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Ever had a dream that might not be a dream?

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:47 AM
I had a dream when I slept yesterday. It was about the missing tot, Caylee Anthony. She was like she was either behind warped glass, or underwater, she kept being distorted like the examples I give. She was wearing pink pants, a white and pink top, and white and pink shoes. She was alternating smiling at me, and frowning the biggest frown I have ever seen. She asked me if I could see her, I said yes. She told me that 'they could see me if they look better'. She kept looking upward, and there were flowers all around her. She also said 'everything is white' and she would giggle, then cry. She said she liked to swim a lot, but not when the water is cold. I kept trying to engage her in conversation.

This dream left me quite shook up. I have seen some coverage by Nancy Grace, Nancy is doing a wonderful job of staying on top of the missing child's story, and the attempt to find her. But I had not watched anything like that before going to bed, not even the news. I don't know what would have prompted me to dream such.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by space cadet

Interesting example. Maybe the mere fact that nacy grace has been nonstop over it for close to a month now has somthing to do with what prompted it.

I cant stand nacy grace that women..........Id rather eat a bucket of raw cow intestines than look at her, but yeah I guess your right she has been staying on top of it and if it were my daughter I would appreciate that alot.
Did the clothing you saw in your dream go with what she was supposedly wearing when lost? I wonder if she turns up dead in water, I guess youll have your answer, unfortunatly.
Weird dream.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 06:00 AM
First of all, thanks to all the people who responded to this thread. I didn't expect it to be an active topic.

After I had the dream that I referred to in the original post, I wrote it all down because it was so unusual to me. I wasn't planning on reproducing my notes here, because I wasn't sure if it was appropriate, but I think I will do so now due to the interest. I'd be very intererested to know if any of this sounds familiar to anyone else.

What follows are my own notes written after the dream, edited slightly. This is very long so it will have to be posed in several segments. Please feel free to skip if its all too much for you. I'll warn you that while not particularly "graphic," the content is fairly disturbing and negative.



The dream began bled in from a previous and more "normal" dream. Things began to get slightly surreal once I found myself in some kind of facility. Could have been medical, research, government…it wasn’t clear where I was. I was strapped to a gurney, connected to elaborate electronic equipment with all sorts of tubes and wires were running out of my body. There were other people around me and some kinds of…creatures, I guess. Possibly aliens, fictional beasts or possibly or half-human hybrid beings of some sort…hard to say, this was unclear. Many of them (people and creatures both) were bleeding, and they had been horribly maimed and mutilated. I had also been roughed up but I had the impression I was in much better shape than most of these others. Like me, they also had wires and tubes running out of them and were connected to exotic machines. My existential vantage point was shifting, and I was losing a clear sense of self. I was kind of shifting between some of these other people and creatures, as if my ego was sliding around or we were all sliding into each other. We were all connected in some way and out selves were sloshing around together among each others’ bodies. Intersubjectivity. This was pretty frightening. There were also "experimenters" of some sort mediating this process but they were out of sight and there was all sorts of scientific jargon being recited, beeping and flashing computers, the works. But still, I wasn’t really sure what was going on at this point.

Then things sharpened up a bit and more of a sense of narrative returned to the dream. There was another scene change. I was alone now with some kind of female experimental medical personnel. Still strapped to a gurney and all wired up but not connected to all these other beings anymore. I was being given individual attention. I think there were other personnel too but they were out of sight.

We were discussing ideas, and I found myself reciting some kind of fascist ideology that was very unfamiliar to me, theories of a political nature. There was a sense of approval from the personnel, not due to the content of the theories per se but due to the fact that I could maintain and argue cohesively a very specific line of thought. I wouldn't quite say say that that they were "implanting" these ideas, but they were somehow shaping or at least closely monitoring my reasoning process. They were happy about the level of my ability to construct long and logical chains of thought. I remember feeling very intelligent and coherent at this point; my ideas were strong, cohesive, and well-formed. At the same time they seemed to slide out of me with no effort at all, almost as if somebody else was using my brain to think with (odd as that sounds). I continued to talk freely and they weren’t exactly responding to me directly but somehow monitoring my thought process and intellectual architecture very closely.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 06:04 AM
PART TWO (continued from above)

Then they began moving me down a sunny hallway, still strapped to the gurney. The dream was incredibly vivid and lifelike at this point, I could see all sorts of little details. The hallway had a plate-glass window and fronted some kind of bland, clinical enclosed grassy garden. Things were pretty clean and modern at this facility. This was when the quality pf the dream itself began to be frightening, rather than just the content (which was frightening enough), because this was so realistic. It had now moved beyond what I would consider the normal range of "dreamlike experience" into a very frightening mental space. It was even beyond the typical range of "lucid dreaming" in terms of ontological quality. I think it is safe to say I had never had a dream quite like this before.

