear on a man's face, he was a preacher in town... he got reptillian features immediately and indigo coloured eyes, the same colour as the indigo vision i had.
except what i saw was not a vision, it kind of clicked on.. it was not a vision.

maybe the indigo is what humans are really seeing before the illusion is placed in our minds... maybe the indigo is the colour of the ether and it may be here the spirits of the reptillians live.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by inthestars

well some of what you say reminds me of damage to your amygdala, either as a result of disease, electromagnetic damage, genetic malformation, or chemical tampering. for example, when a woman becomes menopausal, she loses the desire for sex unless she has estrogen replacement therapy. this is because the pituitary gland stops producing the necessary chemicals to facilitate the normal sex drive and that is hard-wired into her dna, put on a clock (a timer) and when it reaches that part of the codon (it's like a program), it simply sends a message to stop coding that chemical's production. however, if, as you say, you've been modified by extra terrestrial beings of some sort, this could be an example of tampering with your brain's ability to produce certain biological chemicals, such as hormones related to the sex drive. your story is certainly interesting.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 04:23 PM
Just to add to some of the experiences on here...

I do remember a VIVID dream I had approximately a year ago, where I knew that I was in someone elses body, and had a complete set of "Life's" memories other than my own.

When I woke up, I still had the memories from a whole other life still with me, but faded over the next week or so.

Never had that before. It's unlike any other dreams that I have ever had before, and I'm the type that enjoys going to sleep and dreaming. It's like going to the movies every night, especially the scary ones.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by undoI have been quiet for some time now but i must input on this time slip thing. It sounds like all in this thread know about some basic time mechine rules and have even mentioned the frequency thing so if you can imagin time as a frequency then you can understand the unit that was keeping the frequency steady in our time is now gone. It was in-place against its will so now that it is free, time will continue to slip more and more until this frequency fades away. What does that mean for us in this time band? No sure and have been looking for that answer. Time is not the only thing or frequency effected. As far as i understand all the basic elements are now free.
There is know one answer but to keep asking the question is what makes you and me human until the end.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 04:53 PM
I tend to have cycles of very vivid, surreal dreams, occurring roughly every month or two for one to three days. These dreams differ from my regular dreams, of which I will sometimes remember a bit or two, in that I will remember a good deal and there is also a large amount of character interaction. So without further adieu I will share my most recent and stunningly vivid dream, which I wrote down shortly after waking up.


-It began with an increase in exotic animals in the yard , A tapir which I tried to ride went into a frenzy, crashing into an elephant who knocked down the fig tree. I warned dad after rescuing Geoff from the frenzied animals that it wasn't safe to keep animals of this size about. He told me they were abused refugee animals. My dad and his guys began uprooting the orchard and all the trees, in order to plant fruits and vegetables. Suddenly there were vegetables everywhere, and many more animals, I recall several gorilla. I began distributing ears of corn amongst the animals, which they devoured voraciously. I remember thinking several times it wasn't exactly safe to be this close to the animals, but they seemed ambivalent enough towards us.

- A second house has been constructed and conjoined with ours, with many luxury amenities. Another family has moved in and the father seems very distressed. I try to console him, telling him that god will provide for him. He says he thought so too but he has lost everything. I think to tell him that god works in mysterious ways, but decide a different tact and tell him that all reality is a conscious reflection of self. I give him the example of the garden, with its vibrant fruits and animals, which I believe I have manifested through prayer.

-As I am going back downstairs after this, I stumble into, quite by accident, and discovering for the first time, the sauna. I encounter a teen boy there who I assume to be the man's son. He asks that I find someone to keep him company in the sauna. I tell him I will try. I exit through a different portal from whence I came and am deposited into a High school courtyard. There are a group of cool kids sitting. One makes a snide comment towards me and I shrug it off and continue on my way. They are surprised and another one says "Hey Noah, you're a pretty good wrestler, why didn't you do something"? I remember thinking 'Dude I weigh like 135 lbs.' , I don't think I told them that however.

- I make my way to a barn of some sort, and here my recollection is a bit hazy. There are what I presume to be the rest of my High school class in the room, and we are given a directive by what I think was some sort of alien intelligence. Most of the youth vacate the barn to carry out the orders and I begin to go with them but hesitate. I go back into the barn and there are several youths left, they ask me if I will resist with them. I agree after a moment (am not sure why I agreed, I don't recall a strong moral reasoning like earlier when I was consoling the dad) One of them says something along the lines of "They will just kill/dispose of us when they are done with us"

-Things go dark and scary. Still in the barn, I can hear wicked creatures all about and the fear is palpable. I slide open a door going into another section of the barn, the other section is dark and when I peer in there is some sort of monster on the other side, I panic and run from the barn out into the fields. Am being pursued by monsters, They are capable of jumping 60 or so feet in a single bound, incredible leapers. I manage to jump/dodge out of the way by the narrowest of margins each time, and it seems I am capable of some great leaping myself, although not as well as they.

