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Something to get you all talking about... Pt 2

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 09:58 PM
So Jesus, at the end of his time Acends into heaven and into the clouds leaving no physical trace of his existance. Does this not sound like the UFO's 'gravity beam' taking jesus back onboard the ship or time machine. Similar to that of the experiences described by thousands of people who claim that they were abducted.

Let's put ourselves in the future. Okay, lets say we have the technology to go back in time.. Would our future generations not want to go back in time and study our species at present day. Abduct and preform experiments on people with as much screcey as possible to simply learn about our past but try not to affect it.

I hope i haven't lost or confused anyone at this point. I expect to be blown away by thousands of time-loop theories and other theories to contradict and dis-prove my own theory but all i ask is that you hear me out and then correct and guide me

Present day events: CERN is soon to be actived 5 days from now on the 10th September 2008. If there was a risk that everything known to exist to us could be destroyed, the experiment would simply be abandoned. However, if 'they' know that Aliens are really us in the future, they would know that the experiment must have previously been successful so could therefore proceed with confidence. A previous thread can sort of support this idea as it involves the theory that we know we've been in contact with Aliens since 1981, so may therefore already know that they are us from the future.

The predictions of Nostrodamus which have been proven to relate to modern day events that we're previously described in such a way that only ancient vocabulary and technology allowed. The descriptions are accurate enough to impressive even the strongest skptics. How could he have possibly known and obtained the information of the events? Hmm, maybe he was abducted and taught this information from us in future. For what reason? I'm not sure... maybe part of 'the big plan' planned for us by future generations.

Message from the Stars, possibly explained:

The message from the stars is basically the reply to a message we sent into deep space in 1974.. Maybe our future selves retrived this message and decided to send the 'updated' version back in the form of a crop circle.


The Message We Sent In 1974

The Message Recieved

Now let us compare the two messages. From the explenation in the YouTube video we can see the numeric values are the same e.g. 1-10. Now what are the chances that an advanced 'Alien' species from another planet would just so happen to have the same numeric values as us? Very very, very slim. Think about it, isn't it more likely that it is us from the future as we have kept the same numeric values of 1-10 etc from the past? The other similaity is with the DNA but it is also slightly different in some way. This would link into the theory that we have simply evolved a little since present day so we may have slight differences in our DNA to pervious generations.

The de-coded binary code suggest that there will soon be a big event and we must still believe that there is good in the world if we are to survive this. What if 'Aliens - us in future' are planning to sort the good people from the evil?

This concludes this topic for now. But i simply ask you to apply this theory to other events and consipracies in future and see how it all ties in. I look forward to hearing strong evidence to support/disprove my theory.

Thank you for reading, feel free to PM me about any issues you would like to discuss as i would be happy to discuss them with you.

Try not to flame me too much if you think this is all silly

By Michael Mallia a.k.a Shuzitzu

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 08:23 AM
Or maybe this was just something everyone would ignore and not even begin to think about it 'again' yet alone talk about it 'again'

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 06:19 AM
I think your theories are fair..
The two msg's look very similar, and could mean the same thing, but the again the two msg's could have two very different meanings. The second pic doesn't look to have that little man in the middle but we can see it in the first one. Your theories aare very fair and do create questions in the mind. I agree with your theory about Jesus and the time travel thing, cause it's a great possibility. Plus alot of things would make more sence.. like him coming back to life. Because maybe, just mabe, the 'Mothership' so to speak, took him up reserected him then put him back in the hole. Therefor creating a very strange 'Miracle'. But I don't know.. Just a thought

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 06:45 AM
But.. There's a different solar system:

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