At this point I began to assess my situation a bit and I thought to myself, "This is very bad. They have me in some kind of horrible mental experimental scenario here and these people are absolutely ruthless. I might be dreaming but I might not be. The status of the reality of this situation is very unclear. I’m clearly in a very unstable mental state, and they have been doing things to me of which I am only barely aware. I have no control over myself or the situation and I can feel that I am going to be tortured somehow. I’ve got to start thinking about suicide now because I don’t want to live through whatever it is they are going to do to me next." Not that that would be easy with me all strapped down and restrained.
Suddenly the gurney suddenly stopped moving and the female who had been walking alongside spoke to me directly, looking me in the eyes:
"Yes. Suicide is exactly what you should be thinking about at this point." She spoke with a very pleased sort of scientific detachment, as if the experiment was unfolding exactly as planned.
"Wait a minute," I said to her. "How could you know what I was thinking? I was thinking about suicide but I didn’t speak those words aloud. Yet you seemed to know exactly what I was thinking, as soon as I thought it. Can you somehow read my mind?"
"Why yes, of course." She spoke with a kind of mild didactic pleasure, as if I was a particularly slow student finally learning a lesson point after much effort. "That’s exactly what we are doing here. Precisely."
Then she turned away and the gurney resumed its movement down the hall. I was now in a state of high terror over the fact that she/they seemed to be able to know what I was thinking with no effort. No deception or escape would be possible. This was now very, very bad.

Then we came to a door and I was being wheeled into some kind of enormous room filled with other people. (But no alien-esque creatures this time. These were all real humans.) The first two people I saw were naked and bleeding males. Beyond them were others in various states of dress. Some were wearing normal clothes and some were in hospital Johnnies.

I was released from the gurney and uncoupled from all the tubes and wires. Now for the first time I could stand up. I could see I was in pretty bad shape, bleeding, hair disheveled and I probably hadn’t been washed in a long time. I was wearing a filthy hospital Johnny. I looked around at the room a bit. It was very large and people were grouped into rough circles or clumps. They were doing various things, looked like games and exercises. Each group was being monitored and controlled by lab-coated personnel.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 06:07 AM
PART 3 (continued from above)

The female who had accompanied me all this way guided me over to one clump of maybe 10-20 people. She was then introducing me to this little group. "Now say hello to our new member." Everyone in the circle dutifully stopped what they had been doing and looked at me and said “hello…hello…hello," etc.
At this point I realized something that made my skin crawl. Each person in the group had a "double." That is, each person was standing next to an exactly identical version of themselves! This was absolutely petrifying because it was so unusual. The people themselves were pretty unremarkable, of various ages and non-descript appearances, but there would be one man, and then and identical man next to him, then a woman, with an exact doppelganger next to her, etc. It was like an encounter group of identical twins.
"Now go stand next to your partner," the woman urged me. I knew what was coming next and it terrified me. I, too, had a "twin" here and I was going to be forced to confront him. I looked at the floor. Under NO CONDITION did I want to look at this person. "Go on, shoo," she said with some exasperation. "Go find your partner!" There seemed to be no point in putting it off.
I looked at the group and suddenly I saw my “"dentical twin." This was me! Another me. I went over and stood next to…this other version of myself. But while I was filthy and dressed in a ragged hospital garment, this other self was much more put together. Wearing nice slacks, pale blue Oxford shirt, belt, hair neatly combed. He didn’t seem too surprised to see me. "Hello," he said. Just like everyone else. I sat down next to him.

The group now began to pick up with the activity they had been undergoing before I joined. Everyone was slowly chanting in a long, drawn-out way. But they/we weren’t chanting it in complete unison; it was more like the chanting was somehow rippling around the circle in a slow wave. I joined in the chant without effort, seeming to know exactly when to say it and when to keep quiet. Again, the odd feeling of intersubjectivity returned, but not as chaotic as it had been the last time. Once again, it was as if none of us had firm egos, and we were all sliding into each other, slipping loosely out of ourselves. A frightening sense of lack of control washed over me once more, but this time it was tainted with an even darker fear. Because although I had no control myself, somebody or something had a kind of control over the situation…there was a pattern here. Our most basic sense of self was being uncoupled and unmoored, but not left to expand naturally in a transcendental way…rather, it was being manipulated, combed into these rippling patterns.

