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Favorite Signs of Liberal Desperation

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by TheBandit795

I know whose are behind all of it. But just to know Palin is not on their side. She never was. That's why McCain called her into battle when everything failed and the Zionists are not supported him anymore and switched side. That's why Sarah is became the primary enemy of the liberals within few days, because she achieved and gathered a greater support with a thirty minutes long speech, what the liberal favorites, Obama and Biden couldn't and never will be able to achieve within a lifetime. It's that simple.

I read many news and comments and the liberals are shaking in their boots right now, because Palin is a Christian woman. She is not a neocon, she is not a Zionist at all, such as Biden, she is not listening to AIPAC such as Obama. And honestly, these facts are already enough to me to vote for her.

And if you're still right, that she is also works for NWO, hell, at least my conscious will be clean. At least I can tell, not I was who supported the liberals. Geez. I hate the liberals sooooooooo much. I never met with an honest and clean one.

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 06:50 PM
add to the list of interesting ....thoughts...that Sarah Palin is really the antichrist:

sigh. at least it's not being put on a mainstream news show--


posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 06:52 PM

Originally posted by jamie83

Originally posted by KaginD
But do you see how you just blamed the other side again
The ignorance of the people that posted those comments should have no reflection on you Jamie, but you are making yourself the target by reposting it. Deny Ignorance.

Well yeah, I'm blaming the "other side" because they are the ones posting this nonsense. When people use a baby with Down syndrome to smear a 17-year old then that's crossing the line, imo.

Where was the outrage at those threads and posts? I saw almost none.

Rather than be offended that I pointed out the comments that I did, you should be offended by the people who made them to begin with.

Your absolutely right, it is nonsense. Also, it is extremely tasteless. Probably the reason that people don't show their outrage on those threads is because it is outright ignorant and its not worth commenting on. At least thats why I don't comment on them. I just don;t bother with them and eventually they become a dead topic. The problem I am having is after it finally fell to the bottom of the board, you follow up with a new thread about the same thing that just ended. And so the nonsense begins all over again with all the petty comments, insults, and completely unimportant topics.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by Sheridan

If that is true about her, then she would never join John McCain, a member of the Council on Foreign Policies, who is being backed by Henry Kissinger.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by TheBandit795

Since McCain was lost against Obama, the Zionists, all the warmonger fanatics are started to support Obama. That's why they put Biden as their VP. He is a Zionist. He also admitted it. And now, here comes good old McCain's revenge. He called in the secret weapon, Palin.

At few Israeli sites they're already considering McCain and Palin as the enemy of Israel. Heck. That's a good news. At least the U.S. tax dollars are not going to go into that country. If McCain is making revenge, because their former support is betrayed them, Palin is the wildcard in this game. If the Reps are going to win, it will be because everyone will trust in Palin. It's her duty to win this election, after McCain was left behind. And foreign policy will change under McCain. That's why he used, he knows where Osama Bin Laden is. If he knows he is a CIA operative or he really knows where he is, he will make a nice capture show for the American people and will withdraw the U.S. forces from foreign lands. With this, he will be able to claim victory for the U.S. and also achieved a great victory over "War on Terror". Nice play, but it can work. And with this, he will be able to leave the neocon Zionist Israelis alone. As peace will fall back to the U.S., as two Christian leader, President and VP will start to clean the country from the liberal, blackmailing brigade. I believe that's Old McCain's plan. That's how Palin gets into the picture. And that's why the liberals are hating her so much.

McCain is an old veteran, who was left behind in Vietnam. Do you believe that he is that type of man, who is accepting treachery? Think again. Who left him behind is became his enemy.

I believe this will happen. And how from my I know this? The same goes in my native country, Hungary. For a long time, my country's opposition leaders supported Obama. But since the Zionist Biden got into the picture, they started to support McCain and mostly Palin, who is a well known Christian. Just to know, my native country's leaders hates Zionists and mostly liberals because they ruined my country. So whoever they're going to support, that one is the Zionist free zone. And in this case, it's McCain and Palin.

