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A Letter to the World and Our Fellow Men

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 08:04 PM
Most ATSers and 'sheeple' can agree that our form of government is faulty, that the USSR's form of communism is faulty, that the monarch's of the past are faulty, that the modern communism of China is faulty, and the dictatorships of the world are at faulty.

I take a step back and look at the world in a third person manner, on how we can improve everyone's standard of living, eliminate bigotry, hatred, and progress the scientific advances of the species.

Its pretty large stuff, but if we don't look towards the future, how are we going to be improving. If we do not plan past our average life-span, how can our children, children's children, and their children live a better life. This was the same though during the early 19th and 20th centuries. Men were completely devoted to their families and improving to quality of living for their kinsmen.

Men went off to die for their county, in hopes for improving the life for their friends and family back home, in hopes for preserving the little freedom they had earned, in hopes of preserving and sustaining to peace that they had worked so hard to create.

The 20th century was the golden age for men. Free men labored hard, to protect themselves, to protect their families, and to preserve to peace. No matter what version of history you believe in, the 20th century was filled with hope for the next generations. Men worked in factories, tended to crops, and had family-orientated values.

Men tirelessly worked in laboratories, perfecting arts of science, in hopes of curing incurable disease. They worked tirelessly to perfect the art of flying, and improving communication. The worked tirelessly to help others and better prepare their children with the tools they needed for the future.

Many of us forget who we are and where we come from. Many of us forgot how our families were built and how foundation of the world around them was built. Our world was built by men who cared. Who looked toward the future, who though ahead, who helped others.

The 20th century was filled with war, hatred, and hard work. They toiled tirelessly to lay the foundation of this great world we live in. They built this world where I can share this story with you. They also built the foundation for everything you use, every minute of everyday.

Do we preserve their work, and continue their dream by making the world a better place for our children and for human’s as a species?

From what I believe, and what many others think, we are not continuing this glorious dream which our fathers built.

Today, we live off the fruits of the past. Our children will marvel at them. They will grow old and harder for today. Many people today are struggling to make a living, they are in debt to the people who leader them.

True leaders should ask nothing in return for leading, because they have a responsibility of leading them, not a job. Men have the responsibility of policing themselves with nothing in return. It is fraud to ask for things in return for leading men, because, those who know they need to lead when other don’t, they need to lead.

That is what has lead to the end of the Golden Age of the 20th century. Today, many good men sit a do nothing. Men who know they have the responsibility to act, do not. Men who know Men need someone to step up don’t. Those who say, “Someone else will fill that”, and no one does. If a man cannot police himself, how can he police others?

The Golden Age is over. Men who lead it have moved on. We are left in a world where we are dangerously spinning to an unwanted direction. We are left with people who are too concerned with they own community to reach other to other communities, and help them. People in the 21st century cannot lead themselves into the right direction. We are too narrow minded to see the correct option.

Today, there are far too many people who simply do not care. It is as simple as that. We have many people concerned about the effects and what is happening around us, but we do not change that to affect the outcome in a positive manner.

We are forced to set silly rules upon ourselves, so others will not exploit them. While we sit down and look at our televisions and computers and electronic media all around us, the next time we look up, the House of Greatness that our fathers built us will be in ruins. We will try to stand up, but we will not be able to, we will have nothing to help ourselves back up. We will look around and say, why did we not act? Well, when we finally stand up and look around from this helpless mess we have gotten ourselves into. We need to be able to say that we were able to act, and save ourselves from this helpless peril.

Our fellow Men have chosen not to act. But I will choose to act! I will make that difference. I call upon my fellow Men to act. I call to you to take up the challenge to rebuilding a crumbing world, where morals and ethics have no say in decision making.

I call upon you to make ethical decisions, to plan for the future, to make correct choices, to have good morals. All these things are the building blocks for the world. If we do not make the right decisions, where do we start? I call upon to care, to care for others like you would upon yourself. I call upon to work harder, even though the man next to you does not work as hard. I call upon to set an example for others and take action and take responsibility for others and your own actions!

That is why I am writing a letter to the World, to call upon you to act, to save us from a self-impended peril.

I would like to thank you for taking your time, and I call upon you to act, to save us, and to improve our world, and built a foundation for futures to come.

I encourage you to take this back, to others, your family, your friends, and the strangers you meet, for they are the ones who need it most.

Thank You,


September 3rd, 2008

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 08:28 PM
Looks like you need to get involved in politics. Research, may I suggest.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 08:49 PM
PPl dont act because there are no better, easy tools to act with by using.

It's made hard to fix things on purpose. PPl should have been knew better than to make life hard. Think of all the papar work and ppl who'd see what you're trying to do that care nothing for if it's a good idea but just give a damning curse to you they think think are better than them. It's all personal B.S. running government.

Everyone running their personal B.S. over others shall be dealt with in an ever sense once the Detract is manifested to maxium so that everyone is clear away from one another.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by redled

Thanks for all who read of listened, it is of utmost importance.

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