Then the game changed slightly. Rather than chanting as a group, we stopped and each person had to insult the person next to them in a sharp, very harsh and accusing way. Nobody gave explicit instructions but there was absolutely no doubt that this was what was expected of us. Now it was my turn and the sickening thing was that I had to look at my doppelganger in the eyes and shout an insult at him. There was a strong sense that if I failed to do this I would be tortured most severely. So I did it. I looked at "my other self" in the eye screamed an insult at him. Then I turned to the person on the other side of me (a stranger this time) and did the same thing. The pattern moved on.

I now had the glimmerings of an understanding of what was being done here. I was being trained to hate myself (though the doppelganger) and also to hate another random person (through the person next to me). This form of manipulation was of the blackest sort of evil. "They" (whoever was controlling this) were reaching into us, unmooring our sense of self, and somehow shaping us in a hateful, aggressive direction. I had no idea of what "their" ultimate aims were, but the malevolence and sheer daunting scope of the situation started to impress itself on me.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 06:12 AM
FINAL PART (continued from above)

Suddenly, my doppelganger spoke to me. "Pretty frightening, isn’t it?," he said. I could tell he was a more "processed" version of myself, who had undergone this "training regimin" for a longer period…he seemed less rattled by the whole thing than me, but also more hollowed-out and blank as a human…the process of depersonalization had become more advanced. But was this also me? Which one was I? This was utterly depraved and there was no way out.
Then the other person, the stranger on my left who I had insulted earlier, also spoke to me in a low, insistent tone. Or maybe it was telepathy. "But you can’t resist it or refuse. Otherwise they’ll bring the injections and the shock machines out, and that’s even worse. Far worse. For everyone. The pain is inconceivable. So you have to go along with it or we will all suffer."

I was trapped, confused, unable to respond to this situation. The game shifted again and we were all standing up, doing some kind of dance towards and away from each other. Then the scene faded rather abruptly, breaking down into a patchwork of random pattern-style hallucinations. Then I suddenly woke up. I was back in my bed, with my wife sleeping peacefully next to me.

But the chilling thing was that there wasn’t such a qualitative sense of having "awoken." That is to say, usually when you wake up from a bad dream there is a feeling of "thank goodness that was just a dream, here I am safe and sound in my warm bed." Although I had awoken, that sense of relief was conspicuously absent. What I was feeling after waking felt qualitatively very similar to my dream. As if my dream was still continuing. Or even worse, as if THE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE had been the true reality and my normal waking life was really the dream.
I wanted to go back to sleep, I was very tired, but I didn’t want to risk going into that dream or reality continuum or whatever-it-was again. I was also not 100% sure I wasn’t dreaming still. At this time, I was pretty sure I was awake, but I was still very scared because an absolute qualitative line of demarcation between waking and dreaming was absent. Eventually, slowly, I regained my sense of reality, after speaking with my brother via telephone (who was very helpful and grounding) and calming myself a bit.


That's it. Any serious input would be appreciated.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 06:14 AM
Is there more?
What a strange thought, that you might have been experimented on in reality but you think it was a dream.
I remember vaguely reading something about that and how people can return to those events in fugue state and essentially relive the experience.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 07:22 AM
I've had something like this happen to me.

I remember in the dream that there was this woman and her kid beside me and we're all sitting on the ground next to this building. I remember the woman being completely crazy and then she starts yelling about killing her child before she takes her own life and I go to grab the gun and as I do she points the gun down right onto my head.

Now this is where it get's wierd.

I remember looking up and very clearly seeing the barrel of the gun pointed right at my head and I saw our hands interwoven, struggling to get control of the gun. As soon as I see this, I know what's going to happen and I duck my head down. Then I remember hearing a loud bang and feeling this sudden warmth flowing through my entire body. It started at my head and flowed all the way down to my feet. And my vision....It was as if someone had draped a dark red velvet cloth over my eyes and everything just faded out to black. I remember trying to say something, trying to keep my eyes open and stay conscious, but I couldn't. I could taste the blood running into my mouth, and everything started getting really dark until it all just faded away.

