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Bishop Lamont - The Greatest Trick

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 01:05 PM
As many of you have heard, mainstream music today is lacking in many areas. From a musical standpoint, all the songs sound the same. From a lyrical perspective, well, MS artists aren't saying much. As a result, I feel that it is important to highlight some of the MS artists that are actually putting out good music with a message (as well as indie/underground artists, but that's another post). Obviously, musical taste is completely subjective and I know many of you out there might hate hip hop and I do not wish to have this post turn into an argument for or against hip hop, as that is not the point.

Bishop Lamont is an up and coming rapper who's next album ("The Reformation") will be coming out under the Aftermath label (Dr. Dre). He is also rumored to be the featured rapper on Dre's next album, "Detox" (sort of like Snoop on "The Chronic"). Basically, he is not mainstream yet, but he has a legit shot at it.

His most recent album ("The Confessional") contains a song entitled "The Greatest Trick", a play on the infamous words of Keyser Soze of "The Usual Suspects". In this song he discusses issues such as the G8, the Masons, deterioration of the family structure, drugs, and the media. The whole song is great and should appeal to a good number of ATS-ers, however, I wanted to focus on the third verse:

I see the world apocalyptic, the truth's been encrypted,
Human life scripted, and from that depicted,
Now that's not realistic, it's trite and quite twisted,
Bad news, never good news, tune in don't miss it,
Channel 2 through 5 got a high speed chase,
Same thing on 7 plus a clerk got shot in the face,
Probably a robbery, change channels follow me,
9 and 11 show the same old economy,
Deficit, hefty #, I flip the channel quick,
13's showing all that, plus a missing kid,
That got kidnapped by a punk ass chump,
Found the car in the field, guess what they found in the trunk,
I hear them in the wind, laughing and calling,
Got me feeling just like Denzel did in "Fallen",
Half crazy, but I know the devil's real,
#, I should know, I signed a record deal...

The topic of the media and it's possible role in advancing the plans of TPB are well known on these boards and it is good to hear this topic being discussed by an artist that is about to have a spotlight shine on him. I sincerely hope that we hear this type of material on his next album, "The Reformation", as this album will most likely reach a large audience due to it's big backing from Dre/Aftermath.


The greatest trick ever performed,
Wasn't by Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, or Blackstone,
The greatest trick ever performed,
Wasn't by Willie Lynch, Adolf Hitler, or Jim Jones,
The greatest trick ever performed,
Wasn't the election, 9-11, or weapons of mass destruction,
No, no... you wanna know what it is?
It's the devil making the world think he didn't exist

Artist: Bishop Lamont
Song: The Greatest Trick
Album: The Confessional (2008)
Produced by: Denaun Porter

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