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 07:07 PM

Originally posted by KaginD The problem I am having is after it finally fell to the bottom of the board, you follow up with a new thread about the same thing that just ended. And so the nonsense begins all over again with all the petty comments, insults, and completely unimportant topics.

Yesterday's smears fell to the bottom of the board. Today there were a whole new set of smears, including comments about how awful it was for the little girl and Cindy McCain to be holding Trig Palin, how awful Bristol Palin's MySpace page is, Joy Behar referring to Palin as a "vagina," etc.

So what's the answer?

Ignore the ignoramuses and hope they go away or confront the problem directly?

Maybe seeing all these stupid smears in one thread will make people pause and reconsider before they post the idiotic things they do.

And as far as "baiting" goes, I'm a bit confused. There are several active threads right now that are anti-Palin and anti-Republican. Why aren't these considered "baiting?"

Seriously, I'm a bit confused by what is meant by baiting, and why threads like "Why Can't Republicans Attract Minorities" are not baiting.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 07:21 PM
Jamie I have alot of respect for what you are doing regardless of what people are saying.

I do agree a single thread for the entire topic of the entirety of the Election for the next 60 days should be made into a super thread.

I also think that, I have my beliefs and for weeks I have listened to things I found really offensive and, never once called for a moderator to shut down a thread

I also respect the fact that you have handled this with decorm, because i'm just as pissed as you are on the topic of the Palin Attacks and I have Not kept my cool quite as well when faced with blanket statements and utter denial of the facts

I have backed off for a couple of days to get some work done and relax, but honestly it is very angering that my culture, my religion, my g-d, my values, my rights, my constitution has come constantly under attack not just for this election but for 16 years under 2 Presidents One Democrat and One Republican

and I feel disallowed to speak without single taboo blanket statements used to...deny my right to my beliefs, zero intellect, zero tolerance for Conservative views

I disagree 100% that Republican or Democrat means anything anymore, I Agree 100% that Obama is the candidate most backed by a globalist agenda

I also disagree that Bush has been in anyway a Republican president

I am a Republican and... as we approach the time he is out of office, despite trying to be optimistic, despite wanting to defend my party and country... My heart beats to see him gone... it's like waiting for your birthday

So I understand the passion behind Obama and I understand why alot of us are very passionate about this election too

But this should be taken as All New, McCain it is turning out is nothing like Bush, if your not a conservative your not... But George Bush was NO Conservative! He had No Values, he was a dictator and he disliked the American people, All of them

Anyway I'm drifting into issues, The single biggest act of desperation, crying to the Mods to remove a thread you don't like. I'm on months of listening to Obama rhetoric...

and Something needs to end, and it's a liberal/( I won't even go into the rest) thing and it is huge as to why I would vote for Mc Cain? Palin and this thread reflects it

CALLING THE COPS, Calling in the Govt to fix things, Demanding rescue, being a Victim

Liberals appeal to the poor and anyone and Myself will know the poor call the cops for Anything! They ask the Govt to fix everything... and I'll say Liberal and not open up a world of labels that the end can never apply to all, so as a general term Liberals

People calling the "Mods" of the world for every single problem they have, very word they don't like, every idea that doesn't fit them, Every battle they loose and can't loose with dignity

I am a republican to not be interfered with and NO BUsh doesn't even count, By all means if this wasn't a pathetic, 2 party system, (which I find insane!) Bush would Never be able to have even run on a Republican ticket, even before his lies showed through

Without arguing, I can think of 2 Amendments to the Constitution MORE Ater Bush and Clintons gutting of My Americas Constitution over 16 years, 2 more that Obama is going to alter and in essence end...

I would like to see a Total Count of Obama Threads that I have had to endure over the last 6 months, compared to Pro republican Threads of which there have been very few...

and it is this as another thing That has me that my right to speak has been gutted, there was NO effort to remove Obama threads that I noticed and I am nauseated by the Man and entitled to my Opinion and I never complained once...