-I make my way back to the house/garden and discover many other refugees there. It seems this place is a sanctuary the monsters may not enter. I encounter a stunningly beautiful blond girl who beckons to me. Her hair and eyes are painted with flowers, that is, she is wearing makeup that gives her face and hair the appearance of a painting of flowers; very exquisite. Again she beckons, One of the refugees steps between us and warns me away, she is one of their agents. She cuts him and vanishes. His wound is on the arm and bleeding very severely, I am holding him and trying to bandage the wound, but just as I have it wrapped, an artery seems to burst and it soaks through the wrap. I recall trying to keep pressure but the blood flow is to strong. I think he will die.

-I awake.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:05 PM
I went on levaquid for an ongoing infection that laughed at bactrim and and gallons of water and cranberry juice. Wednesday night I woke up in a cold sweat. I had dreamed of seeing my deceased grandmother and other passed on relatives. Complete with zombies. We were in a large hotel and I was awoken by water just streaming down the walls. I went about trying to kick out all electrical devices.

I went on line and looked up 'leviquid'. Family of cipro line (which I told the dr I had a bad allergy to ten years ago)....may cause tendon rupture, NITEMARES, possible renal, liver failure, permanent neurological effects, etc, etc.

The dream was so intense and bothersome I had to sit up till 4am on ATS plunking about, took a benadryl and went back to bed. Oh ya, insomnia too. Found that out. 161 duckies for 12 pills.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by undo

I remember him beng dead too. There's a few celebs I could have sworn were dead, to find out they're alive, or that they just recently died. Could be though we hear of them being ill, and start thinking they died ... but that is odd about Abe.

On topic of this, my husband has a habit of telling me a friend of his died, then I find out he's alive, so naturally I say 'you said he was dead". His reply is "I heard he was". Then a year or so later he says it again, and we go through the same conversaton. He also keeps saying it about another friend, who's "died" about 5 times now. Then I heard the second 'dead" guy's wife died, but found out she was alive, then he says it again "she died", so I've given up believing anything he says now ... but now she really is dead, after confirming it with better sources. But God only knows she'll magically re-materialize ....He also keeps (making up stories) he's ran in to an old aquaintence and "they're gravely ill, dying anytime". The illness is always some unheard of disease. I see the person and they look fine to me, but he assures me they're in remission. Then he'll start saying it again, the illness came back, and the person's dying. Quite frankly I've lost track of how many people are ill or dying in his world, and I've finally said to stfu about all these medical problems, it's depressing. He's probably the one who told me abe vigoda died ....

But back to the question of dreams. Yes, I've had a dream where I didn't feel I'd even gone to sleep yet. Not the same story as Snowman's, but it was terrifying and was similar in that I thought it was the end. It bothered me for years, and still does, and came back to haunt me about 10 yrs later, when some parts of it mysteriously connected to events happening at that time. It's not something I can talk about, sorry. I've only told one person, and didn't tell it all, and that person has since passed on.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

A thing you should consider is taking a cam and leaving it all night facing towards you as you sleep.
Dreams are when our body is asleep.
Our mind still wonders,
It might be a mental, but possibly a physical experiments.
Please explain what it is that "they" are doing to you.
Is it other people, or is it some high powered creatures?
Are they doing this for fun, or are they trying to find out something about you? (or us)

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

You’ve touch on a topic that is very near to me and I intend to post more detail about in the upcoming months but for now I will expose you to this bit of information as it seems it may apply to your post.

Starting in the late fifties to early sixties, hospitals began using an anesthesia called Lycaeum a.k.a Ketamine in some surgical procedures, here in the US and abroad. Ketamine is a disassociate drug, some consider to be a toggle switch drug. Meaning it disconnects the nerve connections between the brain and the rest of the body and its effect is very fast to start and just as fast to end. Effectively immobilizing the patient.

At the time it was considered another miracle break through drug for medicine and readily became the most commonly used anesthesia. The downside to the drug is that the body can quickly build a resistance to its affects, the affects can greatly range between patients and some people experience only a partial disconnect at the same dosage as the next person who experiences a complete disconnect.

When trying to understand this, realize that when a patient is NOT fully disconnected by this drug, they may feel everything happening to them, but simply cannot move or do anything about it, not even to utter a sound or twitch a muscle. Those who were only partially disconnected may experience what seamed to be a really, really bad dream. Although to date it has never been proven to be cause and affect related, many of the earlier patients that have undergone surgery with an unbalance dosage in those early years, as well as those that are victims of forced abuse, have developed various psychosis and psychotic episodes, consisting of extreme feelings of great sadness, paranoia, or feelings of violence or guilt, loathsome hatred, and rarely, some feel an overwhelming sense of love.

