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Well, are you?

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 01:37 PM
You should ask yourself "the" question, "Are you ready to recieve the option to just up and leave your current whole reality of 'as you have known it'?"

Well, are you? And would you use the option for an opt out of reality period or rather use the option for a change of your own whole reality?

Change of reality option, if used, could put you as another world and/or as another moment (young to old) and/or during another moment (new to old) and/or as another etc. that you'd preceive different from your former reality.

Real ppl choose when and where to leave. You've been doing it all your life already. In a sense, you're always leaving a former reality as you're perception gets either duller or sharper in different aspects that is as an album with plenty different kinds and ways music can sound.

I mean, you dont percieve Timmy how you did when you were younger. Neither do you percieve Vicky how you percieve Victor. You dont percieve any two ppl as in any exactly identical bunch. You dont percieve yourself, in whole, how you did a moment in thought ago.

You're utopia and champion is your better reality. If you have a crappy reality, then don't subject another to it (your crappy lil world). Either get rid of it or keep it only to yourself. Or else, how dare you do otherwise, really?

Certian have a sense of damnation in their reality. That's a sense to notice the damning you or another is doing. Certain have a sense of joy in their reality. That's a sense to notice the rejoicing you or another is doing. As you notice you do something for or against those in a negative, neutral, or possitive way for a return of something or a return of nothing.

And so, if you cant make up your mind for yourself... would you rather someone of authority choose the option to make you leave your current whole reality?

Like Tupac... he either left to how gone or was taken to how gone. The option were given.

You know, Pac was both shot and killed in '96. Break it and it's 9-6, symbolically, if dealing with the off-centering things like a stereo, but with symbols and etc. The key is it is two parts: Shot and killed which translate to breaking 1996 into two (1996 and '96) used ways...and breaking '96, used, into two (9 and 6). 9-6 = Sept 6th. Pac took 8 bullets total excluding 1 of his own bullet. It's 2008 ('08). You should leave the 6th. And the 6th is on top of the 13th on calendar. Pac passed on the 13th. No coincidence that above the 6th is the 30th on a calendar. You see the 30 aught 6 which is gun related terminology. And guns involve spewing shots. Pac was shot multiple times and got killed once in time. 1st time Pac got shot was in 94. No coincidence it's 9-4 now that I'm mentioning to an off-center degree. You see the sign in Detroit with certain ppl leaving office Mayor wise and Police wise. Two considered big ppl to a city leaving the same day is no coincidence. The mystery is revealing. If this is part 1 a sign (in 9-4), then part 2 is the actual ALL OUT (in 9-6). I warned about the song Bomb First concerning Detroit. I warned about the song ALL OUT in the same thread from before. Coincidence? Naw! Hell naw!

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 06:22 PM
Just my 6 cent...

Every hanging matter shall leave from hanging, and be handled upon our leaving.

^^Who wouldnt like that is any who cheated out of being handled correctly previously for their wickedness.

Against as an image shall the Leave Act leave. Ppl would like to put you "as" whatsoever they would say either which way while being malice liars and haters that can do things. Those ppl making an image of something ugly (beastly) that is, is not in the sense of original, yet is in the sense of only image, that they aim to afix to another, shall be put in death and hell (the 2nd death that is not their original life in how it would be let them reveal it).

The 'can do' things was a trap for the ones who intend on and desire to do another wickedly and foul.

So the leave aint looking healthy for the wickedly sane. They'd hop and skip the OP to take a personal shot at you. They shall be made to leave ppl alone and stop making ugly images out of "as" afixing.

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