Or threatened to Leave Ats to get a response over what disturbed me

especially not in the first week, the very first week of excitement When I have been Barack Bombarded over the last 12 months of a seemingly endless campaign

Perhaps this effort of your Jamie is to make a point... and I get it! I have been Barcked to Death and I never called for it to stop, denied anyones right to post and I have been Baracked to Death for a year and I'm a Republican, so maybe if I got "over the top" I actually have a real reason for it, but One week of Palin...not even One day before it became an asault of utter Rude, insulting derogatory remarks... One Day! Not a Week before calls to stop posts are called?

And I have had Barack Obama brand Enemas given to me for a Year in here not a single day goes by without 2-3 Barack threads on the board and UNTIL this Utter rudeness of a response to a candidate i'm excited about I have remained polite.

Good work Jamie

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 07:22 PM

Originally posted by jamie83

Originally posted by KaginD The problem I am having is after it finally fell to the bottom of the board, you follow up with a new thread about the same thing that just ended. And so the nonsense begins all over again with all the petty comments, insults, and completely unimportant topics.

Yesterday's smears fell to the bottom of the board. Today there were a whole new set of smears, including comments about how awful it was for the little girl and Cindy McCain to be holding Trig Palin, how awful Bristol Palin's MySpace page is, Joy Behar referring to Palin as a "vagina," etc.

So what's the answer?

Ignore the ignoramuses and hope they go away or confront the problem directly?

Maybe seeing all these stupid smears in one thread will make people pause and reconsider before they post the idiotic things they do.

And as far as "baiting" goes, I'm a bit confused. There are several active threads right now that are anti-Palin and anti-Republican. Why aren't these considered "baiting?"

Seriously, I'm a bit confused by what is meant by baiting, and why threads like "Why Can't Republicans Attract Minorities" are not baiting.

You are calling other peoples posts idiotic, then following suit by doing the very same things that you complain about. I'm not trying to argue with you all night about this. All I am saying is if you think something is wrong, reply to it on that post, don't keep the madness alive by reposting and responding through threads. Second, people aren't always going to agree with you, and reposting threads over and over again is not going to change that. I can settle this with I am agreeing to disagree with you on this topic. I always read your threads because I have faith that you can come up with a topic a little more interesting then who said what about Palin and nonsense about liberals. I will continue to look at your threads and read your thoughts because I try to give all members that courtesy. I just hope the next one will be a little different then the last 5 or six.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by KaginD

Jamie has been on the hypocrisy express for sometime now, its too late to get him off.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 07:31 PM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus

Good work Jamie


I am sick of Bush too, and agree 100% with your comments. I also didn't like McCain either. Until Palin was added to the ticket, I was looking at it like the lesser of two evils type of choice.

I think the attacks on Palin are directly proportional to her appeal to the masses of conservatives who are now energized and excited about voting again. And in turn, this is why the Dems have panicked.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 07:48 PM

Originally posted by jetxnet

Jamie, I implore you to please bring something to the table that isn't just an invitation to incite rage with people of the opposing viewpoints. It's not really a very effective way to bring people over to your viewpoint and makes people immediately close there ears and hum the Flintstones theme.

That's why there is the "Ignore" option if they can't handle it. I've got several flaming Libs that cover both Ears when I post (Ignore) - they can't take it.

You have to be able to dish and take it - plain and simple. If you can't take it, that is your problem - don't read it then or use "Ignore".

This was a good thread - it brought up valid "phrases" made by Libs after the Palin speech. Several which have been referenced because of whining.

This is the Decision 2008 thread - it's politics.

I'm fine with tough talk and heated arguments, but these threads (on BOTH sides mind you) bring nothing to the table. Most of them basically boil down to:

Lib: Nuh Uh!

Con: Yuh Huh!

Lib: Nuh Uh!

Con: Yuh Huh!

Do we really need more of that?

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 07:51 PM
Nuh Uh! Useless thread and a total waste of time. Let's go and root up some more conspiracies instead. Far more interesting.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 09:50 PM

Originally posted by TruthWithin
reply to post by nyk537

Fine - granted. I have a big issue with "uterus is a retard factory". Please, show me one credible dem who would say such a thing.