In the late sixties to early seventies, hospitals stopped using the drug on adults in surgery as a response to a law suite whereas a patient claimed to have experience excruciating pain and had been awake but paralyzed yet aware during her entire surgical procedure. Her claims, as were all others at the time, were dismissed as being impossible as determined by medical professionals. But her claims were later deemed credible when the patient was able to recall minuet details of the operating room and verbatim recall of several conversations that took place during her surgery.

After that Ketamine was no longer used on adults in surgery but was continue to be used on children until the early to mid 1980’s, , who have apparently suffered some of the same results as their adult counterparts albeit on a smaller and less frequently scale. What has been learned is that some of the people who have a recall of being on a table surrounded by people with large heads, big eyes and little to no mouth, may be having a hazy recall of their tonsillectomy or similar surgery. Those people surrounding them with the big heads are doctors and surgical staff wearing scrubs, masks and magnifying glasses. Generally the team consists of the Doctor and several assistants with the doctor positioned directly over the young patient. Giving the appearance of one big one with several other little ones around “him”. It can be surmised as a strange, cloudy, surreal dream like state of which the patient has no other closely related experiences, until they read or hear descriptions of alien abductions at which time this experience “fits” that desription.

Ketamine was discontinued being used on humans but has remained in veterinarian surgeries since the sixties to the present. However it was discovered that discrepancies in dosage could be overcome in humans by using an electroencephalograph (EEG) on the patient to monitor brainwave activity, thus insuring that the patient is completely disconnected and unconscious during the surgery. This allows medicine to again use this drug as an anesthesia for surgery in a safer and effective manner. This slowly began to occur in the US beginning around 1998.

It is this dream like state that many people are familiar with that may be directly linked to the use of Ketamine and Ketamine like drugs. This drug has also been widely abused as it has been readily available since the sixties and relatively uncontrolled or under-controlled up until the mid nineties. It was sold in great quantities through ranch supply houses for veterinarian use on farm animals during this time, available without prescription in some cases.

The drug has been abused by being used as a date rape drug, it can be mixed with a drink, smoked and it is readily absorbed through any mucus membrane as well as is being inject-able. It has been administer by being added to other recreational drugs, used in replacement of those drugs in a slight of hand, in some cases been administered by MDSO or even the use of a dart gun.

I am not suggesting that all experiences of a dreamlike state in which you may feel that you are being experimented on or are being probed are a result of the above description and/or the above abuse, but since this topic has come up, I feel the need to put this information out there for you to consider. Perhaps protect your self, if needed.

Links for Ketamine
Links for DMSO
links for dart gun

Side note for dart gun, cap-chur dart guns were invented by “Red” Palmer of Atlanta, GA for the purpose of large animal capture and inoculations of wild and domesticated animals, of in the wild, zoos or on ranches and farms. His number one customer, to his dismay, has been the federal government, requesting “primate” darts, go figure!

Onset of a Ketamine induced coma, the subject may hear the sound of crickets rapidly getting louder, until almost deafening. Or sounds of a similar tone or tone type. Onset is very fast, only a few seconds at most.
Signs of DMSO use, a metallic taste or taste of oysters, much like that of canned oysters packed in cotton seed oil which can linger for hours.
Some brands of veterinarian Ketamine may make the skin appear red or orange, some pale white.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by undo

Nelson Mandela is alive and not dead.

I have had very many of those types of dreams, not as frequently as before. They stopped and will come right before a major changing event either in my life or the world. I can't explain it and I don't know what it is or why it is, but, I do pray on it and leave it alone. I do think it is something that is seen that is not suppose to be seen or known nor remembered. I think it is the basis for Deja Vu which may be when we remember something we are not suppose to know. One thing for sure, someone or something else controls it.

One I dont think humans have time travel abilities as of yet though I dont know, and two because the event scared me to F%#@ing bad to want to believe.

How is it then that people can see the future as much as 40 years in advance? Time travel may be a mental focus that allows one to see and correlate what was predestined into its proper alignment. If we are embued with all; we automatically know when something is off. We know because it does not correlate with what we already know and what we already know we do not remember until an event triggers it.

There are opposing forces at work.

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 06:25 PM
yes, many all vivid colour

(as in someone says "hey go pick up the pink spatula". and you see that it is pink and are fully aware of your surroundings. with no sight problems. and is exactly the same as real world time).