Next thing I know I'm waking up in bed and I have this VERY strange sensation running through my body. And I could clearly feel the adrenaline running through my body from all of this. I kind of felt like I was being ripped from one reality to the next. just this strange, stomach bottoming out feeling.

It's hard to explain, but this is the only dream that has felt so literally real. It was as if I experienced death first hand.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 12:22 PM
I'm going to have to do some research on this. Great post by the way OP....

Dont really now if this goes along with what everyone is saying(i kinda skipped abit) but I've had some really vivid waking dreams i guess its been happening allot lately. Its like a very real and kinda creepy deja vu but not really cause I'm not just remembering or thinking something has happened, but its more like i space out for a sec and think of something then a few minutes later it happens. unless i tell some one about it then it kinda goes the way i saw it but i can tell like were it branches off and goes in a whole new direction. Its usually something bad thats going to happen just a small thing like some one around me falling, getting hurt, or just getting upset nothing major just enough to be creepy.

If this kinda thing happens to anyone else or if it has a name id like to know.

sorry if its kinda off topic

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 12:24 PM
I think i have, i think its how the same way they remote view.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 01:39 PM

i know its easy to say now, but i had a dream, same dream, several times before 9/11. i was on top of the highest building i know, a high rise flat/building in north of edinburgh. planes were hitting it one after the other, massive explosions, and the noise was real.

i am what people call Psychic. to me its an illness, i hate it, but i have it, people know, i have never done a "reading" and would never take money for it. as im unsure where it comes from. scares the bajesus out of me.
started when i was 7, right after an opertion.

have had several dreams that i could relate to an instance soon after.

Always thought about starting a "shauny" dream thread, see if i can be proven wrong. i would like to be. when people die, and you have had an insight, be it real or coinsadental, its not nice.

So, yes, i dream, or seem be dreaming events before the happen.

Living hell let me tell you.

Things i have dreamt about.

Lockerbie _ i was very young, 10/11 ish, and i kept having a dream that a plane would crash in Scotland. kept telling my dad. when it happened, thats when he know.

1st Iraq War - Just felt that 1

Dunblane Massacre (One andrew murry the tennis player almost died in - had a dream before that some man walked into a classroom my 2 kids were in, and shot them and their friends. very very scarey at the time, when it happened, i cant explain in words how i felt

9/11 - explained above.

Each time 2/3/4 people knew.

Also personal things. i KNEW my mum was going to get ill, and she did. also very hard. she is still alive tho. but still ill.

I KNOW i will die young, and before my wife.
i KNOW something big is going to happen very soon. i feel it. its life dread in my very soul. i can only hope its for me, and not for everyone.

take it or leave it

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by shauny

atleast im not the only one though mines not on the scale of your. I dont think id like doing on your level. Does it happen to you like all the time with small things of every so often with major things.

I never really thought of being a type of psychic or anything.

Its happened since i was little so about 10 or 12 years. My dad always said i was just a strong empath and to not worry about it.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by space cadet

hrm, that's interesting. the things that came to my mind while reading your description were probably the same things you thought of....

like a pool of water covered in a layer of ice with snow on it ?. the flowers are confusing though. unless they are in the water too? the thing about smiling and frowning reminded me of drama masks like you see on movie theater signs or drama clubs
could it be by a movie theater, cinema? outdoor drama arena of some kind? frozen water tho.... it's summer in most places
how long has she been missing?

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

i think your dream sounds like a metaphor of how the nations of the world are being groomed to kill each other. the two versions of you remind me of the idea of repub vs. demo in the american political arena. you're representing the poor, yelling at the more affluent version of yourself. it could get pretty deep at this point, especially the reference to suicide. that could mean so many things. it could mean that when you die to self, you become rich in other ways. (a christian metaphor). it could mean that provided you followed the tasks as they were laid out before you, you could replace the affluent you with a melded version of both. it's like the two halves of your brain are having a debate but one side is just standing there taking all the flack.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by snowen20

Yes, I have had dreams that have come true. I have a dream diary, so that I can go back and refer to dreams. If I write the dream down, as soon as possible, I can remember more details.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by shauny

do you ever consider that these things as you witness them could be modified by prayer?