Please show me one credible dem!





posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by jamie83

I am going to vote now where I was not going to vote before. (If I did McCain was my choice)

But wasn't 100% satisfied

I can understand where in terms of war ending and in terms of What Bush did and for no damn good reason at all and the economy

McCain doesn't offer much

But I also understand that Obama doesn't offer anything either and worse, I think his whole "Change" is exactly what we don't need

Because, Reality check...the debt wil take forever to clean out, we have passed peak oil, there is a major conflict over control of the substance and... we are already moving to alternative energy

Nothing, no one is going to change the political realities or the economic ones, the president or economy doesn't much change anything for the poor and the rich and copanies will be paying this damage off regardless of who is in charge, that's the way it is

So i'm ZEROED on anything changing Politically War wise or Economically, anything said on these topics is a lie

We will not leave Iraq and let Iran have it

We will not get rid of this debt 40% tax on the rich or 45% it's the arte of monthly/yearly payment and those really paying it should decide

We will not avoid war if Oil is needed

WE will suffer whatever attacks and affront come at us as a result of Bushes idiocies no matter who is in charge

Nothing changes, we will be in the same boat politically and economically despite what promises are made

And to me... Obama is the Big Over Promiser more so than Mc Cain

Aside from that what the President can Change and will is Social Direction

I have one true thought on the election that being the case...

Whats done is done... socially my method, what I am prepared for, to fix the ills in my life and around me... what I have in my head given the awful reality of a war that is not going away, a cultural and oil dispute globally and all the rest...

Is to be Conservative, with my money, with my life, with my behavior, with everything...

If the economy does and will suck no matter what and inflation on food and transpo is brutal and war and threats may only get worse no matter what

It's a time for... fixing within, many of the issues I am not a huge fan of, the abortion debate, or alot of it...

But, Wars need babies, Obama can't fix a global oil crisis and create peace on Earth, a Bad economy means...limiting excess, a screwed up environment means you have to save and not waste etc, etc, et al

live a conservative life and...frankly we ARE decadent

I am not at all concerned right now with, the sexuality Of things, the debate on culture, freedoms of Behavior...

My need is having children, to survive and be okay... barring Nuclear war which we can argue forever about "could you survive"

a depression, a war in which we are struck in some manner, an escalation, and a life that allows security and safety, living away from targets, holding onto money, stocking up, keeping my kids out of harm... criminal activity, psycho shooting, American behavior and violence and sex and Me Me Me is out of control and it costs alot and it is not the time right now

Right now...Americans would do better to follow a system of values that (even if sometimes hypocritical) keeps their lives conservative and they will do better in what I would bet anything is going to be very rough times ahead at the very least

No president can control this spiral

so if how we live is up as the choice and it is... I want to be able to lead a a conservative life, I'm with the Lady in the Woods, the survivalists, prayer and family and hope and conservative living ...Right now...these next 4 years

And do I agree with individual belief systems... If I had the debate with Palin or McCain about my, largely self created, religous views... we wouldn't directly agree

But, I can avoid that debate right now in life and... agree that a certain set of values, traditional, conservative will, enable our survival and prosperity and finance and lifestyle better

And in the end, my overall take on it

We are going to be at war the next 4 years, worse war, bigger war, awful war

Why? Because the rest of the world is not American and One week after Obama gets in the Ayatollah wont be saying "Hey the Black guys coming over all is forgiven!"

Was Bush right about anything NO

But now the hornets nest is all stirred up, there isn nothing Barack can do about it his concept that him having an Islamic name and not being Bush will calm things

Because looking at Americans, especially, Gay Marriage going through, more social liberalness, all of it... we will still be hated by the extremists, they will use any door now after Bush who created this self fulfilling Prophecy and use it

We are screwed, Russia is wide awake again, world opinion of us sucks...

"I'm Black I can talk to them" is NOT going to stop this... It is a false hope, Other coountries will go right after the Oil as soon as we leave, Russia, Iran... Isreal is out of control so is Iran...

I want a guy who doesn't want war, but has been in one before in charge, Mc Cain is the better guy for a fight, both to fight it and to hopefully bow out without looking weak, slowly, with stregnth

I'm Sorry I'm with the Lady with the shotgun and a Bible right now...