I wake up like woah was that a dream? or did that happen yesterday?, i am confused for about an hour later and i gradually forget about the dream as it did not seem important anymore.

why oh why did the first paragraph only get through? it got cut short again?

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by kitos

reply to post by undo I have been quiet for some time now but i must input on this time slip thing. It sounds like all in this thread know about some basic time mechine rules and have even mentioned the frequency thing so if you can imagin time as a frequency then you can understand the unit that was keeping the frequency steady in our time is now gone. It was in-place against its will so now that it is free, time will continue to slip more and more until this frequency fades away. What does that mean for us in this time band? No sure and have been looking for that answer. Time is not the only thing or frequency effected. As far as i understand all the basic elements are now free.
There is know one answer but to keep asking the question is what makes you and me human until the end.

i remember a dream some years ago where the dreamer posted the dream in order to give a message to the intelligent beings in control of the matrix, the message was that there may be time slippage of a massive extent and that it could result in the destruction of everything.. there was more to the dream but i can't remember exactly.. though i think it may have had something to do with hearing a sound that represented time slippage had just occured.

i've personally had an experience with time... i was playing with an energy that went up and down my spine, it was very powerful.. i was mentally ill at the time... i saw it as something like a vortex/portal/black hole and i would use it to keep me safe from the beings in the parralel world i was in, so that i would believe they could not see me... well that maybe total rubbish now i think about it but... i used to kind of jump in one go as far as i could, imagining i was going through a portal, perhaps even jumping out of that parralel world, i can't quite remember... one time i done this on the way to the shop as i passed another shop... well when i went to the shop and came back to this other shop there was a drain overflowing with a massive puddle of water that was not there before when i had walked past... i saw no water there before - it must have taken hours of rain to make the drains overflow and cause the massive puddle... but i had only been 10 minutes... so i lost or gained some time.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 07:13 PM
reply to post by undo

it was mainly the spirits that i believe to be human spirits that dismantled my energy body, but the beings in the parrallel world i was in were involved to some extent as well, one walked up to me and took something (of a spiritual nature) from me, it would take a long time to fully explain what i think he took, just to say i have a good idea.. and he put it inside himself as he was walking off.

i have a photo taken with my camera phone - the picture turned out different, i saw a female with my eyes but knew they had been attacking me psychically- something some of the beings in that world had been doing... anyway picture showed a man in the exact place the girl/woman was.. he had in his hand a kind of bucket with a large rim on the top and the bottom, it looked more like a container you would keep something like liquid nitrogen in... well on the side attached to this bucket was a small skull, it was not of an adult, likely a baby or small child's skull. i heard the beings using the substance inside the bucket on me, i would hear them unscrewing the lid of something that i believe was this bucket... i heard it coming from the room upstairs and from the room to my left.. theres no way both my neighbours bought the same item and were unscrewing it so much.. like i say i was hearing into that world rather than reality... i have a lot to say about that world...

anyway, regarding my problems... firstly and i will be blunt here... i felt a spirit wriggling around in my private areas (they wriggled around all over my body too).. but when it stopped it kind of set, became completely still.. as if to assume a position where it may be feeding on this energy.. it is after that i could feel no sexual pleasure.. i was able to dislodge the spirit where it moved around again and i could feel pleasure, but when it stopped moving again i could feel nothing and have not done so since... i've felt the spirits literally slurping up my energy other times, they would move around in an area that was originally warm and felt like there was energy there then it would be slurped up gradually, sometimes really quick and then the area would go cold, sometimes very cold and i could no longer feel any energy there.. i believe certain beings place a part of themselves in your chakras (like a long snakelike thing that goes from them to you and curls up in your chakra) and feed on the energy there...

as for why i can no longer feel love... it is because the spirits done something to my energy body rather than a physical problem.. i believe it is your energy body that channels feelings of love that you feel... if its true that god and angels and even spirits can still feel love.. well they have no physical body so love cannot be a product of just the body... but i'm not saying i believe that a spirit can feel love when it dies because they may be seperated from their energy body...

i think that i could say thats another thing that has changed in me, that i used to feel warmer, definately in my stomach and i have lost some feeling in that, possibly a lot.. along with i guess most or every other part of my body.. thats what i've told the doctors. i'm certain spiritual beings are still infesting my body, feeding off my energy and no amount of medication will stop that from happening... whereas i believe i had a lot of psychic energy running through my body before i became mentally ill (i believe a lot of the anxiety / heart problems i was experiencing back then was because of it) i have much less now, to the point i may be sucking energy from elsewhere/others because my natural energy is being taken...

during one of the worst times i was psychic attacked by a spiritual being my whole body went really cold and it wasn't the weather but rather the lack of spiritual energy in my body.

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