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RNC has been "like a scary movie"

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 11:40 PM
After watching every the RNC the last couple of nights and comparing it to the DNC, the DNC is a like a breath of fresh air, there are two different tones. Just as DL Hughley said last night on Larry King, it was like a scary movie, I tried to have an open mind but could not relate to the rhetoric, the demeanor OR the crowd in the least bit. No diversity, no youth, just outdated, divisive rhetoric.

All I have heard so far is the recycled theme of "Country first" over and over. If your proud of your country, then just be proud of it. Don't start screaming it in peoples ears. Its annoying and childish. A real patriot doesn't wave it in everyones face. A real patriot quietly serves and protects and says to themselves, everyone will be safe tonight, because nothing will happen on my watch.

I'm wary of politicians of any stripe, but in the midst of the tough times we're in, I appreciated the hope and optimism that spilled forth last week. I don't know if Obama has all the answers, but it's time for a different approach.


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