Abortion I usually in life (although not for me personally) was pro choice

I have One line to say...

"Sparta will need sons"

a joke, but about a serious issue of manpower vs... Billions maybe

This wont be over because we elect a Liberal who wants peace... In America we still adress Race issues 50 years after the civil rights movement, as i pointed out elsewhere, "a portion" of Blcack America commits crimes against whites 50 years later at 20-1 ratio in some years of White gainst Black

In America, with our, short term memory, self indulgent lifestyle, relative comfort by comparisson

This ..what Bush started will not end, it's a long time before the depleated Uranium will be gone, like decades long for all intents and purposes

My concern is a lifestyle centered around stregnth and survival, we are not going to be able to just "walk away" from what went on

and this is no time for inner conflict over past American issues, no time for the race debate to be fueled etc, etc... no time to worry baout our sex lives or party habits...

This is no party these years coming up

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 09:54 PM
And of the Mods I think had a great point, this should All be one thread Obama Vs Mc Cain

I'm going to post it

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 04:19 AM

Originally posted by jamie83
I just wanted a place to keep track of this. I have never seen so much pathetic nonsense in my life. How much more desperate can the libs be!?

Here are my favorites... feel free to add to the list:

* Palin's daughter shouldn't have been holding the baby. That's too dangerous.

* Cindy McCain shouldn't have been holding the baby.

* Bristol Palin's MySpace page shows that Gov. Palin is a bad mom.

* It's hypocritical for the Republicans to use the "rock star" argument against Obama now because Palin is a "rock star" now.

* Todd Palin had a DUI 20 years ago.

* Palin is for Alaska's seccession from the U.S.

* Trig Palin is really Bristol Palin's son.

* Palin has a speech writer.

* Palin being referred to by The View's Joy Behar as a vagina

* Bristol Palin's boyfriend is a "blue neck" (Alaskan redneck)

* Trig Palin is a retard

* Sarah Palin's uterus is an "idiot factory"

I'm sure I could keep going, and I'm sure even more outrageous things will be said in the coming weeks.

Anybody have their own "favorites"?

Edited for accuracy in reporting. I changed "retard factory" to "idiot factory." Is it really that big of a difference when referring to a 4-month old baby with Down Syndrome?

[edit on 4-9-2008 by jamie83]

HEY if we keep working on it maybe we can match your stack of OBAMA attack threads.

I submit that if the woman was properly introduced in the first place ( months prior )
the media would have finished is trial by fire...

Instead Mccain decided to take a calculated risk by stealing OBAMAS post convention week buzz.

You are completely delusional to think that PALIN wouldn't have been mauled by the press.

Mccain, Obama and Biden had to walk the line for in some cases 19 months...

They ALL got hit by negative coverage, Mccains camp was on skid row,
Obama is a muslim, reverend Wright and the like.
Even Biden had to be scrutinized and criticized.

So for you to think that your list is unfair,,,, is delusional.

Liberal bloggers are "blamed" however your hypocrisy is to moan in this instance and
turn around and participate in the same activities with one click of the mouse.

All in ALL the Mcpitbull ticket benefited from the scandal and continues to benefit.

I also find it rather familiar when I see the CONs counting their bounty two months out.

However a wrong smelling fart could be the end of either or.

In fact I hope you continue to underestimate Obamas voters,,, Your past attempts of CONSERVATIVE desperation have made use strong and more resolute than you understand. You also forget Obama was able to defeat the CLINTON machine.
The tides will change many times before the fat hoes sings.

I have been reading a lot of front page message boards.
I believe Palin's attitude either pulled learners or disgusted the in between.

It should have been very clear not to participate or even resemble BUSH and his
nasty partisan jabs, The moments when your mouthpieces mentioned LIBERAL as an\adjective was the minute that alienated real independents.

The words smells of BUSH and the attitudes feel like Cheny. If Mccain does not address this and grab tight, the strings on his back, he will drive right past the money.

Another thing thats seems to have been forgotten is the independence of being INDY.