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by ...and justice for some

Small things, large things, hard things, good things.

luckily some things still surprise me.

if i was to say i "feel mankinds pain" would anyone be able to at least get that ?

Also, i can judge a person right away and can tell someones state of mind.
a lot of folk talk of Aura and colors, with me, its just a feeling.

the only way i can describe to people what its like is the 2 following things.

1, when someone in your house goes thro to make a pot of coffee, how can you tell ? easy, you can smell it. with me, i JUST FEEL THINGS. i can just tell. growing up it took me till i was about 17ish to realise this wasnt the normal.

2, think back to your last holiday, remember an instance of a good day.
got it ? you should now be picturing a scene (still image) of you holiday.
thats what i get when i "sence" something. its a picture or a smell.
its just

very hard to explain.

i know i come across as a total fool, but this board and a few others that give me the platform to express this.

do i need help ? yes
i need to "find a/my guide" i am told often.

Fear is strong tho, so i cant open up fully

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by undo

ok you got my attention big time here.

can you please explain your meaning.

i have VERY OFTEN though to turn to god.
i am spiritual and i believe in god, i just dont buy "standard" religion, where church is a must.

i believe you can have faith, love god, do the right thing, within your own house and within your very person.

please, explain more if you can

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by shauny

well, i was thinking, maybe you are getting some of these not so pleasant glimpses and have this particular skill because you are meant to ..act as a prayer warrior, of sorts. someone who skips around in time, sees a problem before it happens, and modifies it beforehand through prayer. faith and all that, ya know. jesus said if you had even the faith of a mustard seed, you could tell a mountain to move and it would. i knew he couldn't possibly mean that in the same literal sense of this 3d world because soon, we'd have people moving mountains all over the place. hehe. good thing eh? in hindu texts, it says the righteous gain the ability as they increase in skill, to pilot their "vimanas" through the sky and the universe with the power of thought. then there's the issue of modifying the spiritual plane or landscape in positive or negative ways. i'm assuming some of us are given skills for this reason. not to waste them but to grow as a result of them, to help in the "battle" as it were, against whatever forces might be seeking to destroy us in some negative way. hope that made sense.

i dunno. i don't have the gift, so i'm basing this on my studies and inner voice of reason.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 03:30 PM
i had a dream i felt was real, it was as if it really happened, maybe it did.. just in another dimension with my unseen body/energy body/soul/spirit actually taking part in it rather than my physical body, even though my physical body was in the dream.

what is really odd is how that dream ended and i woke up.. if you can imagine like a director might apply graphic tricks to two pieces of film in order to blend them together, like cutting the film by having one side of the screen gradually cut across the screen, cutting into the new piece, they can do all kind of things to blend two scenes together... well in my dream that i was sure was real the blend/cut went like this... it blended my dream with what i was seeing in reality.. it was like a number of cuts happened, 10 or more that kind of hit my view / what i was seeing... it was like seeing half of the dream picture and half of the reality picture... gradually going from seeing all the dream picture to seeing all the reality picture, morphing between the two but in cutting motions like if you suddenly placed a piece of film (say of reality) over the top of what i was currently viewing (dream), with these cut ins happening at intervals, say 10+ within up to 30 seconds (i can't exactly remember)

this has never happened to me in any other dreams i have ever had or woken up to... at the time i was mentally ill and was living in what i can only describe as a parrallel world seeing all kind of things, from ogres (yes everyone looked like an ogre, big noses ugly faces and a kind of stoop like walk, like dragging themselves along the floor, humans with half snake like faces, humans with reptillian features/faces, some with indigo colour eyes, black swirling eyed people, vampire like people but looked human though had a sensitivity to light... my whole sight was one big hallucination and for a long time, also sound was aswell a hallucination... except i know the things i saw and heard were real rather than made up... its what is really there when your consiousness was in the state mine was in... those beings i saw were real.

from my times mentally ill i know that spirits can be in your dream playing a role and guide your dream as they want to, i recognised some of the characters in my dreams as the voices i hear (the spirits).. it wasn't just that i was dreaming about them. this should only happen when in a really bad state of mental illness where you need medication.

i have also read a dream a person had where they were visited by human looking aliens who implanted an implant into his energy body i guess so they could track him or ?... he thought after the dream that many alien abduction stories could be this, that it happens in dream time... by some super advanced race of alien beings who look human. though i do believe some alien abductions, possibly most are by physical aliens, physical aliens do exist.

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