Palin was so eager to attack that she came off like a hawk and a buzzard at the same time. Mccain camp force feed everyone and unfortunately chose negativity as food.

People are often suspicious of people who sell themselves to hard and to angry.

This is charming to the receptive but unattractive to the cautious.

Hillary will start tomorrow in FLORIDA and she is a CLINTON, her name will draw a receptive ear. Palin is going to get nailed and if she lets her snide self show
the undecided will flock to the patient and convincing voice that is HILLARY.
Defacto OBAMA

Mccain has an uphill battle but he is now a real contender, he had just better get his policy and stances back on the expressway and fast.

Provided Biden does not yell out a racist slur Palin will have a difficult time
matching Bidens depth of SPECIFIC knowledge. If Palin shows a slight sign of
weakness in the knowledge department she will get torn a new one all over

Obamas jobs is keep up the slow and methodical process of painting the top of the ticket as a MCBUSH of sorts.

I believe the debates will be of much larger effect than a SARAHSIAH cult of personality.

The week or two may not be kind to Obamas numbers, but then again the lipstick of Palin will fade...

She will be a familiar face and scrutinized accordingly.

[edit on 5-9-2008 by mental modulator]

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 04:43 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

You mentioned energy...

Mccain is going to over fund oil and drastically under fund the alternatives.

If you would bother to check both candidates websites it would be completely
clear to you that Mccain has his eye on the oil. Alternative would not be funded
in any meaningful way. We would depend on open ended 10% R&D initiatives
which would only benefit those who have billions represent their 10% income.

Mccains platform is very narrow sighted in that it serves one purpose and one interest.

You would also see that Obamas energy plan ties into the economy, jobs, oil and the alternatives.

Obamas platform is expansive in its verbiage and simple in its principle.

Fund both - decrease consumer costs by increasing competition - end speculation and let the market compete for technology and lower prices.

Mccain wants to throw a lead ball while Obama plans on using a net.

Fund drilling and fund GREENING

If we do not start on the fully fund the green America will pay ten fold in ten years.

China the french the EU the japanese an AUS are already ahead of us on this new frontier.

If we wait eight years we will be to late and hopelessly behind.

I know you have issues, among them being non policy thing but I hope you would at least use your own eyes and view the two contrasting plans...

[edit on 5-9-2008 by mental modulator]

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 05:22 AM

Originally posted by TruthWithin

This is inflammatory BS and has no place on ATS. Once again, Jamie has come in with harsh accusation with ZERO sources. This is disgusting man, GET A LIFE.

I do not know your record on here, but did you post the same reply when others were actually spreading such disgusting rumors about Palin's children?

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 07:07 AM
How about the Washington Post claiming Palin's kids are fair targets because they were on stage. Funny how I don't see the same standard being applied ot Obama!

"Either the children are out of bounds, and you don't put them in the photo ops, or you don't complain when somebody wants to talk about them. You can't have it both ways," said John Matviko, a professor at West Liberty State College in West Virginia and editor of "The American President in Popular Culture."

"Right now, it looks like they're being used by the campaign more than the media are using them," he said.

It must be nice to have your own media wing to do all your attacks for you.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 07:25 AM
This will no doubt attract flack for being "off-topic" but I must say this is by far my favorite ATS thread to date. Not because of Palin or Obama but because of all the frantic and irrational responses it's gotten from so many up tp and including mods and admins.

Threads like these have been in existence since I've been a member and none have gotten the attention this ones had. The blatant hypocrisy from those that have contributed to and defended all of the threads exactly like this about how "conservatives" are attacking Obama and blah, blah, blah, but shout and freak out and demand an end to a thread that began as taking the lighter side and collected ridiculous statements made about a candidate just to point out how ridiculous this whole thing is.

Nooo, can't allow that. We have to get flooded with ATS elites demanding "show your papers!" and "explain yourself!" and "this thread will be locked" only to putter away, head hung and mumbling under their breath failsafe excuses like "all politics are B.S." and "I didn't care about this anyway."

By far, my favorite ATS thread of all time. Sure, that's off-topic.

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